"al-CIA-duh" accepted as member of UN; Tim Osman not present to give acceptance speech.

Libyan al-Qaeda Gets Seat at United Nations

Kurt Nimmo at Infowars.com

The United Nations has approved a seat for al-Qaeda at the globalist forum. From the Associated Press:

"The U.N. General Assembly voted Friday to give Libya’s seat in the world body to the former rebels’ National Transitional Council which led the rebellion that ousted Moammar Gadhafi"

The resolution was approved Friday by a vote of 114-17 with 15 abstentions, revealing divisions in Africa and Latin America over who should represent Libya. (Today it is Libya tomorrow it could be your country......using criminal generals, and security or unhappy marginal civilians who are not satisfied with the government (Syria), but represent only about 1% of the population)

Khalifa Haftar is a documented CIA asset.(This means he's into drugs running, money laundering, currency counterfeiting, pornography, child trafficking, destabilization of various nations, genocidal wars in Third World nations and everything else the Jewish International mafia love to do......along with the BND, and British Intelligence)

The corporate media has all but ignored the fact that Khalifa Haftar, who was appointed chief rebel commander March 17, is a long-time CIA collaborator.

Warnings about arming and supporting the al-Qaeda linked rebels have come from all quarters, including Russia, China, Turkey and even the Pope.

According to Tarpley, “an overstretched and moribund US-UK imperialism is using al Qaeda as its own irregular infantry in the effort to harass and cripple the nation-states of the world, causing them to disintegrate into a tribal, sectarian, criminal, and warlord chaos. In the current phase, al Qaeda has resumed its original status as CIA guerrillas.”

Those CIA guerrillas have now gained international cachet and legitimacy at the United Nations as NATO continues to bomb civilians in Libya and press for the arrest or assassination of Gaddafi.

A Latin American trade group, described as “left-leaning” by the corporate media, opposed giving the seat to the CIA guerrillas. Venezuela accused NATO forces of carrying out “criminal air raids … in order to install a puppet government.”

The General Assembly’s credentials committee unanimously recommended that al-Qaeda be seated, although Southern Africa’s main regional bloc opposed giving the National Transitional Council credentials. It failed to win support to defer a vote.

The vote means al-Qaeda will speak for Libya at next week’s ministerial meeting of the General Assembly.