Everything peachy and dandy in "liberated" Muslim Brotherhood Egypt.

The vast majority of Israelis want peace, but a cabal of men in Israel, and the West thrive on conflict and subsequent war. This may be based on HOMOSEXUAL URGES (Sado machismo...deriving sexual pleasure from pain).....or financial interests, obtaining greater access to minerals in the target country whilst shutting out competition from other countries, and therefore better business advantage.

Thus the USA backed revolution in Egypt against Mubarak, and the subsequent instability affords them this opportunity. It renders the Egyptians STATE weak, helpless and clueless too busy with its own problems.

The primary traitors who allowed this USA game to take place in Egypt was the Egyptian military, who failed to support Mubarak at the critical time.

The Egyptian military is trained by the USA, with 1000 personnel going to the USA annually for "training", and military aid......most of the Egyptian military equipment is USA supplied, which means should the USA invade Egypt, the Egyptian military will not be able to resist the Imperial invader, as it has been infiltrated, indoctrinated, brainwashed, and made wholly dependent on the JEWSA.

The Egyptian military followed the orders of the USA and the strategic requirements of that countries Jewish elite who have their own peculiar set of priorities, AND not the strategic needs of Egypt (which are stability, rapid economic development, good governance, good government, anti-corruption drive, checking Western Capitalist hegemony.....politically, militarily, culturally, socially and at all other levels.......and peaceful co-existence with Israel, whilst helping the Palestinian people where practically possible as fellow Arabs and for the sake of justice)



On 13 September 2011, we read that Egypt is in a state of anarchy s

Zvi Mazel was Israel’s ambassador to Cairo between 1996 and 2001.

According to Mazel:

There is now so much violence on the streets of Egypt that Egyptian militias have purchased weapons to protect their neighbourhoods.

Looting of stores is prevalent in all the large cities and no one is even trying to control the anarchy.

"From the moment the army seized power they've been weak and have let the street dictate their conduct...

"These generals do not know how to run a state.

"Egypt is in a state of anarchy."

"Opening a front against Israel will force Egypt to transfer all the money to the army and from that moment there will be no reforms."

"Although the Egyptian government is weak and not able to take control, there are still clever people there who know they have no other option but to maintain the peace with Israel.”


One of the reasons for the CIA coup in Egypt was to weaken Egypt.

The USA-Israel-NATO may be planning an invasion of the Sinai and a seizure of the Suez canal?


The London Telegraph has admitted that the new rulers of Libya are genocidal racists.

"In the Telegraph's article Gaddafi's ghost town after the loyalists retreat, it is reported that rebels have taken the city of Tawarga, where the entire civilian population was either killed, rounded up, or exiled."

Libya: V Day + 3 Weeks