Just because London wants to hog the control and manipulation of the puppet mullahs does not mean the USA should completely shut itself out of Iran

This is an area I have written about many times before, but as yet nothing logical and adult has evolved in this area.

With China the USA re-opened diplomatic relations after a break of 23 years, through the intermediary services of Pakistan, and the Communist Jew Sinophiles residing within the USA administration with links to the Mao regime.

With Iran the diplomatic break has been 32 years, and there are no signs that Iran and the USA will resume normal diplomatic relations any time soon. This is as a result of the efforts of the Jews in the USA, and Israel who wish the USA instead to attack Iran militarily based on the fact that the country according to the Jews is an existential threat to Israel.

The ever paranoid Jew given their history and basic psychology feel weak and insecure about Persia.

This is a pity that the USA and Iran do not have diplomatic relations after so many years. Mature modern States should try and get along, and move on from the problems and shortcomings of the past.

However on the other hand if having no American embassy in Tehran means no "Arab Spring" then perhaps the present immature situation is not such an unfavorable outcome for Iran and the USA.

If there were no American embassy in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria coordinating opposition to the various dictatorships in these countries, then there wouldn't be no destabilization of such countries.....along with agent provocateurs of various Western backgrounds. Iran has very reasonably released the Jewish backpackers who strayed into Iran without legal permission, which suggests the country is alert to any such USA games. Iran has few foreign NGO's operating in the country. Iran's security apparatus is recruited and trained locally, and is not reliant on the West, unlike Tunisia and Egypt.

On the other hand if your country is the only one country out of 200 that has mullahs running it, then that is a situation not to be particularly happy about, to put it mildly.

After 444 days the 52 American hostages in Tehran were released after Reagan was elected, suggesting the work of London working with their agents in the USA. The mullahs were brought into power by the USA/UK and other Western countries......but it is London which has exercised the greater power over mullah Iran since 1979.

This is a pity given the loss of power of the USA in Iran, AND the huge opportunity cost of loss in business for both countries........and how should we calculate this loss mathematically and precisely? $1000 billion......$1500 billion. To be sure both Iran and the USA lost. But the poor relations between the two nations for 3 decades was unnecessary. The humiliation of the USA in Iran was particularly unnecessary.

Being a superpower trying to rule the world, whilst it is simultaneously existentially run by little Israel is hard enough. But a superpower which gets rid of one its most trusted ally/puppet, "Policeman of the Gulf" and replaces it with a mullah regime which heaps nothing but verbal abuse on the USA seems rather immature and stupid.

As it happens at least the mullahs have matured to a certain extent, and as early/late as 2003 sought a grand bargain with the USA, with everything on the table (i) Diplomatic recognition of Israel (ii) defunding Hezbollah (iii) Defunding of Hamas and Islamic Jihad (iv) Full overt cooperation with the USA in Iraq (v) Full overt cooperation with the USA in Afghanistan....and much more. The Bush II junta on a Crusade for Israel, after the Israelis pulled 9/11 was not remotely interested but instead settled for nasty threats against Iran as part of the "Axis of Evil" from 2003, until January 2009, narrowly avoiding war......due to the efforts of more mature adult Americans in various State entities facing up to the pressure exerted by the Jooos and Fox News.

So now we have this small modest proposal, which of course existed between the USA and Soviet Union. Iran run by Mullahs, originally brought into power by the USA, is of course no Soviet Union.


Report: US Considering Military Hotline with Iran

By Payvand News and VOA.


A U.S. newspaper says the United States is considering trying to establish a direct military hotline with Iran in order to defuse potential confrontations between the two countries' military forces.

Iran-US Hotline

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that one proposal would create a link between the Iranian Navy and the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet, which is based in the Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain.

The newspaper said U.S. officials are particularly concerned about a fleet of speedboats likely controlled by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, which they say has been involved in several near-altercations.

The report says it is unclear if the hotline idea has been raised with Iran, and said the White House, Pentagon and an Iranian diplomat all declined to comment on the matter.

The United States has not had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1980.

The Journal quoted Pentagon press secretary George Little saying the U.S. remains concerned about “Iran's destabilizing activities and ambitions.”

In 2008, the U.S. accused a fleet of Iranian naval boats of threatening American warships in the Strait of Hormuz. Former U.S. president George W. Bush said Iran would face “serious consequences” if it attacked U.S. ships.

Iran dismissed the encounter as routine and demanded the United States apologize for its portrayal of the incident. Both sides released videos that they said supported their version of the events.

The U.S. Navy said last year that an Iranian navy patrol plane flew within 900 meters of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Oman. Iranian media quoted an Iranian navy commander saying Iran has a right to carry out reconnaissance flights over international waters, but did not directly address the incident.

The U.S. has also accused Iran of sponsoring attacks on U.S. forces in neighboring Iraq, as well as terrorism.

Washington has imposed sanctions on Tehran for its nuclear enrichment activities and refusal to cooperate with the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.


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