Puppet Mullah Iran

The Mullah's of Iran were brought into power by the USA/UK/France and other Western powers, with the additional aid of Israel and Gaddafi's Libya.

It was an international Jewish operation using their client Western States.

Since we do not have access to the Rothschild Quija Board hidden in their mansion, just outside of London we cannot exactly decipher the rationale for removing the Shah who was after all a puppet of the USA/UK, a staunch friend of Israel, and purportedly of Jewish background himself through his father. The Shah who bailed out the UK government in financial crisis in 1977 with a $1.2 billion loan....the Shah who deposited billions of $ in Jewish banks.....the Shah who bought worthless USA arms at over inflated prices ($30 billion 1965--1979)...the Shah who supplied Israel with subsidized oil, and in addition bought arms from that country.

The USA/UK/France used the same method to topple the Shah of Iran, as they have used recently to topple the regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya to an extent and the attempted overthrow of the Syrian government now.

The Mullah puppets have been power for 32 years, and NO Western country has seriously attempted to overthrow the regime. Indeed it would seem the Mullah puppets have been gifted Iraq on a platter.

The Mullah's rule in Iran for the last 32 years has been one running circus, naturally.

There are about 140,000 mullahs in Iran, and to be fair not all of them accept or agree with the current political structure which puts Mullahs at the apex of Iranian society. It is indeed a strange situation and a brave few have spoken out about it, in a variety of creative ways. Many of these Mullahs with a conscience are quite senior figures, and not fringe members of society.

When these Mullahs with a conscience speak out, especially publicly, the "Democracy" of Mullah Iran puts these men in Jail or under House arrest.

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari

Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri

Ayatollah Sayyid Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

Iran is of course not a Democracy. Its all a show run by the Mullahs, and their true masters in London and Tel Aviv, who direct the mullahs state policy from the shadows and embassies. In return for their obedience, the Mullahs in power enjoy the wealth of the country, and the other perks of power.

The richest man in Iran is a Mullah. 4-5 million mostly Middle Class Iranians have left Iran, and have chosen not to enjoy this "Mullah puppet Democracy Paradise"...taking with them $1,000 billion worth of Iranian assets, and of course their considerable skills.

The Mullah Donkeys meanwhile celebrate with great anxiousness, the anticipated arrival of more puppet Mullah regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and else where.

Though they are not too sure about Syria.....even though the donkeys have told Assad to relent to the armed Islamist mobs and thugs wishes.


Jailed dissident cleric in Iran deprived of rights, says wife

By www.monstersandcritics.com/news

The wife of Iran's top dissident cleric Mehdi Karroubi said that her husband has been deprived of elementary rights received by ordinary prisoners, the Saham-News website reported Friday.

The 74-year old Karroubi became outspoken after the disputed 2009 presidential election when he accused the Iranian government of fraud, and refused to acknowledge the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

'My husband is deprived even of the basic rights of a normal prisoner such as walking in the fresh air, reading newspaper or even books,' ' Fatemeh Karroubi said.

She said that her husband has recently been transferred to a small apartment where he is guarded by security agents.

'The government should know that even under these circumstances, my husband will have no fear to bear the consequences of his beliefs and political standpoints,' the cleric's wife said.

In February the former parliament speaker was put under house and prohibited from any access to his family and the outside world.

Karroubi particularly angered the government when he alleged prison guards had raped some young male and female protestors arrested and jailed after the 2009 election.

On the occasion of the Fetr feast, marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, his wife Fatemeh and his son Hossein were allowed to meet the cleric for the first time since he was detained, Saham-News said.

'My father told us that despite the house arrest, he was still firm on his standpoints and has not retreated even one iota from his standpoints,' his son told the Saham-News website.

Karroubi also denied reports by some state media that he has signed a letter a remorse for his opposition to the government.

'My father said that the security guards around him are quite aware that such a thing would never happen,' Hossein Karroubi said.

Also under house arrest since February is the leader of the Green Movement, Mir Hossein Moussavi, who was a rival of Karroubi in the presidential election but afterwards formed an alliance with the cleric against President Ahmadinejad.

On the occasion of the Fetr feast, the Iranian judiciary ordered release of 100 political prisoners.