Clueless Billionaire Crook Zardari, President of Pakistan.

In his 12th visit to China, Clueless Billionaire Chamar Chaudi Chamcha Crook Zardari Bhen is obviously good at serving the JEWSA, since the American embassy next door to his Presidential Palace in Islamabad advises him everyday what he has to do and say for the USA, BUT when it comes to articulating and GRASPING Pakistan's strategic interests viz a vi CHINA, Zardari the Crook fails, as obviously revealed by this interview.

China can't wet nurse Pakistan, and its strategic needs, but that patriotic Pakistanis beyond the State Security apparatus need to look out for what is best for Pakistan. Pakistan lives in a tough neighborhood, BUT the situation is made a billion times worse by the actions of the Pakistani security State since 1951....with the guidance of the USA/UK.

.....here is a sympathetic, caring somewhat frustrated comment by Peter Chamberlain about Zardari's interview with a Chinese State broadcaster:


From therearenosunglasses.com:

[Like every typical Western politician, Zardari has mastered the art of answering by not answering. He drones on about the topic at hand, but he never really answers the interviewers questions. (a crook is a crook Pete, no matter how you dress it, or what title it is given...it will always be Mr. 10% looking out for number one, NOT Pakistan)

If Pakistan really hopes to pin its aspirations for future development on the Chinese, then Pres. Zardari must learn to sharpen his wits. There is a great difference between creating an impression and giving something of substance.

Pakistan must be able to develop its own "Wild West" and the Chinese are the only ones looking for development projects, who actually have a large stash of ready cash to do it with. (In addition to protecting Pakistan if the country is attacked by the whimsical USA)

From the questions delivered by the Chinese interviewer, which I understand had to come directly from the government, it is obvious that the answers he was looking for were the same ones that Zardari was trying to evade. (Sincerity with ones own good-wishers is wise, not smart sound bites written in the American embassy)

China is looking for reciprocity in the budding interstate relationship--Pakistan must actually reach-out, instead of just talk.

(Pakistan must send more of its security cadets for training in China, and no more to the USA; Pakistan must undertake significant joint military exercises with China in China and Pakistan; Pakistan must give China Gwadar as a naval base; Pakistan must increase the number of Chinese security personnel in Pakistan, and significantly reduce those of the West)

In the proposed rail and road links between them, China is looking to actually see projects on Pakistan's drawing board, something concrete, which can be funded and begun.]

( I've been droning on about undertaking massive strategic projects in Pakistan since 1983.........as an irate teenager speaking with Pakistani officials at cultural functions......usually met with snobby "we know better beta....hush now" attitudes.

Ireland with a per capita income of $45,000 and a population of 3.5 million can survive with agricultural exports, and massive EU subsidies.

Kuwait with a population of 1.2 million Arab Kuwaitis and a per capita income of $36,000 can survive on mere oil exports.

Pakistan with a population of 190 million, and 400 million by 2050, and a per capita income of just $2,850 must invest SIGNIFICANTLY in INDUSTRY/MANUFACTURING and INFRASTRUCTURE....to provide jobs for the future generations, avoid further social disintegration, significantly lift the masses from poverty. Investment in areas which China has the know how and the cash.

Unfortunately the Pakistani elite, and the Middle class/lower Middle class Security State have absolute faith in Gora sahib especially from the USA/UK. Two countries which coincidentally have never undertaken ANY strategic projects in Pakistan NATURALLY.

In 1983 I was actually told by a PhD. government officer from Pakistan, "We don't want to develop too fast" those were his exact words....as he spurted out the words in an irritated, I know better manner. "Development was taking too fast under Ayub Khan....thats not good".

This is the same Ayub Khan, who enjoyed swimming pool sessions with Christine Keeler and John Perfumo at his private residence in the UK. The same Ayub Khan who rejected a generous offer by a Central European country to wholly fund, and build the country's first modest steel mill in Kalabagh....which has reportedly 10 billion tons of high quality iron ore, additionally utilizing Sindh's 175 billion tons of coal.

The JEWSA and Rothschilds UK have never been good for Pakistan, AND yet these are the two countries which the ruling elite put their greatest faith in.

Zardari is a puppet of the JEWSA, brought into power to implement the JEWSA policy with greater ease in Pakistan (destabilization of the country and psychological acceptance that the USA must invade Pakistan.......and there is nothing the Pakistan state can do about this given inevitable fact.) Zardari's reward is that he gets to loot Pakistan, with the military looking the other way.

Pakistan's modest budget of $32.5 billion for 2011--2012, covers debt repayment costs; subsidy costs, security costs.....but NO money left over for significant DEVELOPMENT in INDUSTRY/MANUFACTURING and INFRASTRUCTURE.

Pakistan is a Failed State whose levels of governance/government is very poor. The PPP economy is nearing $500 billion of which only $350 billion is registered as part of the official economy. Pakistan can theoretically have a budget of $150 billion annually with significant surplus funds for DEVELOPMENT in INDUSTRY/MANUFACTURING and INFRASTRUCTURE, ........BUT since Zardari the JEWSA puppet has other priorities, as with the Harijan Coolie Kuta Punjabi military (free military aid from the JEWSA....as long as it continues bashing its own people into infinity)......this great OPPORTUNITY of surplus national funds working with a sincere neighbor ally with the ability to deliver on strategic projects has never been fully utilized/realized.


Pakistan produces 1.6 million tons of steel, when the country could easily produce 100 million tons.(Turkey 34, Iran 14, India 70, China 650)

Pakistan produces 90 billion Kwt hours of electricity, when it could be 300 Kwt hours. (Turkey 200, Iran 220, India 1000, China 4500)