faggotty situation in Af/Pak

The USA and Pakistan created the Taliban in 1994, following "Operation Cyclone" and Brzezinski's plan to destabilize the region with Islamists from the late 1970's.

The USA continued its relationship with the Islamists, thereafter, using them especially in the Balkans and other theaters.

The 40,000 Taliban in 2001 were armed, supplied, trained and directed by the Pakistan military for the USA. Their performance in battle was extremely poor, given that they were a militia armed with light equipment.

After Israel conducted 9/11, the USA falsely decided to invade Afghanistan, under the pretext that "al-Qaeda", a non-existent phantom group run by the USA, and OBL had carried it out.

Yes indeed there were thousands of Jihadis/Islamists in Afghanistan before 9/11, trained by the Pakistanis for the USA, BUT they were not led by one leader.......accepting OBL as their undisputed leader, nor with a plan for global Jihad. Young misguided men from the Greater Middle East went there to train and fight during the 1980--1990's and ended up being USED as pawns in the agenda's of the Jewish run USA.........in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in the Balkans and of course in the Greater Middle East, and with the recent "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

This is the first faggotty fact that one needs to grasp, before trying to understand the faggotty situation in Af/Pak.

Since then after 2001 Afghanistan mysteriously has become the number 1 Opium/Heroin exporter in the world.

Or to put it another way, the foreign Western occupation forces are able to attack wedding celebrations and other such suspicious gatherings in Afghanistan with great precision year in year out for 10 years, killing thousands upon thousands of civilians with wild careless abandon, but are somehow incapacitated to irradiate Opium poppy growing through days and nights, week on week, months after months,
year after year in the open, flat, satellite monitored fields of that wretched country.

To seek clarity of this faggotty fact one must turn to history as it sometimes repeats itself. The East India Company, run by private individuals with connections to establishment figures and protected by the British army, grew Opium in India and exported it to China. This is what is happening with Afghanistan now except the exports of Opium/Heroin these days is to Pakistan, parts of India, Iran, Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, EU and North America.

The retail value of this trade is between $50--80 billion, just out of Afghanistan. The business is run by the Western military in a controlling position in Afghanistan. The money is laundered in the big banks of London and New York. A few mainly Jewish individuals and their dumb-fuck WASP minions benefit from this criminal activity..........whilst millions of Americans, British, Europeans, Russians, Ukrainians, Central Asians, Iranians, Pakistanis ....................SUFFER from this Jew run International trade worth globally about $600--1,000 billion annually.

This is the faggotty fact, but obviously Panetta and Mullen who are believed to be gentiles can hardly admit to the media that the USA is in Afghanistan purely so that the Opium can be safely harvested, at an annual cost to the American taxpayer of $100 billion OFFICIALLY, so that the Jew banks can launder the money, which forms a major part of their annual profits.

So over the years strange cock and bull stories have emanated from the USA (and the UK) as to why the Western unpopular occupation forces, who kill so many innocent civilians must stay to help the Afghans build a secure democracy, and fight the noble fight against the Taliban, created by the USA, run by the Pakistan military for the USA as "Controlled Opposition".

The real villain of the piece is of course the Pakistan military. Without the cooperation of the Pakistan military the USA would never have had the chance to occupy Afghanistan, and now kill countless Pakistani civilians from Afghanistan.

The Pakistan military still run the Afghan Taliban for the USA, provide them with sanctuary in the border areas, and R & R in Karachi. This is a fact the Americans know, after all the Americans pay for and run Pakistan's Intelligence service the ISI, through various fusion centers and at many other levels.

The Americans "need" the Taliban to sell the occupation and permanent "war" in Afghanistan, and the vast bloated failed state Pentagon budget.

80% of the Occupation troops are killed by the Taliban or Afghan's in uniform who are outraged by foreigners running amok in their country, but the other 20% are killed by the Occupation forces themselves for particular agenda's.........This is the foggy faggotty fact mess of Af/Pak..........where the Coolie Kuta Chamar Chamcha's, themselves victims of terrorism and 35,000 dead since 2001, and the loss of $70 billion to the failed State economy suddenly become the accused......perhaps serves them right for being such good, easily disposable servants of the whimsical USA?

The JEWSA is not yet the Soviet Union, though the International Jew is working hard at it, with FEMA concentration camps built secretly which are capable of holding up to 20 million people, mass arrest dry runs, and 2.5 million citizens of the "Land of the Free and brave" already in prison within the existing American gulag, and ofcourse Police State laws and security agencies which purportedly work days and nights to keep America safe, but in REALITY the same laws are inverted and directed against all Americans.

However unlike the Jewish run Soviet Union where the loss of 30 million people between 1941--45 is converted, and brain washed, and celebrated yearly as, "The Great Patriotic War".....in the Democratic USA, the loss of ANY American lives in combat still have to be explained by the Jewish run state, and not merely explained away as another unfortunate, inevitable Stalinist statistic......"The death of one person is unfortunate, the death of a million is a mere statistic". Creative ways have been conjured up by the devious Jew to avoid this fact.....but still in America most people question, and debate the unnecessary loss of life in Afghanistan. When there is a hike in combat deaths, the devious Jew gets nervous, and strange explanations are THUS PRODUCED, as as the one posted below.


Pakistan Challenges US to Prove Allegations

Warns US Not to Invade Tribal Areas

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

Tensions between the US and Pakistan appear to have reached a boiling point today, with Admiral Michael Mullen accusing the Haqqani Network of being a “veritable arm” of the Pakistani military’s spy agency, and claimed Pakistan had direct involvement in the attack on the US embassy in Kabul.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik was quick to respond, saying that if the US was going to persist with such accusations they ought to provide some sort of evidence. He also added that if the US wanted Pakistan to move against the Haqqanis they should provide them the intelligence on their locations.

Malik also warned the US not to invade, following repeated US comments suggesting a ground operation may be in the offing, saying that Pakistan would “not allow the boots on our ground, never” and that cooperation with the US would continue so long as Pakistan’s sovereignty is respected.

The Obama Administration has dramatically ratcheted up the rhetoric with respect to the Haqqani Network over the past several weeks, dismissing public claims of responsibility for terrorist attacks by the Afghan Taliban to claim that they were secretly Haqqani plots. Though this first moved toward claims Pakistan wasn’t invading its own tribal areas often enough, it seems to have morphed into elaborate accusations of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror.