Terrorism in Norway


NORWAY HIT by aangirfan


1. Norway is ending its involvement in Libya.

As of 1 August 2011, its air force will no longer be involved.

(Norway leaving Libya)

2. March 2011 -"the junior partner in the Norwegian government, the Socialist Left Party of Kristin Halvorsen, (Sosialistisk Venstreparti), plans to vote on a measure calling for military action against Israel if it decides to act against Hamas in Gaza."

(Norwegian Socialists to Vote on Bombing Israel The Gateway Pundit)

3. In January 2011, Jonas Gahr Stoere, Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs said Norway will be a leading country in recognising the Palestinian state once the Palestinian institutions are set up.

(Norway to Be First European Nation to Recognise Palestine)

4. On 22 July 2011 a large bomb ripped through Norwegian government buildings in central Oslo.

(Bomb In Oslo Causes 'Deaths And Injuries')


The Daily Mail reports: "Fortunately, it is a public holiday in Norway and the offices are less busy than a normal weekday."

"Why would 'terrorists,' who presumably want to kill as many people as possible, choose to bomb the building on a day when they know it will be almost empty?" (Prison Planet.com.)

Utoya camp - kids holding sign that says "Boycott Israel") (Jonas Gahr Støre: – Okkupasjonen må opphøre, muren må rives og det ...)

On 22 July 2011, several people were killed in a shooting at a Labour youth camp, at Utoyo outside Oslo.

(Bomb blast, shooting at youth camp horrify Norway)

NRK says that the gunman on Utoya looks Norwegian.

Utoya gunman captured: "190cm, blonde, light skin, athletic, in police uniform" via TV2


A CIA-linked group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or the Helpers of the Global Jihad, has claimed responsibility for the Oslo attack - New York Times.


Operation Gladio was the CIA-NATO organisation which carried out acts of terrorism in Europe.

The Norwegian branch of the GLADIO network was exposed in 1978, "when a policeman stumbled upon one of its arms caches, containing at least 60 weapons and 12,000 rounds of ammunition.

"The owner of the property where the cache was found, Hans Otto Meyer, an intelligence agent, was arrested but claimed that Norwegian intelligence had provided some of the weapons for use by a resistance cell. This was confirmed." (Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, 15/11/90)


Norway backs Palestinian bid for UN recognition in September

Lieberman accuses Norway of promoting anti-Semitism

Norway activist 'was Mossad spy'