Trumps disasterous first foreign holiday to the troubled Middle East

This is a pointless holiday for Trump strategically.

In terms of consolidating his power, and making his administration effective in the USA....for the first term, and into the second term. 

The Deep State will whisper in the USA to the converted crowd, that Trump is running scared before an imminent impeachment.

Second, the countries he will visit are irrelevent in the world, and that Trump should have first visited China, Russia, UK and France in that order of importance in history. American history, and the REAL world as it is now, and where its heading.

Third.....from my intelligence, as I understand it a coup will be conducted in Washington against the Trump adminsitration, whilst he is out of the country, with many of his key supporters shut out of the administration........along with parallel security measures against Trump, through the CIA, and Pentagon. This is what the CIA does, and has been doing around the world.....since its OSS days.

In Saudi Arabia he will be offered 3 worthless gifts, as they have been offered to many previous Presidents since FDR in the 1940's:

(i) Opportunity to enrich himself and his family, via his children.....$billions. It is a poisoned chalice which he should refuse, since taking such gifts will beholden him to the Saudi monarchy like so many previous American government officers, and their perverse form of Jewish-Islam that came out of Basra, Iraq in the 18th century, and galvanised and maipulated by the British empire, who put them into power. A sorrowful Woe unto the world....I as an Aryan cannot be bribed by them (tried in London via a student in 2000).....then why should the President of the USA, of noble birth and GREATNESS SUCCUMB to their financial wiles and bribery? Will the President bow low in private to the Saudi King? Will he kiss his hand in obedience? Will they hug and kiss each other in public and private??

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Obummer ALSO on his first oversea's holiday.....bows to the KING of KINGS.

(ii) The next bribe will be to the USA DEEP STATE via the President. The Saudis will offer him an arms deal worth about $100 billion, but officially it will be around $40 billion so as not to alarm the 'sensitive' Israeli lobby. But let us be clear oh mighty President, that you are in a ">Leben und Tod kämpfen" struggle against the American Deep State, and therefore such gifts from Saudi Arabia feeds the beast against YOU ultimately. In the USA.... Pentagon budgets are unauditted, and we do not know how $10 trillion was spent between 1980----2017. Imagine the Saudi bribery to the USA DEEP STATE......and what implications that will have???? PSSSTTT the Saudis fund every CIA Terrorist operations in the Greater Middle East.....SINCE 1977.

(iii) In the best traditions of the vile Jew, the Saudis have 'Love hotels' where little children will be offered on the menu. Boys and girls.......from 4 months to 15 years of age. To have sex with them, and then kill them. In my opinion President Trump will refuse....I think. He does not look like a beedy glazed eyed cold bastard like so many in the Deep State.
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In Israel 5 areas will be covered:

(i) Attack Iran. You attack Iran, and we in Israel will watch.

(ii) Recognise Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of the Jewish Aparthied racist religious entity.

(iii) Give more money to Israel......$3.8 billion a year is too little....don't we know that we are surrounded by enemies who can drive us into the sea? Give us $5 billion....or maybe $6 billion each year. We are a special country chosen by Yaweh, and it is Americans DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to fight for us and in addition give us money.

(iv) Your son-in-law, and daughter are both Orthadox Jews......therefore what private business can we do with each other?

(v) Israel has 'love hotels' where children between 4 months and 15 years are on the menu......and Trump will be asked to try them out. Since Menachem Begin, Israel has been run by Paedophile leaders, guided occasionally by Sir Jimmy Savile and Yuri Geller. Trump will I think refuse.
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In Italy and the Vatican, he will be offered 2 things:

(i) Holy blessing of his Presidency, which will please many Deep State individuals who are religious, Catholic especially in the CIA.

(ii) He will be advised in private that paedophilia is a natural act of GOD. 

FINALLY in Belgium he will finish his tour of his first foreign holiday. Belgium is the center of European elite satanic paedophilia:

(i) That war with Russia is possible.

(ii) Europeans must spend more on defense, rather than rely on the USA to lead NATO.

(iii) NATO is not obsolete, but rather indespensible.... to the USA Empire.....fight against Russia, Fight in Afghanistan....fight against China.

(iv) Trump will be offered the blood sacrifice of 10 European children, as a SATANIC blessing and symbolising THE WAR to come with Russia, where many Europeans in Poland, the Baltic States and Germany will die along with Russians. Trump will not participate in the ceremony.....EVEN WHEN THEY OFFER HIM little girls from Russia, Ukraine and Romania (because they think he has a soft spot for Eastern European women.)

SO.....THIS IS THE DISASTEROUS first foreign trip of President Donald John Trump.

It is an irrelevent trip to his Presidency in the USA.

HOWEVER it consolidates the Deep States power in the USA, and abroad and of what they NEED AND WHAT they WANT from him before he is ditched.

President Trumps refusal to partipate in Paedophilia and satanic ritual murder of children in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Belgium will only confirm to them that Trump is an ENEMY of the Deep State.

The other 'PROBLEM' with Trump is that he speaks his mind, and quite directly....via tweets, and TV interviews and speeches with no written teleprompters. A REAL GLOBALIST puppet leader like CIA groomed Obummer reads from the tele-prompter, a pre-approved and written speech by the Deep State, delivered in articulate DECEPTIVE measured tones of out right lies and misconduct and pleasent sounding platitudes.

deception IS THE KEY.

IS NICE GUY Stephen doing SATANIC hand signals AGAIN???