ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh' get a massive arms boost from the USA

Well nobody is perfect....I thought that the deal would be around $100 billion, but it turns out that the real figure over 10 years will be around $350 billion, according to USA government sources.

I am going to guess and say that that is far more than the lend-lease the FDR USA government gave to the UK, under attack from the Nazis....1940--1945 (The greatest military machine on earth up until 1943). Others with more time and RESOURCES can do the research.

Again I am going to guess and say that this is WAY MORE than the USA has ever given Israel in aggregate since its creation.

Whats going on?

Is Saudi Arabia about to be invaded by ......................................?

Saudi Arabia has invaded Yemen....using USA support, and is about to starve the country to death.

Saudi Arabia has invaded some Gulf monarchies, disguised as 'police action' to prevent popular people power protests.

Saudi nationals continue to be the top foreign terrorists in Iraq, since the USA invasion and destruction of that country from 2003.

Saudi Arabia countinues to be the prime sponsor of ISIS.

Saudi Arabia continues to sponsor the ever waning 'al-CIA-duh' from the 1990's and Osama Bin Laden the Saudi national

15 Saudi nationals allegedly and magically participated in 9/11(its impossible because to fly a modern fully computerised plane you need 3 fully qualified highly trained people in their 40's and 50's----a lone Arab with a little bit of Cessna training in his 20's can't just hop into an USA cockpit and do it even magically) 

The 28 pages redacted from the 9/11 Commission report is about Saudi Arabia.

What these little headlines tell us is that the CIA has USED Saudi Arabia as its butt buddy to commit state terrorism by the USA, for the USA in the Greater Middle, SE Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, Africa and North America.

So the CIA wins here.....and in return the CIA and its dogs will cease hounding Trump with wild accusations of being a Russia puppet. The death grip is taken off as long as Trump complies with CIA/Deep State wishes of continued Islamist Jihad. Professor Alan Dershowitz of the Deep State/Democrats, and the premier legal mind from Harvard can go on Fox news and tell the audience with a straight face that Trump is unimpeachable. Joe Leibermann will now head the FBI, with permission from the Deep State to round up all Trump critics once in for all.....Gestapho style.

The Jew will back Trump even more.

But this is not good for Saudi Arabia, or the USA.

To be 'set up' by the CIA is to be had by the CIA.

For Saudi Arabia to have the pretensions and expenditure of a 'Great power' and to posture as such is dangerous and haram. It contains 23 million Arab people......and a not too great military. What is worse is that the Saudi State is in permanent Jihad with its Muslim brothers and sisters on the orders of the CIA. To fight a religious sectarian war on the orders of the CIA is indeed sad. To rely on foreign mercenaries to extensively conduct its wars is sad. The keepers of the two most holy places on earth, behaving in such a way is sad.

Most of the arms will rust in the desert, as have previous huge purchases such as the $150 billion al-Yamamah arms agreement with the UK state in 1985. Such huge waste, of that which will not be used by ISIS.

Let me elaborate further.

The CIA may say to me that I am the new Persian King Cyrus the Great; or Jesus or a super-natural alien from outer space. Such CIA whispers may flatter me and gain the attention of my enemies, thus serving their agenda of conflict and conflict management between two rival parties.

But it would be FOOLISH and DANGEROUS for me to believe that I am any of them, even if I throw some old bones at such rumors to please the CIA.

For me to believe the dangerous conspiracy rumours of the CIA about me, of what I am really capable of achieveing in life, and false claims of greatness would be ultimately dangerous to me.

I must judge myself of what I am, and not be lectured to by the CIA.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.”

A beggar was in the habit of sitting on the side of the road. He had been doing so for the past thirty years. One day, a stranger passed him by. The beggar stretched out his hat and muttered to the man: “Give me some of your loose change.”

The man said to the beggar: “I have nothing to give you, but what is that thing you are sitting on?”

The beggar replied: “It is nothing. It is just an old box that I have been using as a seat for a long time.”

The man asked: “Have you looked inside?”

The beggars shrugged: “No. Why should I? There’s nothing in it.” “Look inside,” the man urged. 

The beggar thought about it and then he got up and lifted the lid. To his astonishment, the box was full of gold. 

You need to look inside the “box” that is yourself. You possess a great treasure inside. You are special person, a unique and honoured creation, distinct from everyone else. You should not stretch out your hand to others and neglect the great treasures that you possess within. 

Your identity is ruined by begging others and belittling yourself before them. It not only affects your public identity, but also how you see yourself.

Like Sufyān b. `Uyaynāh said: “Whoever knows himself is at ease.” Those who are at peace with themselves live easier lives. 

Yahyā b. Mu`ādh al-Rāzī said: “Whoever knows himself, knows his Lord.” This is because knowing yourself is a step on the path of faith. 

This is why Allah says: “And on the Earth are signs for the certain in faith. And in yourselves. Then will you not see?” [
Sūrah al-Dhāriyāt: 20-21

It is dangerous to believe that Saudi Arabia is a great military power that must intervene in ALL countries, and EVEN threaten Russia with terrorism....under the guidence of the CIA.

When you have a population of just 23 million unremarkable uneducated people of the Third World.

When you have such a small military, filled with foreign mercenaries.

When many Saudi men do not do any work, but leisure and pleasure in London and the West.

When there are so many poor people in Saudi Arabia.

A conversation between a Sudanese Shepard and a Saudi SUV driver on his way to Las Vegas.

Do not attempt imperial over-reach, just before the inevitable collapse....when you are not even an Empire in the first place.

YOU love America, and you want to show your love and closeness to America.......they are your best buddies....ALL your petrol money is in their banks and Europe. You all have vast investments in the USA, and palaces and girlfreinds and sports cars.......and you send your children over there to finish their education. That is fine.....it is good to stand with a great empire, like a pleasing subservient vassal...but $350 billion with the coded numbers is dangerous for you.


Decade-Long Deal Largest in US History

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by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
After weeks of figures being thrown around on the deal, the White House has announced this weekend that the US has finalized what is expected to be a $350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the largest arms sale in American history, which they say will provide jobs and enhance “the security relationship” between the nations.
The arms deal will see an immediate purchase of $110 billion in weapons and equipment by the Saudis, and it will continue to grow with service and parts agreements that will bring the overall figure up to $350 billion within a decade, according to most estimates.
Indeed, it’s likely the payday will be bigger than that for US arms makers, as there is already talk of given Israel some additional military aid on top of their already record aid package compensatory for arming the Saudis, and meant to ensure Israel retains an advantage over the rest of the Middle East.
While Trump is eager to tout the economic impact of the arms deal, it also raises questions, as during the campaign, he argued Saudi Arabia had “mastermind 9/11,” and now appears comfortable selling them literally as many arms as they are willing to buy.