Sheep Dog Bernie Sanders of Israel


Why a Real Leftist Now Hates Bernie Sanders: Sanders Meets with and Supports Leader of al Qaeda/ISIS-linked White Helmets

by Scott Creighton at American Everyman.
You thought Bernie Sanders’ support of the corrupt Hillary Clinton was bad after she and her people stole the nomination from his supporters?
You thought his blind support of Israel over the occupied Palestinian people was unforgivable?
You thought he couldn’t get any worse after running around with Obama’s globalist pick Tom Perez trying to sheepdog real progressives back to the DNC this past month?
Guess again.

White Helmets leader Mounir Mustafa, left, and volunteer Manal Abazeed meet with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on April 25
“Last Tuesday, two representatives of the group, officially known as Syria Civil Defense, met with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Through the course of the trip, White Helmets members had their first encounters with Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), a progressive favorite, and a raft of other lawmakers who have not previously engaged with them, like moderate GOP Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana.
As we try to come up with a plan to end the devastating war in Syria, it’s very important to hear from those who are experiencing it firsthand,” Sanders told HuffPost. “The death and destruction taking place in Syria, and the brutality of the Assad regime is almost beyond belief. I was honored to meet with these incredibly brave volunteers, ordinary men and women, who risk their lives to help their fellow citizens.” Huffington Post
I fucking HATE Bernie Sanders.
The Huffington Post piece goes above and beyond the call of duty to run-down anyone who writes or speaks the truth about the White Helmets:
But Khanna’s interactions with the group also highlighted the way conspiracy theories, misrepresentations and general wariness of the war have made serious talk about it in the U.S. increasingly difficult.
The congressman faced a social media backlash after tweeting and posting on Facebook about his meeting, with commenters accusing him of cheering American intervention and of supporting a group that Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia and others falsely portray as a terrorist front.
Khanna deleted the tweet and changed his language on Facebook. After HuffPost reported on the kerfuffle, he said he regretted that decision and slammed conspiracy theory talk about the White Helmets. ” Huffington Post
“Conspiracy theory talk”? That’s what it is? Okay. Let’s see about that.
The first time we ever saw the “White Helmets”, they went by a different name: the “Islamic State Fire Brigade”. Their job was to rush into a bombed out area and save “ISIS” terrorists after they were hit by Syrian strikes. The screenshot I took from John Cantlie’s “ISIS” propaganda video proves my point.

The Islamic State Fire Brigade was re-branded into this, the White Helmets, by American intelligence assets who essentially made them and finance them.
We do not hide it, we admit [that] there is funding from the USA, and from the UK. ,” Abdulrahman Al Mawwas, the chief liaison officer of the White Helmets, told RT after a meeting with top French officials including President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Wednesday.” RT
The White Helmets have been aiding and abetting terrorism in Syria since their inception. They are a construct of “ISIS” and also have been seen supporting al Qaeda (aka al Nusra) for years.
You can go to this website for a massive collection of photos showing the White Helmets doing their work serving al Qaeda in Syria. Here are just a few.

The definition of “progressive”, I hate to tell you, is NOT regressing back to the corporatist/war-party policies of the Clinton administration. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you haven’t learned much about the course of American history over the last 20 years.
And you can pretend all you want to that nothing is happening since Obama hasn’t taken office yet, but you and I both know, that the little voice in the back of your head is telling you that you’re just whistling past the graveyard, once again.
Yeah, I know who you are. You are the democrats who supported this illegal occupation in 2002 and 2003. According to the polls back then, there were LOTS of them. You supported it like Keith Olbermann supported it. You supported it like Clinton, and Biden supported it. You supported it, before it became popular to NOT support it.
Many of you half educated sycophants still support the invasion of Afghanistan (cluster bombs, extraordinary renditions, “shock and awe”and all); some of you even calling it “the right war” on your blogs.
And you’ll support the call to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq for “protection” of our corporations that the invasion has illegally instilled. I know you will support these things because of your tacit quiet betrayal of our fundamental core issues on such Obama reversals like the FISA bill and the Bailout Plan; like his Clinton appointment and his Clintonistas galore.
Universal health-care? Are you fucking daft? Its mandatory universal coverage and massive payday for the insurance industry. Has anything, and I mean ANYTHING that candidate Obama preached even resembled what Team Obama is setting up right now?
All this and you still refuse to accept the fact that NOW is the time to press this administration to uphold its perceived promises to the vast majority of this nation that swept them into office. Now is the time, to continue to recapture the course of this nation.
But what do you do? You capitulate and you cringe. You regurgitate the senseless babbling of “left wing” pundits and bloggers without realizing that all they are doing is stamping their personal ticket to the biggest networking bonanza in 4 years; the Inauguration and the parties afterward.
I got big respect for any of the activist sites left who are courageous enough in this bizarro-world environment to still be working toward holding ALL of our representatives to their promises. Sites like After downing Street and Truthdig and Democracy Now (and I think it looks like Michael Moore will be joining the list as soon as his rational approach to the Auto Industry Bailout plan gets whacked by Team Obama); sites like 9/11 Blogger and Prison Planet, for the real left-wing representatives out there.
Let me tell you Closet Conservatives something; come out, be yourself, you’ll feel much better.
Announce to the world that you don’t really want Single payer health-care. Because you don’t. You got your insurance and to be honest, you don’t want poor people waiting in your Middle Class suburbia doctor’s office, do you?
Announce to the world that you think America is better served if our troops stay in Iraq to secure the world for the corporations we installed there; after all, you got Subway stock in your 401k, don’t you. Announce to the world that you want no windfall tax on Big Oil. That you think we have too much “freedom” in the old FISA bill and you think we should sacrifice it for “security”. 
Announce to the world that you think the Global War on Terror must be fought ‘over there” before the mushroom cloud becomes the smoking gun, over here. Announce to the world that you prefer illegal immigrants fixing your process turkey products for slave wages in America; because that keeps it cheap for you and that you think the same thing would be great if applied to the United Auto Workers and Teamster, while we’re at it. Announce to the world that you really don’t mind the globalist “free-trade zones” in Latin America, because those 9 year old kids working 12 hour days keep your shoes moderately priced. Besides, 12 cents a week is “good money over there”, right?
You might go protest here and there, or “donate” time at a food bank. You might wave a sign or two, shout slogans at your drum circle Thursdays… but you know, it’s just a front. Appeasing your inner humanist. But real “Change”? That scares the shit outa you. You like your privileged lifestyle and your secured future. You won’t see the train coming, even after it wipes out your neighbors and your Tuesday bridge partners.
You’re living a conflicted life, and that bothers the shit out of you, doesn’t it? Well, there’s only one way to fix it.
You see, we liberals aren’t going to keep placating you any more. We’re tired of it. Frankly, it’s too much energy for too little return. You don’t bring enough to the table.
You keep patting yourselves on the back for the “victory” of Obama. What a joke. You’re too self-absorbed to see it was a thrown game in the first place. They stole the primary by silencing the candidate we really wanted; you “really” wanted. And they got McCain to take a dive in the final round. Sarah Palin? Are you kidding me? Talk about a ringer. Then she goes on Saturday night Live and lets them make a fool out of her two weeks before the election? Just to have, McCain do the same thing the next week? Are you daft?
The Business Party of Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush had picked “their guy” and you watched it and blogged about it for a year. Then, when the smoke cleared, you idiots acted like it was a “grass roots” victory. Your “grass roots” victory.
Could anything be more pathetic?
Now, you sit back and feel elated, while Huffington and Kos get set for the inauguration, and where are you at the midnight when the ball is going full steam? Back of the bus Cinderella.
Why did you it let it happen? Who is to blame?
You are. Because like a 12 year old who just knows better, you still climbed up the waited in line and climbed up the stairs and sat in the smelly Santa’s lap and pretended to ‘believe”. You did it, because you want your present. You did it because you know, deep down, that little voice tells you, it’s just a silly game of self deception and remorse aversion.
You call it what you want; “left-center”, “progressive”, “experimentation”, “bi-curious”… whatever.
But we know what it is. And we are all too old to believe in Santa or to waste time with people who just haven’t figured out who they really are yet.
So do us all a favor. Take a good look in the mirror.
It’s gonna hit the fan soon enough and when it happens, there are going to be two sides in the conflict, and right now, you guys will be right alongside the Sean Hannitys and the Malkins. Don’t kid yourselves. You had better know who the fuck you are by then. Because it won’t make a damn bit of difference to us.

The White Helmets are a “hearts and minds” operation designed to help build support for the latest batch of CIA-backed death squads, these operating in Syria with the expressed purpose to force a regime change in the country.
Perhaps the best resource for that bit of truth that the complicit media wont tell you is Vanessa Beeley. Her Facebook page is here. She just posted about this betrayal by Sen. Sanders a few minutes ago.
" You can find some of my work on the White Helmets psyop here.
When Bernie Sanders decried that he was sick of hearing about “the damn emails” during a debate with Hillary Clinton, I knew then that he was doing nothing more than serving as a sheepdog to herd the real leftists back into the Big Tent with the corporatist Dems.
When he yelled at a constituent because she dared ask him public about how he could support the IDF attacking Gaza and killing 500 children in the process, I knew then he was a sellout to AIPAC and the Zionists who rule them.
When he recently threw Palestine under the bus in an interview, I thought that was the last straw.
But this takes the cake.
Sanders has tacitly supported every one of Queen Hillary’s “soft power” regime change efforts. Every single one.
He always ends up calling the target of the regime change operation a “brutal dictator” or something to that effect which is a lie that serves the interests of those who wish to see whatever government it is removed and replaced for their own financial interests.
Over at the Huffington Post, they are hopeful that Sanders’ acceptance of the legitimacy of this “hearts and minds” psyop will help sway real leftists back into the warm fold of the war-mongering, regime changing corporatist left led by the likes of Clinton, Perez and Obama. After all, that has been his job for some time now.
We will see if the rest of the fake-left like the Young Turks jump on board with this propaganda campaign.
For me and I am sure many real leftists, this disgrace from Sheepdog Sanders is beyond the pale. From this, there is no going back.
For those of you out there thinking you can “draft Bernie” to save the left, I offer you just one bit of advice: dump the duplicitous bastard before you re-elect the Duke of Orange.
I am a card-carrying member of the real left. Not the fake, agent provocateur left of the ANTIFA destabilization campaign and not a member of the corporatist, neocon, Zionist Clinton/Obama left.
I am a real leftist and this is why I hate, I fucking hate Bernie Sanders. He is a coward and a liar and a cuck (if I used that current slang correctly) and he is the most obvious example of what is completely wrong with the mainstream left today and why it can never be salvaged from within.
UPDATE: Right now, right at this very moment, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Russia have agreed to create peace areas in Syria and they will keep the skies clear of any warplanes, US or otherwise, who threaten to attack anyone inside them. The CIA’s “moderate” terrorists walked out on the deal and the US coalition was not allowed to participate in the talks.
At the same time, Russia and Turkey have competed their negotiations on the Turkish Stream Pipeline and construction of the Black Sea leg began yesterday.
Al Jazeera was recently discovered staging fake chemical weapons attacks in Syria for reasons unknown and suddenly we have stories about “Russian hacking” in the French election (the Turkish Stream pipeline looks to bring Russian oil and LNG to Europe, by the way)
It seems that all sorts of tensions are rising in Syria and with the Grand Chessboard plan as a whole so now, all of a sudden, Bernie Sanders is out there doing photo-ops with the White Helmets hearts and minds psyop actors?
I have been doing this long enough to know things like this do not happen in a vacuum and in the world of geo-politics, there is no such thing as a coincidence.
The White Helmets getting the Sanders seal of approval at a time like this can only mean something big is about to happen over there and I certainly hope it doesn’t escalate our military involvement.
(The gossip is the USA/Israel/Jordan will invade Southern Syria under the pretext of fighting 'al-CIA-duh/ISIS.....in July this year)