Slippery Turkey groping Russia

Turkey has .......according to the latest information, definitely, maybe, probably, might, will run a gas pipeline from Russia into Turkey....then sell it to Europe via Bulgaria and the Balkans.

Turkey will cooperate with Russia militarily on sensitive regional issues, especially Syria maybe, yes, definitely, probably...well we are not sure about sincerity...but.

Turkey has shown interest in the Eurasian integration plan led by China/Russia and the OBOR....and the huge trillions of dollars infrastructure plans that will ensue.

Will Turkey follow Pakistan, Kazakistan and Iran, and join the SCO? Lets see.

BUT......trying to get free sensitive Russian military hardware is another matter. Erdogan is deluded if Turkey will get the S-400 for free, or get them at all. Talking it up positively by Turkish officials so as to ACTUALLY FACILITATE a 'deal' where the Turks provide free Kebabs in return from Khan Sheikhoun is a bit like the German BND promoting eggs in the world....since 2003.

( Anecdote: I worked in a German restuarant called 'Lido' in Munich where I  at ONE time ate eggs for breakfast prepared for me by a master chef on a Sunday, who was from Ariana....it was his expression of happiness at my glorious presence and company....one pure Aryan brother to another pure Aryan brother......The BND thought this was a high international crime, since in my contract I was only allowed one meal per day of either lunch for the morning shift or dinner for the evening shift.

How dare I eat eggs for break fast, even once!! So thought the BND which was founded in occuppied Bavaria by the CIA, using 'special' Nazis from the SS and Gestapo  to control and run occuppied Germany, skills transfer to the CIA and jihad against Communists in Europe and against the Soveit Union. The BND is a proxy of the CIA, and ANY of its crimes against me since March 2003 is a crime committed by the CIA, which turn is a crime commited by the USA government......taking ques from Rothschilds London.

I had failed at becoming a barrister in London, after spending $20,000 investment and debt of a not so prosperous middle class family, 3 university qualifications in law and 8 years of university study, and so much hope and expectations invested. The Jew Rothschilds blocked this aspiration as they deemed me a threat from the day I landed in the UK in 1973..........I know not why.....I have never been politically active or joined any group of any shade.......so I was in the unlikely place of Munich (The birthplace of German Nazism from 1919, organised by German military intelligence Abwehr....based in Bavaria and funded by German secret societies, industrialists and Jewish banks...as a Hegelian dialect experiment) This is the unfortunate place I had to self reflect and find a new calling in life, beyound English law.

When I left Munich in May 2005 to teach ESL English....the BND sniffed and followed me on behalf of the CIA. Their high symbol for this illegal mission became the proverbial Lido Munich eggs. Like the Turkish government claims to have agreed to buy S-400 for Khan Sheikhoun in exchange for free kebabs from Russia, the BND promotes the 'eggs'....and it has become part of popular culture in movies from Hollywood in the 1950's ....to Bollywood movies in the 1970's...before the event has even taken place. 

Movies with creative License. The 'Birdman of Alcatraz"(1962). About a German-American prostitute PIMP who was sent to a high security prison for murder.

The German State is shamed and ridiculed in sophisticated culture and in base crude manners.....for the deeds of the Nazis in the BND, working for the CIA as sub-contractors. However, the world does not think like Nazis.........the world does not think like deluded Turkish government officials of Erdogan.

Each year Germany loses $80 billion from the illegal activities of industrial espionage. A major criminal componenet of this REAL crime is the BND selling German commercial secrets mostly to the USA...but also other countries. Then there is the illegal spyng by the BND of its own German citizens for the CIA, and of European allies for the CIA.)

For Turkey to get the S-400 for free from Russia, it would have to do a couple of things first:

1. Turkey must leave NATO, and undertake a major security policy shift away from that which was established in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Turkey shamefully joined the allies in 1944, against Nazi Germany symbolically......after the Nazis heaped praise on neutral Turkey with arms and technology transfer in the 1930's. Like Mussolini....cowardly attack on France after their defeat by the Nazis in 1940. Turkey joined NATO because of the FEAR of the Soviet Union....but the Soviet Union no longer exists. 

2. Turkey should definitively pursue the gas pipeline deal with Russia without delay and any further deviations.

3. Turkey must institute REAL systemic institutional cooperation with Russian security and the military.

4. Turkey must cease sponsoring CIA terrorists in Southern Russia, and Central Asia (The St. Petersburg metro bombers)

5. Turkey must cease aiding the CIA destabilisation of Syria and Iraq, through the vast network of logistical support that Turkey abbettes and facilitates for ISIS/'al-CIA-duh' within Turkey, and expell the CIA officers and NATO officers who are currently training and arming ISIS/'al-CIA-duh' on sovereign Turkish soil........ERDOGAN mustn't display sudden excitement based on the false flag of Khan Sheikhoun, and calls for NFZ's in Northern Syria.

6. More trade with Russia, and Eurasia.

It would be incredible if Russia gave the S-400 to NATO Turkey for free, or otherwise. The S-400 is a major component of Russian air-defense. There are 200 S-400 systems in Russian air-defense, backed by 1,000 S-300 air-defense systems. The S-300 is thoroughly compromised, as it has been exported to too many countries....some of them unrealiable partners of Russia. The S-300 is also obsolete from 1970's Soviet technology. The S-500 will take many years to be introduced after mass production. 

For Russia to give NATO Turkey the S-400, would be equivalent to a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 1939(White3), where the Russians give the Nazis blue prints to the T-34, IS-1/2/3 and the 

  • Ilyushin Il 2 Shturmovik.
  • Ilyushin IL-4.
  • Lavochkin LaGG-3.
  • Lavochkin La 5.
  • Lavochkin La 7.
  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-1 / MiG-3.
  • Tupolev SB 2.
  • Yakovlev Yak 3.

Just as NATO marshals its forces on Russia's Western borders.


Turkey Says It's Getting S-400s From Putin. Not Happening

It's just a Turkish ploy to extract western concessions
By Russia Insider

Turkish foreign minister Cavusoglu says that Moscow and Turkey have "agreed in principle" for Ankara to buy Russian S-400 air defence systems. The minister is even hopeful that the deal will be "finalized" at the Putin-Erdogan meeting tomorrow in Sochi.
We will go out on a limb here and say there is no way this transfer will ultimately go through.
Even if Russians could buy assurances that the Turks won't turn immediately turn around and allow NATO to exercise against their S-400s, Turkish-Russian relations (especially in the air) have been less than ideal.  
You will recall that in November 2015 the Turks ambushed and shot down a Russian bomber in Syria after which the Russians beefed up their anti-air capabilities there. 

Russians certainly don't mind if it looks as if a key NATO member is interested in their wares. It won't hurt their sales, and if it makes the US uneasy about seemingly closer Russian-Turkish ties, that's only a bonus.
Turkey meanwhile is almost certainly talking up the S-400 deal in an attempt to exact concessions from the west. What makes us say that?
Because that's exactly what Turkey was quite openly after in prior negotiations with China
In 2013 when Turkey started shopping around for a long-range air defense system it was most interested in American Patriot and French/Italian Aster missiles, but wanted technology transfers to go with the actual rockets.
Failing to get that, Turkey announced it had opted for a Chinese arms manufacturer instead, claiming the latter was willing to share the technology as well as missiles.
Ultimately that turned out not to be the case and the deal was scrapped in 2015.
At the time Turkey claimed it would build its own long-range air defense independently, but then last October invited Russia to present its S-400 offer again.
Chances are all three Turkish decisions — to go Chinese, domestic, and Russian — have simply been ploys to get what they really want: technology transfers from their NATO allies.

As for Russia, when the Turks invited them to present the S-400 again Erdogan had just signed onto the Turkish Stream pipeline, was finally fighting ISIS in Syria, and was declining to make a fuss about a Syrian-Russian offensive in Aleppo. So it would have been a very delicate maneuver for Russia to decline.
But privately the Russians must have far more qualms about the deal than they did when they made the original offer in 2013. They also have infinite ways of killing the deal without appearing undiplomatic or slighting Erdogan. There is any number of technicalities they can refuse to budge on to shoot the Turks down before any deliveries are made.