Trump under attack by the Deep State......Professor Cohen


Trump is a billionaire after all(In the land which worships the wealthy).

He is Celtic in the best traditions of the Scott-Irish who MADE modern America what it is today.....not the Jews, not the CIA, not the Deep State Empire since 1945.

He is from Noo Yawk the center of economic and political power of the USA.

He is a casino king and Real Estate.....which should definately appeal to the shady under belly of the USA political elite.

His daughter married an orthadox Jew real estate fiancier with even shadier background, and converted to orthadox Jewdaism.......with business links to George Soros.

He was a popular affable television host, related to business and management.

He was a playboy from the proceeds of his fathers wealth.

BUT alas the Deep State attacks him again and again......WHY?

WHY does the Deep State hate such a nice guy that should be part of their 'golf clubs' and 'inner sanctum'  HE is one of them after all.

I was confused by the vitriol and hate that spewed against him incessantly, and pathologically....since 2015, and his running for Presidency......that changed from out right mockery to deep pathological hatred.

Donald Trump the rascal and rogue seems to love children in a WHOLESOME GODLY WAY.......that is why he has father so many beautiful children, some of whom are more perfect than others. That is why he embraces them into the Whitehouse power structure as trusted confidantes, which may not be such a good idea.

AND that he is geniunely revulsed by elite paedophilia and satanism which results in the murder of many children in the USA and Europe.

This is the REAL barometer of the hatred and vitriol against him in the USA, and Europe because he does not enjoy sex with minors, and then execute them after the sex act.........Satanist believe you get 'dark energy and power' by doing this.

Trump for whatever reason has identified the single most significant defect in the collapse of WESTERN CIVILSATION.

Will the casino king from Noo Yawk with an Orthadox Jew son-in-law succeed?

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