Sir Jimmy Wilson Vincent Savile OBE, KCSG......by order of the British Empires Satanic Paedophilia.

What a fucking vile evil corrupt country. It still functions with a straight face on this earth. We are not talking about the crimes of a few misguided super elites.....we are looking at institutionalised high crime from the Rothschilds down in the UK, and around the world.

The Queen of England dotted over this vile monster, spending precious private moments with him, learning about his intimate details in private.....in State tax payer funded landmarks, soiling and stenching the air with his presence....conferring his legitimacy with a nighthood (a noble knight on his white steed fighting fearlessly for the anionted realm.......bollocks and balderdass). She gives to him her eldest son so that Jimmy could teach him his fine skills to the heir to the throne in remote meetings far far away. This will have included live training with paedophilia....with live stolen misfortuned children.

Jimmy the illiterate Neanderthal so ugly and vile, deviod of ANY qualifications and references.

In this Satanic world red is good, black is good, sex with children is good, killing children is good, animal aggression expressed by working class young males is good, deception is good, drinking the blood of young children in exotic Canada is good. Worshipping evil is good.....amassing wealth illegally is good....Israel is good....war is good....all that is vile is good.

Jimmy also gets invited by PM Thatcher, to 10 Downing Street and Checkers, where Jimmy TEACHES her about child groping, how to refine this fine art, especially when the child objects, and resists.

"Behave and obey you smelly worthless piece of shit"

"Shut up, and cry louder louder....I can't hear you"

"Daddy will have to smack you you on your little soft botty"

Sir Jimmy Wilson Vincent Savile OBE, KCSG..........the super model citizen of the Criminal UK State......loved by all....and Israel.