Rod Rosenstein is Bruno....the weasel fifth column in the Trump administration.

Trumps likes the Jew.

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Trump likes extremist peculiar Jews.....like Stephen Miller, and others.....who looks and acts sociopathetic, not affable, and Gobbels grandsonesque.

Go on........have fun speaking with Stephen Miller, sitting down in a quiet room (it will be pure entertainment.)

Steven Bannon.......our resident what???? Grim Reaper/Ewok? Go on........have fun speaking with Bannon, sitting down in a quiet room (it will be pure entertainment.)

Maybe it is to do with his fragile ego that he cannot surround himself with more perfect Indo-European males from the American masses.

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No, he prefers failed obscure Jews like Joseph Lieberman( Lover of people in German-Yiddish) who is going to head the FBI.....that should be fun.

His wife Melania, whose parents may be Jews from Eastern Europe, and Communists (The first lady's parents are Communists)

His son in Law is an Orthadox Jew, as is his favourite daughter, and they are purportedly the secret back seat drivers of his administration, and President Jared Kushner is linked to George Soros loans, debt and connections.

For Trump, proven TRUSTED long term friends aren't worth considering for his adminsitration  unlike most Presidents who bring in their private gang to run the country. In the case of Dubya, it was his fathers gang.

No, for Trump what counts are his FAMILY, quisling swamp insiders and billionaires, and Deep State Generals.....the last his greatest threat.

Not Roger Stone, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Cernovich, Robert Steele or Alex Jones..........and other diehard Trumpers......and you wonder why he fails!

He has appointed another Jew named Rod Rosenstein to the Justice Department, who with perfect timing appointed Robert Mueller to head a new Witch Hunt against Trump just a few minutes after Trump fires Pizzagate Howdie Doodie Comey.

Fuck.....Fuck......how much cock sucking of the Jew does Trump like?

From Mike Whitney: 

"Let’s say you own a big US corporation but need help managing your domestic accounts. So you hire a bright, young man named Bruno who just graduated from Harvard Business School with a Masters in corporate finance.  And the first day on the job, you discover that Bruno has secretly employed a private detective who has obtained subpoena power to dig through all of your business accounts, all your investments past and present, all your taxes going back decades, and any personal transactions you might have made in the last 20 years or so.  And, oh yeah, and he also has the authority to interview anyone he chooses, including people who might have a grudge against you or who lost money on one of your dodgy real estate deals or who simply doesn’t like the way you comb your hair. 

And, of course, Bruno knows that the information he gathers is going to be deliberately tweaked to look as suspicious as possible, then it’s going to be leaked to the press and splashed across the headlines, then it’s going to be presented as evidence to a Grand Jury, and then, finally– after months of excruciating testimony and nonstop mud-slinging– it will be used in criminal proceedings that will lead your removal as CEO of your corporation.

How would you feel about that?  

Would you feel like your new employee had betrayed you? 

Would you think that Bruno was a back-stabbing scoundrel who was secretly working for your enemies?"

When a president makes an appointment, like Deputy Attorney General, the assumption is that the appointee is going to play for the home team. That doesn’t mean that Rosenstein was expected to do anything dishonest or illegal. Not at all. He was simply expected to be moderately loyal and defend the administration against politically-motivated attacks. That’s it. But that was too much for Rosenstein whose first big decision as Deputy AG was to pull the rug out from under his boss, betray his team, and sabotage the administration’s entire political agenda. He blew up the whole damn operation with one sweep of the hand. Kaboom.
By appointing a Special Counsel, Rosenstein not only destroyed any chance Trump had at achieving his policy objectives,  he also effectively rolled-back the results of the 2016 presidential election.
Not bad for a day’s work, eh?
We can now be 100 percent certain that Trump’s political agenda will never get off the ground. His tax plan, his infrastructure plan, his health care plan; all of them have gone up in smoke thanks to Rosenstein. Which is good, right, since the Trump’s “pamper the rich and screw-the-working-man” plan was crappy policy anyway? So, good riddance.
But was that Rosenstein’s decision to make? Is that how democracy is supposed to work? Does one unelected, meddlesome lawyer at the DOJ get to overturn the results of the election and bring the government to a screeching halt?

No. That’s not how the system is supposed to work. The president is supposed to set the agenda because, well, because he’s the president and that’s what the people voted for. It’s called democracy. But Rosenstein doesn’t like democracy, he’d rather do the work of his paymasters who want to see Trump drawn and quartered before he’s given the boot."

Interesting to find out which bastard advised Trump to hire him in April.