Greater Kurdistan

geç olsun güç olmasın 

In 1991 the first Kurdish statelets were created in Iraq, after the defeat of CIA Saddam. The Americans promised CIA Saddam in 1990, through the soothing words of ambassador April Gilaspie that the USA would not get involved in 'FAMILY FEUDS' between him and the Kuwaities over oil and boundaries drawn by imperial powers.

Turgut Ozal/The Turkish military did nothing to prevent the emergence of the first Kurdish statelet in Iraq in 1991, bolstered by USA and Israeli support for the illegal entity. CIA Ozal did not work with Iran or the government in Bagdad in preventing the emergence of the illegal entity....which constituted a threat to Turkey. Ozal accepted the $7 billion cut in Turkish foreign debt from the USA, but surely the cut in trade with Iraq with oil pipelines going through Turkey was far worse....to the Turkish economy $100 billion 1990---2017.????

Later a few airstrikes here, a few airtsrikes there together with commando raids that are publicly humiliated by the USA....in the Kurdish statelet of Iraq.

Then Deonme Erdogan helps the USA destabilise Syria using ISIS/'al-CIA-duh'. 

Deonme Erdogan is a great wise leader who should rule Turkey for 100 years...Inshallah! From this American instituted chaos with Turkish help ANOTHER illegal Kurdish statelet emerges, this time in Syria. What makes it so poetic is that the Americans fly jet fighters and cargo planes to help the Syrian KURDS from bases in Turkey. 
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American troops and Israelis now swarm the illegal Syrian KURDISH entity, ensuring its long term survival.

Deonme Erdogan thus is contributing to the destruction of no less than four countries.....Iraq, Syria, Iran and his own country Turkey with the acceptance through American support of the Kurdish statelets in Iraq and Syria.

What will a few symbolic attacks against the illegal entity do for Turkey.....nothing.

Deonme Erdogan is too busy after all arresting more and more innocent Turks

He is too busy supporting ISIS/al-CIA-duh for his master the CIA......but you fucking donkey, your very covert support for ISIS/'al-CIA-duh' destabilisation in Syria creates a Kurdish statelet.

He is busy welcoming Israeli diplomats.

Erdogan is the problem.
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Turkey Threatens More Attacks on US-Allied Kurds

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
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The map drawn by Colonel Ralph Petersen of the Pentagon.
The US responded to last week’s Turkish attacks on allied Kurdish forces in both Iraq and Syria by deploying a growing number of US troops in armored vehicles along the Syria-Turkey border, aiming to provide some sort of buffer and to prevent more Turkish attacks.
It doesn’t seem to be working, and if anything, tensions are now growing between the Turkish government and the US, with Turkish officials unhappy that the US is getting in their way, and seeing it as amounting to the US taking the side of the Kurds against them.
Turkish President Erdogan insisted he was “deeply saddened” to see the US flag flying alongside “terrorists” from the Kurdish YPG, saying he intends to demand President Trump stop supporting the Kurds in an upcoming White House visit, adding “this needs to be stopped right now.”
In the meantime, Erdogan insisted that the US presence isn’t going to stop Turkish attacks, and that Turkey retains the option of attacking Kurdish forces in either Iraq or Syria, or both, in the future irrespective of what the US thinks about it.