Alex Jones needs to be brought into the Trump administration.

I don't agree with everything he says ( especially foreign issues).......but that is not important. The world is never perfect.

HOWEVER, in matters pertaining to dirty street fights and domestic politics and TRUMP enemies within and without, his PERCEPTIONS are ahead of Trump with his inner circle of family and friends in the Whitehouse.

Political mistakes are good as a learning curve, but not too many.

It is a serious political liability to brings ones loved and cherished siblings into dirty Washington Politics......and I don't think Donald Trump hates his children.

Plus Alex Jones will have a motivational influence on the President over whelmed by the complexity and dirty dealings of the 'Washington Concensus'.

Keep him off camera, and by his side in most places.

Then FINALLY Donald Trump wll connect with the dirty unwashed masses who love him in the USA. Trump must learn to love billionaires and swamp insiders less..... to merely survive the first term of his Presidency, never mind what happens after 2020.

Telephone communication, and third party go betweens are unsatisfactory since they can be electronically compromised, given the level of surveillance and wiretapping President Trump is under.

Great men with Great ideas are worthless without the street fighters by their side.