The FBI did it (MOTIVE)........or was it the NSA?? (MEANS)

FBI or the people who specialize AND MONOPOLIZE ALL ELECTRONIC TRAFFIC AND the internet tracking in the USA, the NSA.

Edward Snowden is from the NSA.

There must be a sizable fan club cell working within the NSA.....which has evolved and become more pro-active beyond leaking to Wikileaks.

For many pure hackers with advanced knowledge of the area, Wikileaks may seem an elaborate honeypot front of the CIA to lure out and act as gate keeper to some of the most sensitive Deep Doodoo State mischief of the USA, and separately the International Jews.

How do we get these people in the NSA to leak to Russia safely which bypasses the International Jewish networks?

How do we get these people in the NSA to leak to Laos PDR safely which bypasses the International Jewish networks?

How do we get these people in the NSA leak to NON-WESTERN PLATFORMS safely which bypasses the International Jewish networks?


The FBI was founded by a rampant homosexual German Jew by the name of Hoover.....He liked cross dressing, and attending after evening gay parties.
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However the normal culture of the rank and file of the FBI is more conservative, and less 'intellectual' than that of the CIA. In the FBI physical prowess matters more than intellectual prowess, and what traditional roles for men in society should be, and what is the ideal. Thus counter-culture is something that would be more at home with the CIA, and the promotion of the USA's first black President or first female President JUST AFTER THE FIRST BLACKMAN, than with the conservative, WHO are more square and 'JOCKS' at the FBI.

Hilary is thus an awkward uneasy person for most FBI rank and file operatives, with her intellectual, educational, professional background and her assertive character.

She was a problem in the 1990's for the FBI, when she was a robust, pro-active hands on first lady formulating and directing Bill Clinton's major policies.She was aggressive, and had temper tantrums infused by Cocaine, and the rumors that she actually threw objects at FBI officers in the White-house in brief fits of rage.

She is a Lesbian who has been convicted in California for sex with black women, and she likes to sleep around with women and very young girls of all shades...whilst consuming cocaine and other narcotics. For the clean cut smartly dressed bubs at the FBI this is another reason to dislike her.

Hilary has very loose lips....
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She also avidly practices Kabbalah Jewish elite Satanism....aka the Pizza Gate gossip and psy-ops....which seems like rather poorly formulated slander and hearsay in order to promote the real truth.

For the Globalists in the CIA this is all fashionable normal behavior for the prospective leader of the USA, but for the Jocks in the FBI that may not be so.

Of course when Hilary uses the Clinton Foundation as a dirty laundry to launder her traitor money for foreign entities, AND uses the position of Secretary of State for further ENRICHMENT, by selling 'pay to play' STATE SECRETS to foreign governments that would have been the last straw....this may have been too much for the Jocks in the FBI.

So the Jocks run an investigation into her on the eve of the elections...a few days away, and this destroys are credibility in the eyes of the undecided voters, and more significantly the electoral college who have to decide who will be the more credible leader of the USA.At one time it wasn't Trump stated with a obviously smirk with certainty, but that changed with the FBI re-investigation into her illegality and lust for more foreign money at the expense of the USA state.

"The revelation gave new life to the struggling Donald Trump campaign, which seized on the matter as proof of Clinton’s bad judgment. Her poll numbers, as well as her favorability figures and Democratic enthusiasm, sagged. New leaks began dripping out of the FBI on a daily basis, along with allegations that the bureau was trying to tip the election toward Trump. The Clinton campaign demanded that Comey say more, but no information was forthcoming."

The Atlantic.com

This is the sentence, published in September by the Daily Mail, that led to Hillary Clinton's new FBI woes: "Anthony Weiner carried on a months-long online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl during which she claims he asked her to dress up in 'school-girl' outfits for him on a video messaging application and pressed her to engage in 'rape fantasies.'"
By the time of that report, Weiner's sexting relapse had been exposed weeks earlier by the New York Post, which published messages that the former New York congressman exchanged with a "40-something divorcee." The New York Post story prompted Weiner's wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, to announce she was leaving her husband, but it did not suggest criminal behavior.
The Daily Mail's follow-up story, however, alleged that Weiner had traded sexually explicit messages with an underage girl and caught the FBI's attention. As The Washington Post noted Friday, in the process of investigating Weiner, the FBI examined a computer shared by Weiner and Abedin and happened upon emails deemed relevant to the agency's earlier probe of the way Clinton and aides handled classified information during Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.
Thus we have Friday's news that the FBI is renewing its inquiry into Clinton's use of a private email server. All because of story in a British tabloid.
wrote in August about the way British tabloids influence election coverage here in the States, but this is next-level stuff. It is one thing to revive conspiracy theories about the death of Bill Clinton administration counsel Vince Foster; it is another to spur FBI action that rocks the race less than two weeks before Election Day.

A British tabloid story is the reason for Hillary Clinton's new FBI ...

Nothing to do with Russia.    


Here Is Why the FBI Should Be a Prime Suspect for Leaking Podesta's Emails

The rank and file FBI could have had the means and certainly had the motive -- there were few people more hated at the agency than Hillary Clinton

Dean Parker in Russia Insider

This is going to be pure conjecture and speculation but unlike the mainstream media when we do it we don't pretend it is more than that. Clinton, the Democratic Party, the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA have all by now accused Russia of hacking the email archive of Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta and releasing the contents to the public.
None of them have presented any credible evidence which has not stopped the mainstream media from parroting the accusations on a daily basis. We can't tell you who leaked the Podesta emails, but the Russia explanation doesn't sound terribly straightforward to us. Certainly we can think of a few other explanations likelier to cut the Occam's razor.
Here is one: what if it was leaked by someone at the FBI who was pissed that Clinton was getting away with blatant disregard for security procedures in her time as Secretary of State?
Here are a few facts that may lead one to believe that is plausible:
1. As Craig Murray (a Wikileaks associate) helpfully points out John Podesta was a registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia. As such he would have been of interest to US intelligence services. In other words the NSA would likely be collecting his correspondence. (Albeit there is reason to believe they pretty much harvest anything they can anyway.)
2. As Andrew Napolitano (former judge and 'legal analyst' for FOX TV) reminds us
The raw data these agencies examine is the same. Today America’s spies rarely do their own spying; rather, they rely on the work done by the National Security Agency. We know that from the Edward Snowden revelations. We also know from Snowden that the NSA can monitor and identify all digital communications within the United States, coming into the United States and leaving the United States. Hence, it would be foolhardy and wasteful to duplicate that work. There is quite simply no fiber-optic cable anywhere in the country transmitting digital data to which the NSA does not have full-time and unfettered access.
In other hands what raw Podesta data the NSA had, the FBI could have as well.
3. We know for a fact that the rank and file at the FBI was mad that Clinton had gotten away with security breaches that anyone else would have faced criminal persecution for and positively enraged that their agency was complicit by clearing her. In fact during the campaign disgruntled FBI agents and Podesta got into a something of a tug of war leaving the impression that Director Comey who had initially cleared Clinton was on the cusp of losing control of the agency.
So here's a hypothesis: When political appointee Comey said in July that FBI would not pursue a case Clinton this left the professional FBI investigators disgusted. They were even more disgusted because thanks to NSA snooping the agency had raw Podesta data that it was refusing to look at. They therefore released this material which originated from Clinton's private server in order to force Comey's hand and get a real investigation going before Clinton became president and immune to persecution.
How is that for a theory? And we're not even saying its true. Just that in a sane environment this would be a line of investigation that would be looked into way before anyone started seriously considering explanations as exotic as "the Kremlin did it".