CIA Mockingbird BS still weaving tall tails

If you don't like Donald Trump because YOU think he is an outsider maverick who is going to shake things up and spoil your gravy train, and not play ball with the Washington Consensus, that is all right because that is what democracy is all about, during the run up to the Presidential election.
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However as a tax funded organisation like the CIA, or a private media oligarchy (created by the Clinton's in the 1990's) YOU have the responsibility to support the smooth transition of government, especially a new administration which has won the Presidential race with the biggest electoral college victory since independence.
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AND not weave wild, unsubstantiated crazy stories against another very important nation (Russia) and against your own the USA in order to somehow get Hillary Clinton re-elected....somehow...anyhow...whatever it takes...lets start WWIII to get her back in again. 
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This is desperately, deliriously, dangerous. Get over it, grow up....Donald Trump for better or for worse is now the defacto President of the USA......BECAUSE most of the voting public want him there.
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For the sake of next time in 2020....for Biden or for whoever...control the excesses of the CIA....Don't fucking use that vile organisation to communicate to the world.
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When you spew bile and harm through the CIA, and mobilize in addition dogs for that....don't expect any favours from the rest of the world. 
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Goebbels the Rabbi was so CIA/Mockingbird delusional IN HIS OWN WORLD....as a Jew pretending to be an Aryan Nazi(At school his nickname was Rabbi).. that in 1945 he pulled 300,000 top quality German troops from the Western front fighting the Americans for them to instead participate in a Nazi propaganda movie in colour, where the (i) Prussians instead of suffering a defeat at the hands of Napoleon at Jena....instead, and inexplicably the French turn away in defeat at the hands of the Germans. (ii)The sheer stupidity of pulling some of the best troops from the Western Front to make a movie that probably will never be watched by anybody. (iii) Spending so much time, RESOURCES and energy on a propaganda movie,....when YOU are about to lose.....a worthless exercise.
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Goebbels, Mengele, Eichmann, Boorman like Hitler with the aid of the CIA escaped to Argentina. Their doubles took the hit.
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I fully appreciate that when you are brought up on the Torah and the Talmud....and YOU are told by the rabbi all non-Jews are Goyim (stupid cattle)....and the earth was created for the Jews....and the rabbi at the Synagogue tells you that Jews are the smartest and most beautiful people on earth.....delusion can creep in.

BUT....there was a fair election where Trump voters voted for him, because they GENUINELY BELIEVE THAT 
(ii) He is an outsider maverick who is going to drain the swamp. (iii) He is going to create jobs, especially for the working class (iv) He is going to reverse off-shoring of USA jobs and companies 
(iv) IN the USA under him the working class, and the middle class are going to benefit. 
(v) He is going to scrap the International trade deals 
(vi) He is going to build a wall on the Mexican/American border 
(vii) He is going to bring a strong law and order situation to the country, where presently there is a perception that there is no law and order. 
(viii) He will not take money from foreign countries and entities 'Pay to play' and enrich himself and SELLOUT THE USA.
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Where does Russia come into these agenda's that so deeply concern 99% of American's......OR did YOU think that most Americans deeply care about transgender toilets???...or more Gay generals in the military???

Americans living in America, unhappy with Hussain Obama's 2 terms...and seeing Hillary as more of the same LEAKED info to Wikileaks. The Russians didn't hack anything. HOWEVER THERE IS NO CLEAR INDICATION, ANYWAY THAT MOST AMERICAN VOTERS WERE SWAYED AND GREATLY, or SIGNIFICANTLY INFLUENCED BY THE WIKILEAKS REVELATIONS.......BUT MORE BY THE 8 POINTS I HAVE MADE ABOVE, and probably the actions of the FBI towards the end of the electioneering period.

Working class american people aren't bookish people who spend hours sifting through Wikileaks files.
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CIA groomed puppet Hussain Obama a gay man, educated at an Islamic seminary in Indonesia, married to a transgender Michael.....himself a spawned product of two CIA field officers, one of them a former stripper who later became a CIA informer collecting the names of Communist Indonesians later to be killed by the military in 1965 in the CIA coup, has served 2 horrible terms, and now its the REPUBLICANS TURN at the gravy train.
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NOW it is the turn of TRUMP to disappoint the American public....with his globalist, insider, deep state administration. His Gimmicks will work for a couple of months only.

(I just love making these wild wild wild stories up.....I just need the Washington Post to pay me....and I can make them even spicier.....I'd have to brush up on my Rabbi Goebbels manual though) 
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An Intelligence "Echo Chamber Operation":

The enlisting of convenient intelligence findings in the cause of national interest or strategic goals has a tragic recent history, of course, in the build-up to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. British journalist David Rose, an early and passionate advocate of the case for war in Iraq, later admitted he was duped by intelligence sources into believing that Saddam Hussein was amassing weapons of mass destruction. Rose told this writer that the world of intelligence sharing between different countries creates an "echo chamber" conducive to spreading misinformation.
"Bum information" from an original source circulates through different intelligence agencies and acquires a life of its own, its echoes serving to 'verify' the bad intelligence from that original source. "At that point one is extremely vulnerable," said Rose, "and to my great regret I failed to see that I was being fed lies."
Let President Donald Trump run the country for 1 measly term, and then let him INEVITABLY DISAPPOINT his BASE. THEN come back into power in 2020. 

Evidence Elusive as Reports Continue to Cite Anonymous Figures

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

The latest in an endless flurry of escalating reports alleging Russia “hacked the US election,” NBC News is reporting tonight that Russian President Vladimir Putin “personally” directed the entire hacking campaign against Hillary Clinton, with the narrative suggesting he did so primarily because of a “personal vendetta” he had against her.
Accusations surrounding the hacking of Democratic Party websites were a centerpiece of Clinton’s campaign, with the underlying claim that Putin was plotting to get President-elect Donald Trump elected. The allegations started around the Democratic National Convention, when investigations into the hack of one of the sites revealed that the hacker used IP addresses in several countries, including Russia, in the operation.
That the word Russia appeared in the report was well short of “proof,” but was buttressed by a flurry of statements from anonymous officials claiming it was plausible that Russia was behind the plot. Many months later, NBC News continued to lean heavily on anonymous “senior officials” who claim the narrative as simply the “conclusion” of the intelligence community.
Actual evidence, however, appears every bit as scarce now as it did five months ago, and in that time a litany of questions have emerged which appear to shoot holes into the idea that this was some heavily-organized, highly secretive Russian plot, not the least of which is the hackers’ use of a free Russian email account and a Russian server for operations, and conducting apparently all of their business in English language.
While the NBC story draws dramatically broader conclusions than anything written back in July, it reads much the same, citing anonymous officials without evidence, and resting the argument heavily on the idea that it is conceivable.
The one named person that was quoted in the narrative, former Ambassador Michael McFaul, offered more of the same, insisting that Putin’s personal involvement would be “consistent with the Putin that I have watched and used to work with.”
That Putin had a “vendetta” against Hillary at all was similarly based on the fact that Hillary demanded a “full investigation” of Russia’s 2011 election, claiming “fraud and intimidation” was behind Putin’s party winning a substantial plurality ahead of the second-place Communist Party.
Putin criticized the comments five years ago, and probably wasn’t keen on Clinton’s 2016 foreign policy campaigning centering around the idea of getting into a military conflict with Russia as a way to get “leverage” on them. Neither, however, comes close to supporting the idea that he was sitting at the keyboard with a team of top notch hackers orchestrating action against the Democratic Party.
Where this is all going remains to be seen, but the allegations haven’t starved to death from lack of evidence over the past several months, and so long as people can keep inventing new facets to the narrative it likely will last through a set of protracted Congressional investigations. In the meantime, Democrat electors seem to be holding out hope that the increasingly elaborate tales might convince the Electoral College to overturn the election result.