Fake Soviet Propaganda, again.

For Russia the Syrian question was simple:

USA/NATO good faith could not be relied on to do the right thing by Syria, after what had happened with Qaddafi's Libya. 

Syria was the only REAL ally of Russia, more or less since 1958 in the Greater Middle East. Most Muslim majority states have since 1991, found it difficult to get along and rely on Russia as a defacto big brother due to its Jewish Deep State, and its 'poverty'. 

There were Russian military bases in Syria, with Russian military personnel.THESE HAD TO BE PROTECTED. It would not have looked good if the Russian navy,airforce and small army in Syria went home running at the behest of CIA/Pentagon/NATO AK-47 armed proxy destabilization terrorists.

Russia can play Western games.....but not too much.

There were at one stage between 5,000--7,000 Russians fighting for ISIS,in Syria. They had to be dealt with, just as NATO member states say they are doing with ISIS members from their own country.....specifically now...and purportedly.(They could just as well be taken out of the Syrian theater, rested in Europe and then sent to another destabilisation hotspot of the CIA/Pentagon)

The Russian Jewish Deep State lost credibility in Moscow, when it became patently obvious over Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq that Russia could not passively watch and allow YET AGAIN CIA/Pentagon/State Department good faith through ISIS to carry the day, once more.

If CIA/Pentagon/State Department good faith was allowed to carry the day, once again what excuse or brilliant explanation would Putin offer to the Russian Security State and to a lessor degree, since they matter less in the realms of Russian power the people? Masterful indecision once again?

This would have meant electoral disaster for Putin in 2016, and rebellion from the Security State from which Putin comes from.

The Russian electorate don't like the Jewish fifth column, so after the elections a token Jew is arrested, and charged.......Alexei Kudrin for a small amount of $2 million. He will like so many of them be free, and all his loot from the Russian people intact.He will later write a biography, 'My work with Medvedev"...and give interviews on CNN and Fox News.

One year before the critical Russian elections, a small 'token' force was sent to Syria to help aid the Syrian government, after 4 whole years of relative passivity (2011--2015).In those 4 critical years the Syrian military truncated from 350,000 to just 125,000....shorn of vital equipment, spares, fuel and ever diminishing personnel...genocide with 500,000 dead...7,000,000 external refugees and 6,000,000 internal refugees to feed, protect and house....1,500,000 wounded from the war to take care of in the hospitals....which in turn are attacked and bombed by ISIS and USA/NATO.

When Syria finally 'wins', and defeats the Kurds in the NE....it will be a utterly devastated country. 

The Russian Operation in Syria costs nothing...and could almost be called high profile tokenism..$500 million per year, and probably the best marketing add for Russian weapons......and the Russian military.

Russian weapon systems are as good as NATO weapons systems, and in some cases better.The Russian military is good as NATO, and in some instances even better. This is a message that the Jewish NEOCONS must understand as they go about destroying the earth for PNAC/FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE PAX Americana.

The new American government will make friends with Russia...or at least pretend friendship, for now, in their century long mission to get everybody to like Coca Cola and Burger King shit. The Jews understand strength....naked strength.

For Putin all is well. His popularity is at the levels of a Soviet Leader. 

The Russian military defeated and destroyed ISIS....if not the rest of 'al-CIA-duh'....30,000 of them..and thus improving the prospects for Syria, and for the world.

Putin can also maintain his old Jewish Mafia connections from his St. Petersburg days revolving around Casino's (Yes mafia and casino's)...Russian girl exports to the brothels of the world and Israel..... run by the Russian Jewish mafia, and opium importation from SE Asia and Afghanistan by the Russian Jewish mafia into Russia.

The last one is the most profitable for the Russian Jewish mafia as it is for Wall Street. But it has destroyed millions of Russian lives since 1980, when the CIA first set up the mafia routes from Afghanistan, Central Asia and then into Russia.It is the elephant in the room which the Putin government is silent about. The fall of Syria is less of a threat to the Russian State and people....in comparison to Asian opium imported into the country by the Russian Jewish mafia.The fall of Syria to ISIS is a political threat to the Russian government in Moscow, and the exhibition of its powerlessness in the face of USA/NATO covert aggression....ONLY?

It is stated that Putin in his younger days during KGB training was sent to Israel's Kibbutzim, so that he could learn to love and understand the Jew. 

Thus JUST AS the Jew subverts Russia through its fifth column, through Israel's Syrian destabilization effort, effected through the USA/NATO, its destabilization of the Ukraine as Poroshenko is a Jew and Israelis participated in the Ukrainian Nazi coup a few years back as guided by the notorious Jewess Victoria Nuland of the Jewish Neocon Kagan clan(imitate the Fascist Nazi just as you loudly denounce them).......as Neocons in the USA urge for a confrontation with Russia...Russian sex slaves to Israel and Opium.

Amid all this..... 

Putin has the time to give a precious Russian passport to Jewish USA third rate B-movie actor Steven Segal who symbolizes the Jewish mafia in Hollywood along with Vin Diesel (Shady characters who operate beyond the law...and are spunky smart) in a high profile symbolic gesture amid ALL the Jewish chaos inside Russia and around Russia.

He signs an FTA with Israel.

He welcomes Netanyahoo to Moscow.

Until the Jewish fifth column AND Putin are dealt with decisively, Russia will NEVER be Great again.

Yes in politics and especially in international politics, you must learn to smile towards those your heart is telling you not to.But you don't go to the other extreme and kiss their arse and suck their cock in public either, along with a hearty smile. In an act which has no direct benefit to the Russian state......but maybe to you, Putin.

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Like Putin, Mafia Erdogan also maintains good friendly relations with Israel. Covert and now more overt.

And Putin maintains good relations with Erdogan, even as the later openly funds ISIS, and shoots down Russian jets, and backs Islamist's in the Caucasus.

President Putin is free to love anybody he wants..Eskimo's, Hotentots and Dayaks. Though since he is in power due to the good grace of the Russian people, he must also think of the interests of the Russian people and Russian civilisation..where it has been especially in the past 100 years from 1917, and where it is going. Most emphatically Putin's love for the specific Mafia aspect of the Jew can not be a quid pro quo......for the criminal sale of innocent desperate poor Russian girls into the brothels of the world, or the informal license to import Opium into Russia by the Russian Jewish Mafia.....illegal profits from Casino's......enrichment of family members/siblings......or his continuance of President for life with the support of the Russian Jewish mafia.....like a banana republic.

An Indo-European must become President once again after Putin, after an absence of 100 years. Stalin was a Jew. The Bolshevik Revolution was primarily a racial revolution against Indo-Europeans in Russia and a religious revolution against Christians........and very little to do with worker rights of the common man. In fact it killed a lot of common people.
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The International Jew working with Russian Jews and corrupt Jew 'Pizza Gorbachev' collapsed the Soviet Union, and elected Yeltsin as leader so that they could loot the country. Then when the looting was finished by the International Jew, and nothing was left to loot they appointed an obscure unremarkable bureaucrat from the KGB, with experience in Germany. After the looting the country needed to be consolidated for the Russian Jewish mafia...and Putin has done just that for them.....in the last 16 years.
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'Fake News' Vindicated (Again): New WikiLeaks Email Dump Details Erdogan’s Business Ties to ISIS

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WikiLeaks confirms what Russian government sources have been saying for months: Erdogan has shady business ties to ISIS oil smugglers in Syria. "Fake news" strikes again!

By some KGB guy with a fake Mission Impossible to pronounce East European or Russian name (Rudolf Pankovic...da ...da... da..comrades) and Russia Insider.

For more than a year now — time flies when you're writing "fake news"! — Russia Insider and other FSB fronts have been detailing ties between Erdogan and ISIS.
Just a few examples from the past year:
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And now a new WikiLeaks email dump has exposed the business dealings of Berat Albayrak, Erdogan's son-in-law and Turkey's Minister of Energy. What kind of "business" are we talking about? You know:
The emails detail Albayrak’s involvement in organisations such as Powertrans, the company implicated in ISIS oil imports. On 11 November 2011, the Erdoğan government passed a bill prohibiting all import, export, or transfer of oil or its by-products into or out of Turkey. But the bill also stated that the government could revoke the ban in specific cases. This exception was used to grant Powertrans the sole rights to oil transportation without holding a public tender. There have been numerous allegations in the Turkish media about Powertrans' imports of ISIS-controlled oil to Turkey. Albayrak has repeatedly denied his connection to Powertrans, but the emails prove the opposite.
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In one email, Albayrak discusses with his lawyer publicly denying any connection with Powertrans. The lawyer proposes a statement saying “my client no longer has ties with Powertrans…”. Albayrak “corrects” him, saying “what do you mean no longer? I never had ties with this company!” . However, throughout the archive it is clear that Albayrak started being involved in Powertrans in 2012, coinciding with the government's decision to give Powertrans the rights of oil transportation. The archive contains almost 30 emails exchanged between Albayrak and Betul Yilmaz, the human resources manager of Çalık Holding, a conglomerate of which Albayrak was Chief Executive Officer. Yilmaz seeks approval from Albayrak regarding Powertrans personnel decisions, such as who to hire and approval of Powertrans salaries .
We should acknowledge of course that this new leak does not include flirtatious Tinder messages between Erdogan and ISIS. But what do you expect? You always have underlings do the dirty work for you. And this is exactly what is revealed in this latest WikiLeaks dump.
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For the record, a year ago the Russian Defense Ministry called out Erdogan and his ties to ISIS oil smuggling. The Russians also repeatedly expressed frustration over the fact that Washington's "anti-terror" coalition allowed ISIS oil smugglers to move freely around Syria. There are even reports that American pilots were ordered to ignore ISIS oil convoys.