Comey's FBI False Flag Merry Christmas.

The CIA controls ALL Islamic terrorism through the huge black budget of the Pentagon....amounting to $100 billion....and some loose change from Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Global Islamic terrorism is thus CIA, and there is no such things as lone wolves.

The so called lone wolf, after a brief fact check of their background always informs us that they had long running dubious relationships with the security services of Europe, and North America.They are therefore not REALLY lone wolfs.

This is the case with the market place attack recently in Germany, which coincidentally had a few high level Israeli Security figures in the vicinity.

ISIS lost Aleppo, and is under attack in Mosul....and so the promotion of ISIS had to be made in a new area......Many CIA and Israeli jobs depend on the promotion of ISIS with their space shuttles from space, and their ray guns.

The patsy's tend to be illiterate desperate men in their twenties, and usually in and out of prison with long criminal records known to the police, and of course the intelligence services who recruited them originally.

The FBI since the early 1990's with the election of Bill Clinton has been running false flags in the USA to serve the agenda's of the ruling elite.....a police state answerable to none incrementally, and a feudal society with the 1% mostly Jews lording over everything with their beautiful children, beautiful religion and beautiful belief system...which for some reason is never fully advertised to the general public but must be read between the lines through their actions and mischievous deeds in Capital Hill, the Jewish media and of course THROUGH the actions of the Pentagon, FBI and CIA.

These two Jew extremist policies in the USA are incrementally implemented (They are extreme aren't they?.....Kings and Queens and Dukes and earls, and Lords and Barons in the 21st century.....in their gated communities and off shore accounts?)......using the cover of SECURITY, STRATEGY OF TENSION....ISLAMIST TERRORISM...RUSSIA...CHINA....and more.

Fuck the FBI......founded by a gay German Jew who ran it for 40 years, illegally, as his personal fiefdom.

AND Merry Christmas to all in the USA, and the world.


Pro-ISIS Group Publishes Directory of US Churches

by Jason Ditz,antiwar.com
As with all the other holidays that have happened in the past few years, a new report from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security has warned that ISIS may well use the holiday as an excuse to launch an attack, while conceding that there is “no known, credible threat.”
Officials say the warning was based on an abundance of caution, as indeed the warnings that precede every American holiday these days do. That doesn’t mean media reports weren’t able to come up with reports off of social media that warned of an ISIS war on Christmas.
At the center of this was a website popular with ISIS supporters which published a directory of US churches, calling for a “bloody celebration” of the Christian New Year. The directory appears to have just collected publicly available lists, as of course the location of churches in the United States is not a secret.
Other ISIS-linked messages on social media called on ISIS supporters to attack not just churches, but crowded coffee shops, markets, and other public places. Again, none of this points to any active plots, but rather just to active calls for lone wolf attacks.