CIA apologizes for ISIS.

Better not to make the mistakes in the first place rather than apologize cryptically on NPR, after.

Better not to adopt the secret designs of the right-wing Likud government of Israel for Greater Israel, and in the process destabilize otherwise peaceful nations. The CIA should not be an unwitting annex to rabid right-wing Likudniks in Israel.

Better not to obsess about Jewish kabbalah numerology, and destabilize several Middle East countries in 2011.

Better not to rely on Islamic Fundamentalists mercenaries as critical covert allies in order to implement key foreign policy initiatives.  Shady, highly dubious company can lead to slippery outcomes which inevitably end up disappointing you.

In Syria 500,000 Syrians have died since 2011.(Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed in Syria at the behest of the CIA, under Nuremberg set International Law)

7,000,000 Syrians are external refugees on their way to EUROPE.....and all the enormous problems and chaos that this has created in several European countries, and the destabilization of the traditional governments there, dealing with the CIA's created mess.

6,000,000 internal refugees.

2,000,000 injured by war and conflict.

I do not use the word CIVIL WAR like many CIA linked Mockingbird organisations.

There is no CIVIL WAR in Syria. It is the simple destabilization of yet another country by the CIA, since 1945.......which has caused the death of 8--10 million people so far.

Finally the long CIA destabilization against Syria, and the ever more desperate measures against the just regime in Damascus by the CIA HAS EXPOSED the organisation and its role in such a venture along with its tentacles....to the rest of the world.

The CIA is not such a secret organisation, after all.

Supporting bad causes with bad people against innocent good people who fight back....forming strategic long term coalitions.....AGAINST YOU...........maybe also not good.

If the CIA is seriously interested in buying influence in other countries for the USA government than the traditional, boring low key approach is better served.

1. Buy the generals of that country (Pakistan)
2. Buy the police of that country (Germany)
3. Buy the Intelligence of that country (South Korea)
4. Buy the Civil Servants of that country (Argentina)
5. Buy the politicians of that country (Mexico)

If on the other hand you use drug induced ex-cons from the prisons of the Middle East to implement key destabilization policies....then you may succeed in Libya initially with your military muscle and air-cover, but fail later because the drug addled ex-cons are incapable of running a drug den joint, let alone a whole country. 

The inevitable falling out of thieves ensues, and YOUR role is exposed for the world to see.

Bay of Pigs  which triggered the high profile investigations of the 1970's under the Church Committee, and the CIA re-structuring by St. Jimmy in 1977 (probably the JFK assassination contributed to it unofficially, and the CIA Coup in Chile)

Iran Contra

9/11 'al-CIA-duh'
ISIS Arab Spring
Iraq/Syria destabilization.

Destabilization of fragile developing states for Israel may be more satisfying in a satanic masonic kind of way with all the colorful antics of the ISIS and all other al-CIA-duh' funded covert groups but in the law of Karma there can also be blow back for the CIA as it engages in such satanic rituals for the Jew.


CIA Chief Admits the Agency’s Role in the Syrian War

By Paul Antonopoulos at "Information Clearing House" and "AMN"

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Director of John Brennan said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) the the bloodshed in Syria was partially because of their role in the war.
.(I would say the CIA's role is not partial but CENTRAL--if we take way the false premise that there is a civil war in Syria, and the CIA is a peripheral actor who incidentally joined a popular uprising and the ensuing chaos/bloodbath. Reports from Seymour Hersh states that under Bush junior plans were drawn up by the CIA in 2007 to overthrow the Assad regime using Muslim Brotherhood cells. This would be a repeat of the CIA attempt in 1982 in Syria using the same Muslim Brotherhood....the difference being that the USA would be more committed this time to the overthrow, backed by a Muslim Brotherhood government in the most important Arab country, Egypt.....and the success of the Arab Spring in Libya and Tunisia in overthrowing secular governments.

In addition after 9/11 in which the CIA most certainly played a key role, the Pentagon dutifully developed a new doctrine where by post 9/11 there would be 7 regime change operations in the space of 5 years.....Syria being one such target.

So I would respectfully contend that the CIA's role in the bloodshed is central, and further that the ball against Socialist Syria started in 1982 by the CIA, not yesterday incidentally.

With an army of 100,000 terrorists at one stage in Syria defeating and pushing back a regular Assad military that numbered 350,000 equipped with tanks and 430 jet fighters with helicopters in 2011, is in no way a peripheral incidental effort by the CIA.)

"I think we always like to say that we wish that we would have been able to make a difference, in a way that would have prevented the slide and the situation there," Director of John Brennan said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR).
.(But if you back al-Qaeda types and ISIS what will be the inevitable result?)

"There's no way you can divorce yourself, emotionally or mentally, from these situations that you play a role in," Brennan said, adding that he “felt some responsibility for the horrific bloodshed” in the Syria war.
.(All of us love uniforms, and military gear in a boyish kind of way....especially when we are not involved in the fighting, but REAL WAR, REAL CONFLICT AFFECTS us all with a conscience....it dehumanizes us, and gives us nightmares, since as normal humans we are not really meant to be in a state of hate and war.....that is why in developed societies, rich societies full of opportunity and safety nets, often those wondering the streets lonely and dejected are former soldiers who have seen and experienced REAL COMBAT. A surprisingly high percentage of the homeless in the USA, or they hold down a 9-5 job but are social disasters at home especially with their dearest and nearest---they became dysfunctional loners.)
Image result for shell shocked US soldiers) Image result for shell shocked US soldiers
Image result for shell shocked US soldiers
Image result for shell shocked US soldiers
Image result for shell shocked US soldiers

He then went onto predict that the terrorist forces loss in Aleppo will not end the war in Syria.
.(On the contrary the Assad victory in Aleppo with Russian help has a greater chance of ending the war, than an ISIS victory government in Damascus. The foreign CIA funded terrorists come to Syria as mercenaries of the CIA because of $money, the opportunity to rape, the opportunity to murder non-Sunnis, the opportunity to loot BUT the Syrians of Assad they fight to protect their homeland.)
"This insurgency is not going to go away until there is some type of viable and genuine political process that will bring to power in Damascus a government that is representative of the Syrian people,” he further stated.
.(Assad is popular with most of his people; more than 50% approve of him; more than the support Obama got in the USA......and in the real world given the choice between choosing a mild mannered Syrian doctor, and on the other side foreign mercenaries in al-Qaeda and ISIS committing some really heinous war crimes against innocents....LOGICALLY most would chose the former, as in any country)
He then went onto admit that the USA has had little influence in being able to shape events in Syria.
.(Thanks to Russia......There 57 Muslim majority countries, and most are pro-USA because the USA is the richest country in the world and everybody worships rich people, especially poor people, and is generous with USAID which often ends up buying the elite of these developing countries ....No Astro-Physics so far......a few of these Muslim majority countries ONLY become less pro-USA, and the USA exercises less influence in them consequently, when the CIA in Langley decides to do a Likud Jew on them.....destabilize the country with Islamic Fundamentalists. Classic example .....Shah out Mullahs in Iran (Mossad Station chief in Tehran held an impromptu party when the Ayatollah landed from Paris in 1979). In relation to Syria, though the country has been in the Russian orbit since 1958, and the Socialist government of Assad...The USA nevertheless through USAID exercised considerable influence in the country to a certain degree. Syria participated in the torture program of the CIA post 9/11, and the relationship was so good that the British at one stage under Blair were considering conferring a Knighthood on Assad.......SIR Bashar al-Assad, with his jet-set wife regularly doing shopping in Harrods London, and presumably their lovely children sent to the UK for their education)
Image result for Mossad station chief in Tehran 1979
"As great a country — as powerful a country — as the United States is, we have, in many areas, limited ability to influence the course of events," Brennan said.
(PNAC is futile.....it will overstretch the Roman empire in the 3rd century AD.)