Obummer wanted to start WWIII after the Presidential election, with Hilary.

The CIA wants WWIII with Russia, and is deeply resentful that Russia killed up to 50,000 of its ISIS fighters in Syria, which resulted in the CIA canceling the regime change plan in Syria, and the retreat of ISIS in Iraq.....in addition.

Russian intervention in Syria possibly saved the country from a more direct NATO attack against the country, earlier.

War, conflict, terrorism is the environment the CIA thrives on...and promotes it.

It most certainly played a key role in 9/11.


Wanted to Let Clinton Participate in Cyber War Planning

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

Officials have told the press that the Obama Administration did not launch “retaliatory” attacks against Russia over their alleged role in hacking Democratic Party websites because President Obama expected Hillary Clinton to win the vote and was waiting until after the election.
Obama claimed in his Friday speech all the hacking stopped in early September after he told Vladimir Putin to “cut it out,” but officials continued to talk up retaliatory action right through the vote. It was just supposed to happen during the lame duck period, with a President-elect Clinton helping to plan.
This was actually being reported well before the election, with officials then saying Obama was also concerned that starting a big cyber-war right before the election might hurt Clinton’s chances at the polls. The reality that the next president would inherit such a cyber-war was a big part of it, with Obama wanting that president-elect (again presuming it would be Clinton) to help plan it out.
That Donald Trump ultimately won the election made the matter even more difficult, as Trump has expressed opposition to picking fights with Russia, and has dismissed the allegations of Russian involvement in the hacking for lacking any evidence.