CIA pines and whines for Hilary after she has lost.


Errm...errrm...errm...where do I start?

I have nothing against Hilary Clinton, fundamentally. 

The first female President would have been interesting.

She is extremely cosmopolitan, the only atmosphere in which I can survive.

Her team was a wild array of colours, including a deputy from my part of the world.

In light of the deep doodoo state shady choices that casino king Biff Trump is making for his future mis-administration, she seems not too bad after all.

But the CIA miscalculated and decided that playing deeply racist, adolescent, puerile, petty prick games against me was more important, than my potential support for her in the election. Not that I matter of course...with a blog that is read by a few spooks that can be counted on one hand. 

But you know, touch wood...

Each time the CIA miscalculated and decided that playing deeply racist, adolescent, puerile, petty prick games was important my anger and rage was funnelled against her in a primal, primitive basic manner, as she was part of the USA government, and I equated her with the vile CIA. 

Instead of talking with down to earth Americans in a cafe, bar or any where in a relaxed civilised manner....talking about the issues that challenge America, the problems of the country, and my life, love, work and future I was instead subjected to deeply racist, adolescent, puerile, petty prick games by the CIA.

They paraded themselves in the extact same manner of the British a thousand times, exhibiting what EXACTLY I am not so sure...left to right...or right to left...or across the other side...slightly awkward strut...nervous glances at my direction...OTT spook deameanure. Contrived rehearsed lines....vague shady threats of harm, again, again, and again. Like the cliche bad record it went on and on and on for over 10 years of crime and illegality.

The USA is a wonderful country, and my door was open.That is less likely with xenophobe, casino king deep doo doo state Biff Trump.

I was a teacher in Laos PDR, and it is a very beautiful, slow, quiet, backward Communist country.In 2015 I had met in April the Deputy Director from the Minsitery of planning a Mr. Kankham. He was my age, and a wonderful person who was not corrupt, but very patriotic and loved his country. In partnership with him, together, he as the owner and I as the director of the private International school called Laos-Cambridge. 

In addition another project involved the openning of a vocational college in the capital city, Vientiene. This was planned by me in partnership with one of the biggest construction companies whose primary income was the construction of government projects around the country. I would again be the director of the project, and the project would be quite big by Laos education standards of between $10--30 million, in the outskirts of the capital, near the airport....in a huge area, with one good road connected to it. My job was to plan the vocational college from scratch......and the challenge of students to come to college in the outside of town in a country, where most people don't travel much further from their village.

The CIA sabotaged both projects. I became angry and dillusined and, finally left the country. 

The provision of education is very weak in poverty stricken Laos PDR. Most government projects are partially funded by foreign donor nations.Education is extremely important for development, and most Tiger economies understand this fact. Laos is at the bottom, with Myanmar in terms of basic education, and yet it has signed a FTA with other ASEAN countries even though the country is not ready for the FTA. Since the country is not ready in terms of creating a worker pool of skilled EDUCATED labour, the country in the future through the FTA will become a colony of other bigger, advanced ASEAN countries.

Mr. Kankham and others understand this important need, but there is also corruption in the country where government funds end up in off shore bank accounts. It was obvious. The CIA took advantage of this Laos weakness to sabotage the 2 vital education projects. The mere 2 projects would not have alone solved the vast education problems of the country, but would have energised, motivated many other business people and public figures to invest in the FUTURE OF THEIR COUNTRY AND CHILDREN, rather than hiding their money in foreign off-shore accounts.

SO the old KGB destabilised the USA elections and got their Manchurian candidate elected?....And is an open admission the CIA WAS ALL THE TIME CLUELESS...and unable to prevent this foreign intrigue?

I prefer to say that the ONLY foreign country capable of sabotaging USA elections and getting their favoured candidate into power is ISRAEL....and the country which is also the TOP ESPIONAGE threat to the USA, is again Israel.
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The CIA would be clueless about this obviously since WACKO MONGREL SPOOK James Jesus Angleton SINGLE HANDEDLY DESTROYED THE ORIGINAL CIA, and in addition established extremely close unhealthy working relations with Israel, to the point where there is an Israel laison desk in the CIA which provides and funnels intelligence to Israel.
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Thus some bloggers equate CIA flase flag terrorism with that of Mossad, especially since the 1990's.

'al-CIA-duh' serves Israel's interests not the USA.

ISIS serves Israel's far right agenda, not the USA.

9/11 2001......................

WTC 1993..............  


CIA Provides No Evidence, But Claims 'Consensus View'

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com
Unnamed officials are saying that the CIA has issued a secret assessment claiming that Russia not only intervened in last month’s US presidential election, but did so explicitly to get President-elect Donald Trump elected.

The report emerged just hours after President Obama was announced to have ordered a “full review” into the allegations Russia had attempted to interfere in the election, but takes the allegation much farther, as the limited statements from intelligence agencies on the matter had previously speculated that if Russia did do anything, it was to try to put the US election process in doubt, not to elect Trump.
The allegations that Russia was bent on getting Trump elected came primarily from the Clinton campaign, which tried to present Trump as a sort of Manchurian candidate, with Clinton herself going so far as to call Trump “Putin’s puppet” in the final presidential debate.
The CIA’s claims appear to dramatically undercut the rest of the government’s narrative, which includes a White House confirmation that there was no measurable increase in cyber activity around the election, nor any indication Russia had planned any malicious cyber activity for the US election.
That the allegations are coming out of the CIA at all is noteworthy, as the investigation into the allegations against Russia was carried out by the FBI, and all indications were that they had come up empty. With no evidence, the FBI was unwilling to issue any statements supporting the accusations.
The CIA offered no real evidence themselves, simply making some references to unnamed people involved in leaking data to WikiLeaks being somewhat close to the Russian government. WikiLeaks denied Russia was the source of the leaks long ago.
Indeed, that the CIA is not only suddenly involved, but suddenly at the forefront, may well reflect President-elect Trump’s stated policy intentions being far removed from those that the CIA has endorsed, and might be done with an eye toward undermining Trump’s position in those upcoming policy battles.
At the center of those Trump vs. CIA battles is Syria, as the CIA has for years pushed to move away from the ISIS war and toward imposing regime change in Syria. Trump, by contrast, has said he intends to end the CIA-Saudi program arming the Syrian rebels, and focus on fighting ISIS. Trump was even said to be seeking to coordinate anti-ISIS operations with Russia.
The CIA allegations could easily imperil that plan, as so long as the allegations remain part of the public discourse, evidence or not, anything Trump does with respect to Russia is going to have a black cloud hanging over it.
The Trump transition team issued a statement mocking the allegations, noting “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” That’s indeed the case, though ominously these same people managed to drive American policy for years on end with those false allegations.
While the Obama Administration has insisted their own “full review” won’t change the outcome of the election, and indeed Obama aides suggested they won’t publicly release the results, the accusations seem set to last long after Trump’s inauguration, and have set the stage for a major battle between the next president and the CIA