Surreal and batshit bizarre....Paedophile, satanic worshipping criminal UK State says Russia is killing children in Syria!

Russia is busy killing ISIS terrorists (50,000) who have killed many children amongst the 500,000 civilians who have died in the CIA destabilization of the Syrian state. That is why ISIS terrorists have attacked Russia.......on the directions and network of Turkey/CIA.

By killing ISIS terrorists, Russia has saved many children's lives in Syria and Iraq.

If the USA does directly attack the Syrian government in Damascus, under this false pretext, will not ISIS trained by the USA/NATO/Israel/GCC and Turkey dominate the battle scene and kill more Syrian children as they have done before????

It is after all a terror organisation in the true sense, that is ill prepared for government.....(Renamo guerrillas in Mozambique sponsored by the Apartheid government in South Africa 1975--2017......terror for terrors sake)

How does Russia suddenly surrender her support of her long term Middle East ally since 1958, with naval and airforce bases in the country.........and submit to the will of the USA/ Israel/Turkey because of peddled fake lies?

If Russia submits to the will of the USA, will not this 'weakness' threaten Russia directly as well, in the future?

How does the criminal paedophile UK with institutionalised paedophilia and child sacrifice have the Neanderthal gall to accuse the Russians of killing children.......and using infantile undiplomatic fucking hyperbole as state utterances at the UN by its high Oxbridge educated/buggering Public School educated officials?.........for the sake of Israel.


UK Goes Off the Deep End, Says Russia's 

Security Council Vetoes Killed Syrian 


Rycroft claims that Russia killed Syrian children with its vetoes, and warns that Moscow shouldn't try to veto again

By Russia Insider

The UN Security Council meeting aimed at taking down Assad (again) has begun — and it's just what you would expect. 
France opened the speech-making marathon with some tired clich├ęs ("who won't condemn those who have killed women and children in the worst conditions and made them suffer terribly? What are we waiting for?" — a question which was aimed at Russia). 
But the UK's comments were on a different level. 
Matthew Rycroft claims that Russia killed Syrian children with its vetoes, and warns that Moscow shouldn't try to veto again. 

UK Ambo to UN Matthew Rycroft now addressing UNSC; blames Russian/Chinese veto of Syrian resolution in February for 4/4 Idlib attack
According to Rycroft, Russia's Security Council vetoes are responsible for the deaths of men, women and children in Syria: "Who believes that these [Russian] vetoes have no baring on the lives of men, women and children?"

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"Yesterday we saw the consequences of those vetoes." @MatthewRycroft1 on chemical attack in  

What we do in the  has consequences.
What Russia does has consequences.

And what Assad does will have consequences.
The UK ambassador added: "If Russia wants to restore its credibility, it must join us in condemning Assad. Let me close by asking Russia: what is your plan? We had a plan, and you rejected it to support Assad. It's time to stop blocking, and start helping...If Russia falls back on its old ways, the UK will continue to seek justice for victims of chemical weapons attacks."

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What Russia does in  does not cause inaction. It causes suffering. Each & every abuse of veto has consequences. 
The UK also says that Assad "humiliated" Russia, and argues that "Assad's" chemical weapons attack was a poor way to repay Russia for "destroying" Aleppo.

Stay classy, UK.
Stay tuned for more!
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