Dangerous reckless Political theater....to enable a fascist dictatorship

This is not very original. Where have we heard such slogans before? In Nazi Germany; define the nation by its imaginary manufactured enemies?

A Great, modern forward looking, Secular nation such as Turkey shouldn't be so basic and medieval......using political slogans that appeal to the Islamist base.

Is Turkey serious about joining Europe, or establishing an ISIS Caliphate?

The political sloganism of the AKP suggests it does not want EU membership, but ISIS brotherhood, eventually.

Turkey should have good relations with ALL nations, especially neighbors, but the Turkish STATE must do what is in the best interests of the state. In Turkey's case...:

1. All Turkish troops must withdraw from Syria and Iraq.

2. All Turkish commando's operating covertly in Syria and Iraq must leave these countries.

3. All Turkish MIT officers must withdraw from Syria and Iraq.

4. All Turkish Islamist civilians fighting with the terrorists must withdraw.

5. Turkey should not conduct any military operations in Syria and Iraq in the future without the permission of the respective elected legal governments in Damascus and Baghdad.

6. Turkey should not outdo, and coordinate attacks against sovereign Syrian territory with ISRAEL....as if the two countries have the same objectives and goals in Syria (They do not)

7. Turkey should not make wild threats like ISIS, 'al-CIA-duh' to flood Europe with more Syrian refugees.

8. Turkey should work with the International community to persuade legally and gently the 6 million Syrian refugees to return to Syria eventually, GRADUALLY.

9. Turkey should help rebuild the Syrian state...economy and infrastructure.

10. Turkey should not support any terrorist 'Safe Zones' in Northern Syria, or Southern Syria.


12. Turkey should provide military logistical support to the government in Syria.

13. Turkey should undertake greater diplomatic and security coordination with both Damascus and Baghdad.

14. Acting in coordination with Iran, Syria and Iraq.....ANKARA should actively prevent the creation of GREATER KURDISTAN.

15. From bases in Turkey TURKEY MUST UNDERTAKE MILITARY OPERATIONS AGAINST THE YPG, Syrian Kurdish statelet and Iraqi Kurdish statelet using the Turkish army, Turkish airforce, commando raids and MIT operations. These operations must be forewarned and fully explained to the governments in Damascus and Baghdad.

16. Turkey must immediately close ALL ISIS training camps inside Turkey and Syria run by MIT.

17. Turkey must immediately cease ALL support to ALL terrorists inside Syria and Iraq. The 5000--7000 Russian terrorists must be handed over to the Russian government. The 10,000 Chinese terrorists must be handed over to the Chinese government. Islamist terrorists must be named officially for the benefit of the International community, detained and than handed over to the European governments and the respective governments in the Greater Middle East.....since a high percentage of the foreign terrorists come from Europe and the Greater Middle East (Besides Russia and China).

18. All CIA officers, NATO Intelligence officers, GCC intelligence officers and MOSSAD operatives must be asked to leave the ISIS terrorist training camps and Turkey generally.


Erdogan Identifies His Enemies: Kurds, ISIS and the USA

Islamist Turks pretty much think their formal ally the US and the devil are one and the same

By Dean Parker at Russia Insider

Turks are heading to the polls in two weeks to decide whether to grant Erdogan more powers.
To say the referendum campaign has been a lively one would be an understatement. While on the campaign trail, Erdogan has slammed Ankara's "enemies" for standing in the way of a brighter, more Erdoganian future for Turkey. A poster has appeared, disseminated among others by Ankara's mayor, which identifies forces working for the referendum to fail. They are Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS, the chairmen of the Kemalist and Kurdish parties, and Erdogan's once ally but now archenemy, Fethullah Gulen. For good measure the contra section includes the banners of PKK militants and that of the United States.
Basically Turkey's Islamists are saying anyone who is against their guy is probably a stooge of the Americans. Rather ironic when you consider that Turkey and the US are supposed to be close NATO allies. Notably missing from the demonized naysayers camp is Russia.
There is an even more entertaining version which identifies the two camps not as "yes" and "no", but simply as "crescent" and "cross". In this version ISIS is on the side of the "cross" along with the United States. Russia is again absent.
A different version of this poster also has become popular on social media: The left-side images are the same but instead of "Yes," the poster reads "Crescent." On the right side, the word "Cross" replaces "No" and underneath is an image of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan.
At the bottom, the poster reads, “If you say ‘yes,’ the crescent will win, if you say ‘no,’ the cross will.”
Erdogan has been repeating the slogan “The battle of cross against the crescent has started” during his rallies, blaming mostly Europe for initiating this "crusade."
He has also made several accusations that those who oppose the amendments are aligned with terrorists. Mostly, Erdogan’s focus has been on the Gulen movement and the Kurds — so how did Baghdadi get pulled into the picture of "crusaders"?