ISIS False Flags for War

I'm familiar with Chemical attacks, how it is done and by whom, EXACTLY.

I have been subjected to it by the Very Criminal UK State since March 1998, when I muttered in a private conversation, picked up by MI-5 that Princess Diana was murdered.

Apparantly my casual private utterances, speeches and writing has GREAT strategic significance for MI-5. ( I am flattered)

The person who initiated the conversation was a 'close friend' who put the 'topical' question to me as the agent provocateur baiter, after the sad event in 1997. ......on behalf of MI-5, to elicit the kind of response which would generate faux indignation...'How dare he......' and then somehow justification for their criminality.

It is also used on the British public as a mass exercise experiment at various times. (Read David Icke and others of their ilk in the blogesphere.....hence very criminal UK state)

1. The Russian government as guarantor of the Syrian government guided the Syrian government in Damsacus to destroy ALL its chemical stockpiles a few years back. The Syrian government with rational secular people who want to survive in an ISIS free state, and avoid possible genocide, would not backstab their MAIN patron, Russia. The Russians guided the Syrian government to destroy their chemical stockpile precisiely so that the enemies of the Syrian government could not make false claims of chemical attacks. (USA) These WMD's have been dismantled under the guidence of International institutions, and to the satisfaction of the international institutions.

Mullah Iran also a patron of Damascus, and a victim of CIA Saddam's chemical weapons attacks from 1984--1988, supplied by German Industries in the 1980's........ALSO has a strong aversion to the use of chemical weapons........so its a bit of a stretch given these FACTS, to say that VICTORIOUS SAA winning on all fronts decides to use chemcal weapons against 'al-CIA-duh'/ISIS in NW Syria, at this particulture sensitive juncture......JUST SO TO INCUR THE WRATH OF THE WORLD.

2. Chemical weapons have been used by 'al-CIA-duh'/ISIS  in the past in Syria though the blame was put on the legitimate Damascus government, initially.

3. Damascus has been blamed yet again, even before the soccer results on a Saturday evening are in. Wait and see.....Wiretapping in the USA is serious treasonous business....the due process is resolving all the answers gradually through thorough methodological investigations. Ned clear answers on such an important matter.

4. The white helmets is a CIA front......can't believe a thing that COMES OUT OF THEIR CIA funded ass.

5. Cannot believe that Assad wants a state where all his people of 24 million are dead, butchered and exiled by his regime.......then how does Syria function as a cohesive multi-culural historical state that is 5000 years old?

6. The worst deeds in Syria....burning people alive, cruxifying people, eating peoples heart after its been cut out fresh in the best traditions of Dr. Hannibal Lector, selling slave women, sex slaves, mass execution, chemical attacks, archeological looting and destruction, oil scamming and much more has been done by 'al-CIA-duh and ISIS' on the orders of Washington.

7. The Turkish government has been caught discussing false flags in Syria as pretext, malice a fore thought as a precursor to invading the country:


'al-CIA-duh'  ISIS controls the turf.....Russia and the USA have carried out airstrikes using jets and helicopters in that area.(But nobody is saying these two states would use Chemical weapons in this theater)


Media Goes Quiet as Russia Exposes US 

Lies at Security Council

Russia just called out the West for using the UN to promote regime change — but no one reported it

By Richard Brandt at Russia Insider.

Twitter was flooded with commentary about Nikki Haley's call to arms against Russia during the Security Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon. But no one bothered to report what Russia had to say.
Russia's deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said that the West's "obsession with regime change is what hinders this Security Council."
He noted that for Washington and its partners, "everything is guided by regime change" and allegations that Assad used chemical weapons in an attack in Idlib province on Tuesday are based on "falsified reports from the White Helmets", an organization that has been "discredited long ago".

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Can someone tell us what were these kids doing inside a secret Qaeda hideout dug deep inside a mountain?! Another cheap WH act!
IN THEIR UNDER WEAR IN THE OPEN PAVEMENT!!!....Have they no shame posing for the USA flase flag with such great indignity and a few $$$$!!!!

He further added that "taking [the White Helmets] at face value is not professional and not serious."

What I find intriguing is location: looks to be a storage site, not a residential area? Or were victims taken here? pic.twitter.com/U1WInC4zJf
Another angle of the "fire hose" location: Seems to be a  base, with hideouts dug into the rock pic.twitter.com/Vvl5bA12Q6

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Safronkov pointed out that "the White Helmets are getting mixed up in their reports. Their versions keep changing. They speak of bombs from helicopters, then from planes". 

Russia's Vladimir Safronkov exposes , blasts imperialists, trashes report at UNSC. 
Russia's UN representative observed that in "photos and videos we see the White Helmets acting very unprofessionally. Their behavior is very relaxed in these extreme circumstances. All of this is clearly meant to provoke. All of this has been reflected in the resolution."
Safronkov then asks the US, UK and France: "Did this event take place? Have you even checked what you wrote?"
Russia's representative finished by slamming the UK for blaming Russia for the deaths of children in Syria. He said that the UK "does nothing" for Syria except "submit drafts meant to provoke" and "pressure investigations" into reporting politically favorable results. 
We can't find a single mainstream report that focuses solely on Safronkov's comments. 
Apparently the media can't even identify who Safronkov is
Here's how the geniuses at the Interpreter reported this — but misidentifying the person who was actually speaking. What's the difference? They're all Russians:

So far nothing RU ambassador Pyotr Ilichov is saying is true. This speech is just filled with conspiracy hashtags like Alex Jones's SEO
There's something very wrong when the media won't even report the other side
The FUCKING Indian prostitute of the Neocons.....trying to repeat a General Colin Powel.