Bogus referendum

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Bogus Erdogan holding a bogus referendum, so that he can be President for life after serving 15 years since 2002, and convert the modern secular country into an Islamic republic with the aid of the CIA.

This will destabilise AND divide the country, and ensure that Turkey will never be able to join the EU.

One imagines that most rational educated Turks don't want to live in a CIA instituted Islamic Republic.......as with Iran.

In March 1979 the 37 million Iranians, and 20 million voters with voter turnout of 90% ALL.....99.3% practically voted for an Islamic Republic!

In a country with strong left-wing/Communist fractions (20% of voters, mainly in the cities)

Monarchist fractions belonging to the ousted Shah (30% Monarchists in the cities and and countrside)

Center left and right SECULAR constitutionalists of the Shahpour Bakhtair variety (22%)

ethnic Kurds (5%)

ethnic Turkmens (4%)

ethnic Baluchis (2%)....ETHNIC groups who would loathe a Shia nationalist Islamic state run from Tehran

HOWEVER SPOOKILY, with the aid of the CIA the bogus referundum instituted and legitimated an Islamic Republic. Crooks always look for legitimation...the Rothschilds for example love their titles of Lordie this and Lordie that, Baron this and Baron that...they have also married into British Royalty via Princess Diana......or the Mafia openning a new Pizza Restuarant.

Ayatollah Khomeini was a British agent who had constant contact with the CIA, as RECENT British press releases have confirmed. Though the BBC propaganda made him the figure head of the 'Iranian revolution' (Instituted by the CIA and European intelligence) the so called 'Iranian revolution' was not wholly dominated by mullahs during 1977--1979.

US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini before Iran ...

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The illerate mullahs played a minimal role in the so called 'Iranian revolution'.

For Turkey, the 'al-CIA-duh' ISIS activity in Syria and Iraq through Turkish support is the catalyist that is helping turn the modern secular country into an Islamic Republic with the aid of the CIA.(Chickens coming home to roost)

All I can do is pray that Erdogan is ousted from power by whatever means before we see turbans and burqa's domanting the streets of a medieval Istanbul.

Iran has been lost for 38 years.....let us hope the same fate does not follow Turkey.


A Turkey Divided by Erdogan Will Become Prey for the Country’s Enemies

By Patrick Cockburn of the Independent, via Unz report and antiwar.com

What critics claim is the openly fraudulent Turkish referendum ends parliamentary democracy in the country and gives President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dictatorial powers. The most unexpected aspect of the poll on Sunday was not the declared outcome, but that the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) allegedly found it necessary to fix the vote quite so blatantly.
The tightness of the final outcome of the referendum – 51.4 per cent “yes” to the constitutional changes and 48.59 per cent voting “no” – shows that the “no” voters would have been in the majority in any fairly conducted election.

1. Late on election day the head of the Electoral Board overseeing the process decided that votes not stamped as legally valid, numbering as many as 1.5 million, would be counted as valid, quite contrary to the practice in previous Turkish elections. 
2. An even cheekier ploy was to announce that cities with large Kurdish populations in south-east Turkey, where Erdogan’s security services have brutally crushed dissent, had swung in his direction.
These possible signs of fraud come in addition to the detention of journalists, MPs and activists and the takeover or closure of almost 150 media outlets.
Some 145,000 people have been detained or arrested and a further 134,000 sacked for alleged links to the attempted military coup on 16 July 2016 which is the excuse for a purge in which anybody suspected of dissent is targeted as “a terrorist”. 
Erdogan already holds arbitrary power under a state of emergency under which parliament, the judiciary and other power centres will be brought under the full control of “an executive presidency”.
All of this will be familiar to anybody familiar with the toxic politics of one party or monarchical states anywhere in the world. Syrian elections to this day and Iraqi elections up to 2003 invariably returned overwhelming majorities in favour of their regimes and some found it a mystery why their rulers bothered to hold a vote at all. The answer was that the vanity of autocrats is bottomless and they want to see reports in their state-controlled media that they and their policies are the people’s choice. A subtler and more menacing message is to demonstrate their ability to force their people to perform an electoral kow-tow as a demonstration of raw power and to show the world who is in charge.
In the past foreign observers have often made the mistake of thinking that Turkey was similar to Middle East states. In reality, it was a much more modern state closer in its political history to the countries of southern Europe. There were military coups and military rule, but there were also real elections and powerful parliaments. There was a sophisticated and influential media and an intellectual energy in Turkey superior to most countries in Europe. It is this that is now being eliminated as Turkey becomes yet another member of the corrupt and tawdry club of Middle East autocracies.
The manipulation of the referendum results, claimed by the opposition, is in sharp contrast to the conduct of past Turkish elections which were generally fair. Parts of the process remained legitimate, as witness the majority of “no” votes Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the three biggest Turkish cities. This was an encouraging show of independence by voters and their representatives in the face of relentless pressure from the authorities to vote “yes”. No act of revenge is too petty or cruel: In one case an opposition MP, who denounced the “yes” voters, found that in retaliation his 88-year-old mother had been discharged from a hospital where she had been under treatment for two-and-a-half years.
Opponents of Erdogan are taking comfort in the thought that a “stolen” election will not legitimise his rule and can be challenged in the courts. But people in the business of establishing authoritarian rule and taking over the judiciary are not going to be deterred by such quibbles. In addition, the leaders of opposition political parties are incompetent, rendered ineffective by state persecution or, as in the case of the pro-Kurdish HDP, in jail awaiting long sentences.
The narrowness and dubious nature of Erdogan’s electoral “success” is unlikely to make him more conciliatory and, going by his actions after failing to get the majority he wanted in a general election in 2015, he will become even more aggressive in stamping out opposition. He is already proposing to bring back the death penalty which scarcely argues any appetite for compromise on his part.
Resistance to his rule, deprived of any effective legitimate vehicle for protest through parliamentary politics, may become more violent, but he can use this to demonise all dissent as “terrorism”.
Yet it will be difficult for Erdogan to stabilise his country because he has previously specialised in provoking crises, such as the Kurdish insurgency since 2015 or Turkey’s role in the war in Syria, which supposedly necessitate a strong leader such as himself.
Authoritarian rulers often get away with such justifications for their monopoly of power, particularly if they have full control of the media in their own country. They can deal with domestic opponents by unleashing the security arm of the state against them. The real danger to their rule is when their foreign and domestic enemies combine against them.
Erdogan tried to whip up Turkish nationalist feeling during the election campaign, by carefully-staged theatrical rows with the Netherlands and Germany. (fake ultra-nationalism)