Salome in the White House dancing for King Herod

In this British arthouse production by Kenny darling Russell, King Herod appears weak willed and effeminate, dominated by women....and Salome, his daughter is a nymphet 'Lolita' incestiously seducing her father to do the dark deed. 

That which he will regret for the rest of his life. 

Salome of the 7 Veils dance.

Seriously misguided Lesbian women who are also very ethnic, and the 'other' was also a strong feature of the Obummer administration, and the holy anointed Hitlery administration.

Circus freak shows....... 

Obummer the gay CIA groomed prince married to a tranny, 

Dubya the frat cock sucker and cocaine snorter from rehab.....

with Bill on the 'Lolita Express' making money stolen from international donations to Haiti and slave labour on said Island.....and importing CIA cocaine via Mena, Arkansas.

The glory of the Kingdom of the Jew.

To love the Jew is to love civilisation and progress.


Attack Syria with lies

Attack North Korea with more lies

Attack Yemen

Attack Somalia

Attack Iraq

Attack Afghanistan

Attack Russia!!!

Make America great again.

But this will not endear Trump to the Neocons/MIC, since he was never their candidate and no matter how many 'strikes' he carries out based on more false flag lies they will never grow to love him, and 'understand' him in the manner of Flynn and Bannon.

Trumps base will turn against him too....disgusted by Salome's dance and the policies that emanate from Herod's palace intrigues. They will read betrayal.

To rely on your children to run the government of the GREATEST nation earth is a dangerous proposition for Trump, since if things go pear shaped then who is the fall guy....President Trump? No...his children...but of course.

One of the purposes of having LOYAL useful idiots like Bannon and Flynn (mediocre WASP plods) in your team is that they are the go to media punch bags when things go wrong. You hide behind them when things go terribly wrong, and let them fall on the sword.

But if Herod the II is beholden to Salome, then Trump is devoid of this cover.

Then if Trump is lucky he will be out in 2020.

If he is unlucky he will be impeached this year, and Neocon Christian-Zionist Pence will take over. Trump should not feather the nest for Pence and his type.