Comrade Lenin the international Jew

It is approaching the 100 anniversary of the Jewish banker Bolshevik revolution in the Russian empire. Presumably neo-liberal Russia with its constitution and economic policies written by the CIA, State Department and the Chicago School of Economics after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, will NOT be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution.
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Comrade Lenin was of mixed Slavic-Altai race, and Jewish. He had his own personal copy of the Torah and Talmud which he kept hidden throughout his life, and like all the Jew revolutionaries adopted a nom de guerre....that hid his Jewish roots.

Medvedev in Russia, the current prime minister is the modern present equivalent.

Shalom free trade Israel...and the people of the world please come to Russia....and settle in the Far East. Whilst people in Tanzania have figured out how to increase their population by 4% annually, we in Russia have not...since it is an astro-physics complicated question. Corruption is good, state corruption is even better especially casino's in Leningrad. $100 billion capital flight each year from Russia is good. Medieval robber baron Oligarchs are good...though obviously for the sake of PR we must deal with the a few loud mouth amongst them, so we chase them out with all their loot to Rothschild London where they can buy a football club and deposit their stolen cash from Russia, peacefully. A middle class of 15% banana republic is just fine....you don't want too many of the serfs to be educated, and with a little money in their pockets.

Throughout the 19th and 20th century a variety of mainly Jewish led revolutionary groups tried to remake Europe away from old Europe, where the Jew was logged, surveilled, registered as a distinct separate entity in their designated ghetto...into an universal globalist 'workers paradise' where there would be no class or race distinction. 

In the USA George Soros and the neo-liberal globalists from the NE specifically in New York represent that Jewish revolutionary force currently in the USA, 'REMAKING AMERICA'. The 'GREAT Society experiment' under crypto-Jew LBJ, a thoroughly shady thuggish character from Texas....which promoted Jewish monopoly of the professions.....and 9/11 which promotes a police state with FEMA gulags under the Jew...and endless war abroad.

So the JEW banks funded the Bolshevik revolution from 1918. 

The Jew banks bankrolled the Soviet industrialisation program from the 1920's, with American industrial expertise.

The Rothchilds ordered Stalin to murder the entire Soviet military staff in the eve of WWII, including the revolutionary military genius Field Marshal Mikhail Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky . In 1941 on paper the Soviet forces were the most powerful in the world, against which the Nazi Germans with only 3350 tanks deployed against RUSSIA stood very little chance of winning. The Nazis were essentially a horse drawn infantry and mortars force despite the propaganda pictures of panzers racing across the steppe.

60 million died, including many workers in the Soviet Union through 'State mistakes'……. 'purges'……. 'gulags'…… and war. This Jew run state was mostly not a beautiful kind state that loved its people. It was a state that focused on punishment....AND SACRIFICE.

Israel came into existence in 1948, and the Soviet Union was no longer needed. The Jews collapsed the Soviet Union through Pizza Gorbachov and looted it under drunk Yeltsin and the 'Chicago School of Economics' Neo-liberals, some of whose STUDENTS still exist in the Russian government, today. The Soviet Jews escaped to Israel and more than most to the West.

The international globalist Jew through the USA now attacks RUSSIA via NATO on the border, Ukraine and Syria and North Korea, an Eastern ally Russia WILL PROTECT.