Massive Russian airstrikes

10,000 CIA jihadis were marshalled to capture the Central Western City of Hama from the Syrian government...the sight of a major uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1982, previously.

It was utterly crushed by the Russian airforce.

Russian involvement in Syria since September 2015 means that there can never be large concentrations of JIHADIS to capture strategic Syrian cities from the government in Damascus.

What a great victory for Syria!


'Rebel' Offensive Collapses After Russian Airstrikes Wipe Out 'Entire Groups' of Jihadists in Hama

Serious Russian meddling
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By Matthew Allen at Russia Insider

The offensive launched last week by Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) targeting the Syrian city of Hama has screeched to a halt, according to multiple sources. 
One reason for the lack of progress: Russian meddling. (As usual.)
HTS, the "latest incarnation of Al-Qaeda", assembled upwards of 10,000 jihadists in an attempt to seize Hama
As usual, Russia crashed the party:

 //  // Rebel source claims russian air raids wiped entire groups in N Hama causing chaos. Also claimed Hezb+Tigers were too much

(We've found Inside Source to be highly reliable in the past, by the way.)