Jared Kushner FIRST Orthadox Jew President of USA

For 'bait and switch' Trump the Presidency was a mere bet over a late night casino drinking session and poker game in Noo Yawk.

He never had a comprehensive plan or team in the transition to power, because he never expected to win over anionted Hitlery, whom he initmately knew as a Democrat and friend.

AND now because he never expected to win, and does not want the shoulder and burden of 'saving' and serving America with all the complex myraid problems associated with a sophisticated hyper-power with 320 million, and on paper the richest nations on earth..........he immediately defers and devolves and delegates power to his orthadox Jewish son-in-law, President Jared Kushner.

This will make Kushner the first Orthadox Jew President of the USA. Unelected, but President who is loved by the Jew Neocons, and the Christian Zionist dumbfucks.

What makes this Jewey matter more complicated than it already is that Jared Kushner is a DEMOCRAT. Donald Trump from DEMOCRATIC DEEP BLUE Noo Yawk is suppose to be a deep RED-neck republican President after all, that is what the 306 electoral college votes and 62 million legal votes represent.


Earlier career and family history

Jared Kushner had been a life-long Democrat and had made major donations to its candidates for years before reportedly undergoing an "ideological conversion" and supporting the 2015–16 Trump campaign.[50][51][52][53] Kushner has had no prior involvement in campaign politics or in government before his father-in-law, Trump's, campaign.[54]

But Jared Kushner is a puppet of Globalist Jew George Soros, the Nazi collaborator against his people in Hungary, who after special training in London under the Rothschild of London was parachuted covertly into the USA at night in the 1950's to manipulate and manage American and foreign policy.

The Rothschilds of London run Soros, Soros runs Jew Jared Kushner and Kushner runs America......with the aid of the Jew Neocons, the Christian Zionists and the Goldman Sacks set.

80% of Jews traditionally vote for the Democratic Party.....the party of the 'Other'......women, working class, Southerners, ethnics, Lesbians and everything else.

Soros has suddenly switched OFF the protests and colour revolution in the USA.

With President Kushner every American policy both domestic and foreign must now pass through the prism and lens of Israeli firsters. 

With President Kushner every American policy will be tainted with corruption and graft........pay to play....the highest bidder auction. This is the background he comes from.  

President Kushners father is a convicted fellon who made illegal election contributons to the Democratic Party.......and has been disbarred from practising law again.