Our friends and our partners in the West.......please don't hurt me.

The man from St. Petersburg.

The city was set up at great cost and human sacrifice by Czar Peter as a window into Europe, and that Russia henceforth would be an European country.

But Russia is not European, it never has been....no matter how much it is involved with Europe militarily, politically, culturally and economically. It is white, yes.....as are the Mongolians.....and it is Christian, yes.

The foundation of Russia is IRANIAN/ARYAN.....the race that evolved in Russia over 8000 years in the Pontic Steppe. This evolved into the very first 'Russian state' under the Iranian Scythians stretching from the Danube to Eastern Siberia (I can't find the wikipedia map of this empire...though its there)...800 BC--200 BC....PEACEFUL horse based empire that clashed ocassionally with the Persian empire, and started 'raid and trade' with China ( 600 BC)......and military raids into the rich Middle East for loot ( Raid and trade)....it was an empire made up of Iranians, and German tribes in the North West of Russia.

The Iranians/Aryans are an Asian race, which evolved largely in ASIA.

Then from 400 AD Uyghur-Altaic races from SIBERIA in ASIA, and NE ASIA, invaded Russia repeatedly until 1250 AD and the Mongol invasion of Russia. This made Russia even more Asian.(400---1250 AD)

Among these races were the Slavic races from Asian Siberia who invaded Russia in AD 800.

However traditionally Indo-Europeans, and specifically Iranians have dominated and ruled Russia despite the Huns/Slavs/Pechnegs/Mongol invasions.

SPOT THE ETHNIC SLAV...?....Maybe one of the CZARS torturers??

With the 1918 Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, Slavs were earmarked for control of the state along with the Jew in the shadows, hiding their Jew identity. The International Jew who funded the Bolshevik Revolution from NY/London considered Slavs to be lower inferior races that would be more obedient and controllable than the traditional Indo-European rulers of Russia. (THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT)..Russia would no longer be an Euro-centric Christian power, but a GLOBALIST power fighting for the rights of all workers in the world.......regardless of creed and country.

Russia was LITERALLY murdered between 1918--1991...60 million dead by the Jew

Russia was looted under Neo-liberal Chicago School of Economics Neo-liberalism 1991--2000....and the Jew....Russia was by then a failed state with a GDP of $195 billion.(1999)

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russians soon found their Christian identity with a vengeance, and Putin emerged from the old KGB as the mafia enforcer who would stabilise and reinforce the status quo of Jew looting in the country with Jew Oligarchical backing and approval. Even the mafia need stability in a country, otherwise how can they launder their money and do normal business in such uncertain environments.

So Putin has been around for 18 years, and the Russian state is in a much better shape.

But there are weaknesses in Putin which means he will find it difficult to be perfect for Russia:

1. The Jewish Deep State still exists in Moscow, making strategic decisions for the state.....which are never good for Russia.

2. Putin himself was brought into power by the Jews, so he has a soft spot for them.

3. Putin comes from St. Petersburg, the city which longingly looks to the West with a sad sigh.

4. Putin probably spent his most fun years in the KGB being stationed in the West, and also visited Israel.

Image result for SLAVERY 
This psychological slavery creates policy problems from the Kremlin:

(i) CIA Afghan heroin is a big problem in Russia, brought over by the Jewish MAFIA. Russian government response...nothing...because the Russian government itself is complicit in the Jew mafia trade? Who knows????

(ii) The Russian government financial policies and institutions are still fundamentally linked to the Western banking and financial system, and FINANCIAL IDEOLOGY.(Chicago School of Economics/Monetarism/Supply Side economics/Neo-liberalism)....There are enough brilliant economists who would be more than able to make the Russian economy grow despite the Western Jew sanctions led by the USA, Putin after 18 years has not done anything FUNDAMENTAL TO CHANGE THIS ANOMALY.

(iii) Russia is a banana republic economy at $3.8 trillion, the fifth largest in the world. It has a lot of billionaires, and a very small third world sized middle class at 10-15%, and very many poor people. After 18 years Putin has not changed this.


Is the Russian Government Insouciant?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Former Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration via Information Clearing House.

On March 1 the US National Reconnaissance Office launched a spy satellite carried by an Atlas V rocket that was powered by a Russian RD-180 engine.

The Unites States, an alleged “superpower,” is not capable of putting its own spy satellites into space. The "superpower” is dependent on Russia, which provides the “superpower” with the rocket engines to put up spy satellites to spy on Russia!!!

Here we have in Lenin’s words, the Russians selling Washington the rope with which to hang Russia!

Does Russia value a few more US dollars more than it values its national existence? Apparently so.

Do the Atlanticist Integrationists, the Washington funded and supported Fifth Column inside Russia, inside the Russian media, and inside the Russian government, so much desire to be part of the decadent and immoral West that they are willing to sacrifice Russian sovereignty and are willing, like all of Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan, to be Washington’s vassal? Yes.

What other explanation is there for Russia enabling Washington to spy on Russia and to have the capability compliments of Russia to target Russia with nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive nuclear attack?

It seems Russia is more interested in US dollars and “cooperation with Washington” than in national survival.

Little wonder the neoconservatives believe that Putin will acquiesce in Russia’s demise at Washington’s hands.

Washington’s New World Order of tyranny toward all seems safely on course. Russia is enabling Washington’s dominance by putting Washington’s spy satellites in space for Washington.

Perhaps next Russia will provide Washington with the location of all its nuclear-armed submarines and the movement schedule of its train track-based ICBMs. Why not if it ensures “cooperation with Washington,” apparently the Russian government’s only goal.

Isn’t it amazing. Washington imposes sanction package after sanction package on Russia, and Putin continues to sell Washington the rocket engines it needs to send up its spy satellites!!!!!
God help the Russians.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the WestHow America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.