Tahrir Square must be cleared of the Western Intelligence funded "Rent a Mobs."

The Egyptian economy is losing money because of the Western Intelligence organized "Rent a Mobs". Estimates vary as to how much money is being lost. Some say $300 million per day whilst others say $1 billion a day. It really depends on which economists you speak to, and how the economists measure the losses. Do they measure the losses narrowly, or broadly?

The broad interpretation is that Egypt could lose 10% of its GDP .........or $50 billion of its PPP measured economy as a result of the Western Intelligence organized "Rent a Mobs", in 2011.

That Habibi is a lot of serious money LOST for a not very rich Arab country........where the majority live on just $2 a day, living in various slums.

The rich privileged men of about 3000 who form the core of the protesters in Tahrir Square of less than 50,000, dressed in their Armani and Versace designer dresses ..........men who have never worked for a living, passing the days idle in their Internet Cafes, gossiping and chatting...and staring at Britney Spears, Baywatch video's....and ALL things America. These people will not suffer....because their parents, and themselves have money in Switzerland and London, where they run to during the hot dry Egyptian Summer to play in the casino's of Nights-bridge London, or go whoring near the Moulin Rouge in Paris, or even better in the beaches of St Tr0paz.

Nor will the members of the Ikwan MB suffer, they who form the "muscle" of the "peaceful" protesters. They have their Western Intelligence funded networks receiving huge quantities of money from Western Intelligence or through their affiliates in Saudi Arabia.They will not suffer. In fact they will become more rich during this crisis.

The only people who will suffer are the 70 million 85% of Egyptians who MUST WORK FOR A HONEST DAYS LIVING, without any savings in Switzerland, but for the $2 a day daily wage. It is they who live on subsistence that will suffer because of this Western Intelligence funded, and organized "Rent a Mobs".

1. Mubarak has promised to step down in September, A MERE 6 months away.

2. His son Gamal has resigned from the NDP, so no succession by Mubarak's son.

3. Senior members of the NDP have resigned.

4. Genuine negotiations have been offered with the opposition, by the NDP from a position of weakness, and defensiveness.

5. Presumably fresh elections are due in September 2011, a mere 6 months a away.

6. The "Peaceful" Protesters organized by Western Intelligence, have attacked and damaged important government buildings....causing $100 million worth of damage to government property.........the NDP has not prosecuted anybody for such crimes, nor will it.

7. The Egyptian economy is losing serious money with the continuation of these protests, as mentioned above. The only people who are going to suffer are the poorest sections of Egyptian society who have no savings, and rely on their income from the daily work.

8. The longer these protests continue the more likely of the chance by agent provocateurs to create incidents which may lead to more deaths.......thus giving the 'Rent a Mobs' greater "energy"... I am thinking of the Cinema Rex Fire Incident which killed 400 people in 1978, in the run up to the Iranian Revolution in January 1979. The International media, and the BBC blamed the incident on the Shah, but in reality the Mullah Islamists with the guidance of their Western Intelligence handlers had organized it.

9. What does AlBaradei, the resident of Vienna until recently...want? Total Mob rule? A mob of about 50,000 is organized in Tahrir Square. AlBaradei personally threatens to kill the President Hosni Mubarak. They destroy and attack government property, and the next thing you have is a new government.......is this the trend to be legitimated by any patriotic Egyptian? Why not have a new government every year through mob rule, threats, vandalism, arson and sheer criminality? in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.......think of the wonders this could do for the Egyptian economy, tourism and social stability.

The Mob in Tahrir Square cannot be legitimated by giving up everything for them, and their demands by the NDP.

The Egyptian military must clear Tahrir square, soon. It is their duty. It is their duty to defend the country. But in dealing with an internal matter which is organized by Western Intelligence, they must be SUPREMELY SENSITIVE, and not behave like the Pakistani army waging war against its own people constantly.....with American backing....or the Yemeni military.

American Abrams tanks being used against Egyptian civilians with no arms, that is not good.

Tanks must be removed from the scene. Tanks are required only in the battle field against a heavily armed enemy, and should not be used against their own people. Armored cars are acceptable....a few thousand.

(i) The square must be surrounded at all sides by 100,000 army, paramilitary, Mukabarat and police.

(ii) The
100,000 army, paramilitary, Mukabarat and police must keep a distance from the "Rent a mob". They must not talk or mix with the "Rent a Mob" people....where the protesters feel they have friends in the security.

(iii) Reconnaissance helicopters, with commando's can also be used........a dozen helicopters flying over watching the situation.

(iv) ALL media except state Egyptian TV must be ejected from the area, in Tahrir Square, and near Tahrir Square.

(v) All building surrounding Tahrir Square must be secured, totally.

(vi) Anybody attempting to enter Tahrir Square must be BLOCKED.......it is not the duty of the Egyptian army to help aid the expansion of the protesters numbers. This is their minimum passive stand off duty. If any protester wishes to leave Tahrir Square they are free to do so, but must be told that they cannot re-enter the area.

(vii) All food and water must be cut off to the protesters in Tahrir Square.

(viii) Electronic jamming devices from the military which I assume the air-force and army has should be used to jam mobile signals from Tahrir Square by the protesters.

(ix) When the 100,000 security forces are amassed, equipped with gas masks, body protection, helmets.....without using ANY WEAPONS, firing tear gas in huge quantities into the square, the protesters should be moved from the Square section by section. No violence, no guns, no batons should be committed against the protesters, and they must be given ample warning to move out of the square first. The approach should be slow and methodical and well organized. If the security elements are injured by stones then that is a cost be accepted.

(x0 This is a model to be followed all over Egypt when ever Western "Rent a mobs" mobilize and concentrate near a strategic area of a town in the country.

The NDP government working with state security must now take the initiative quickly for the sake of the country.....they must gather the necessary resources without hindrance. Orchestrated violence and CHAOS cannot and must not be rewarded.