Real Peoples Revolutons or Globalist guided revolutions.

Revolutions have been taking place since time immemorial. Nobody can claim patent rights over peoples revolutions.

On principle peoples revolutions against dictators are good if:

1) If it brings true Democracy, after the revolution, and the revolution does not descend into further even greater bloodshed, CHAOS and destruction as happened with the JEWISH Bolshevik takeover of Imperial Russia in 1918, The French Revolution 1789, and Iran after the Shah from 1979.

2) If the revolution improves the material well being of the people generally, and the level of justice, access to law and basic rights enshrined by UDHR 1948. Ukraine's color coded revolution clearly hasn't, ditto with Yeltsin's Russia in 1991, ditto Mullah Iran, where living standards are now about 61% of what they were in 1979........and Tunisia, which is descending into CHAOS.

3) The Revolution does NOT exchange one set of closely knit cabalist dictator with another set........Cuba 1959 (Military dictatorship exchanged for Communist Dictatorship...Castro had linkages with American intelligence who supplied him with arms, and logistics) Libya ruled by a Monarch, King Idris...and then after the revolution "coup" a Socialist Dictatorship under Qaddafi...again backed by the USA/UK. Qaddafi was trained in military intelligence in the USA, and UK, and American military units maintained him in power once he ascended the leadership of the country. Qaddafi is interesting given the ENORMOUS NUMBER of "Revolutions" Libya under him has funded around the world ranging from the IRA, to separatists in the Philippines etc.........presumably with full knowledge and cooperation of American intelligence.

4) That the so-called peoples Revolution is NOT being directed by outside globalists institutions with agenda's, and it is a genuine peoples revolution.


Gene Sharp

The Father of the Egyptian Revolution is a friend of the CIA called Gene Sharp.

According to Thierry Meyssan (The Albert Einstein Institution: the CIA.):

Gene Sharp "helped NATO and then the CIA train the leaders of the soft coups of the last 15 years".

Sharp's Albert Einstein Institution plans coups.

Sharp has links to the 'stay-behind groups' associated with Operation Gladio.

Sharp trained dissident groups within the PLO.

Sharp helped break up Yugoslavia. (The Albert Einstein Institution.)

The Scotsman, on 18 February 2011, Sheryl Gay Stolberg (a good Scottish name) wrote about "Gene Sharp, the American whose ideas defeat dictators".

From this we learn:

1. Gene Sharp, aged 83, has written "From Dictatorship to Democracy", a guide to toppling autocrats.

This guide is said to have inspired dissidents in Bosnia, Tunisia and Egypt.

2. The International Centre on Non-violent Conflict, which trains activists, slipped into Cairo several years ago to conduct a workshop.

It uses Sharp's list of tactics that range from hunger strikes to "protest disrobing" to "disclosing identities of secret agents".

(Almost Gandhian, and non-violence is always to be commended......after ALL Gandhi also used "strategies" and "tactics" to overcome the utterly evil British empire.

Obviously in favor of DISCLOSING ALL identities of MI-5 agents and BND agents; their linakges to the Rothschilds of London; their relationship with powerful Jews; their relationships with Mafia groups; Details of their narcotics importation businesses; paedophile rings and child slavery; How they manipulate elections in those two countries, and which politicians and public figures they control; How they manipulate and speculate in sporting fields, especially soccer; Details of their money laundering operations and general criminal activity......these are then "noble sentiments".....and one notes the importance of the secret police to maintain dictators in power...KGB, Stasi and ISI. Also note how quickly Hosni Mubarak promoted the American puppet Omer Suleiman, Egypt's Intelligence chief as the new head of state)

3. Dalia Ziada, an Egyptian blogger and activist attended the workshop and later organized similar sessions on her own.

She said trainees were active in both the Tunisia and Egypt revolts.

4. Peter Ackerman, a former student of Mr Sharp founded the non-violence centre and ran the Cairo workshop.

Lawrence of Arabia, the British spy who organized the Arab revolts during World war I.

5. The Muslim Brotherhood had Sharp's From Dictatorship to Democracy posted on its website.

6. In 2007, Chávez of Venezuela denounced Gene Sharp.

Officials in Burma, according to Wikileaks, accused Sharp of being part of a conspiracy to set off demonstrations intended "to bring down the government".

7. In 1989, Sharp flew to China to witness the uprising in Tiananmen Square.

In the early 1990s, he was in a rebel camp in Burma at the invitation of Robert Helvey, a retired US Army colonel who advised the opposition there.

8. Sharp has been seen as a sort of Lawrence of Arabia, stirring up Arab revolts.

This displeases As'ad AbuKhalil, the Lebanese political scientist and founder of the Angry Arab News Service blog.