The Mafia USA says bye bye to Mubarak, their puppet for 30 years.



Wall Street Journal blog.

THE PRESIDENT: Good evening, everybody. Over the past few days, the American people have watched the situation unfolding in Egypt.

(22% of Americans aren't registered to vote, whilst another % can't vote because of the overly strict requirements for voter registration....in the land of the Free and Brave.....voter turn out of the rest of the 78% is about 52%.......so only 40% of Americans actually vote, of which the president gets elected with just 21% of the total potential vote. So when Obama says "The American People" he is speaking for only 21% of Americans. Then there is the issue of electronic voting, and ballot box rigging, which allows votes to be manipulated..the reason why MOST AMERICANS CHOOSE NOT TO participate in their "Democracy".

Most Americans are fat, over weight, suffering from self centered narcissism and extreme materialism sprinkled with religious Christian fundamentalism (40%), and OTT egotism. Many Americans have never traveled abroad.....global affairs is not high on their attention span. Egypt is not high on their attention span.....part of this behavior is natural. Why have curiosity for others when you have so much? The other factor is government manipulation, where Americans are conditioned not to ask too many questions about their Mafia governments for obvious reasons.

Who is this guy Barak Hussein Obama? His mother is White, possibly Crypto-Jewish with strong left-wing persuasions working possibly for American Intelligence in South East Asia,,,during the critical years in Indonesia, and elsewhere. His father is officially thought to be Kenyan also working for American Intelligence, whilst gossip says Obama is a Love Child between his Jewish mother and an actual African American Intelligence officer from the USA........thus he is an illegitimate Bastard child of two serving Intelligence Officers.

Whether Obama is an illegitimate Bastard child of American Intelligence, we do not know. What we can however say for certain is that he has had a privileged up bringing despite hailing from a humble background. His easy, some what smooth rise to power has been exemplary, and cannot be put down to simple good luck, and genius. Undoubtedly he is talented, and highly educated unlike the previous morose incumbent......but to become President of America requires something extra within the Jewish Mafia Wall Street power structure of the USA, especially since the 1960's.....the eventful decade which rapidly consolidated Jewish power in America at the expense of the traditional WASP elite of the old USA.

Obama is closely linked to Wall Street and especially George Soros, the evil Jewish financier who is famed for spreading his type of "Color coded Democracy" throughout the world.......Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia...and now Egypt through NGO fronts working closely with the local and International media (CNN/BBC/Al-Jazeera), and the American government and government agencies. For we note that George Soros sits on the board of the INTERNATIONAL CRISIS (MANAGEMENT???) GROUP.......Israel's state policy has been based on Crisis management of/in other nations. Mohammed AlBaradei also is a member of that group.....and within days the International Jewish media named him as the leader of the opposition "uprising".

So when the President of America says...."
Good evening, everybody. Over the past few days, the American people have watched the situation unfolding in Egypt."
What he is really saying to his audience and agents around the world, and especially in Egypt is that the Jews of America, with the Israelis have decided to remove
Mubarak from power, because Mubarak is no longer required or wanted.

This in it self is OK, if you are not Egyptian, and you do not mind the USA interfering with your internal politics. The Americans are removing one puppet for another .........presumably AlBaradei.

So Mubarak is to be toppled because maybe he has angered the American's over certain issues, whch would be expected if you have been a puppet of theirs for 30 years in power (from aangirfan):

In 1981 President Mubarak came to power and he "has effectively boycotted Israel.

"Egypt's state-controlled newspapers continued to demonize Israel.

"All ties on the bilateral level between Egypt and Israel have been frozen including tourism, commerce, and industry." (Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace :: Middle East Quarterly)

Under Mubarak, Egypt became stronger economically and militarily; too strong for Israel to attack.


In 1991, the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood began pressing more strongly for a strict Islamic state.

In 1999, Mubarak visited China.

He signed a joint communique with Chinese President Jiang Zeming on establishing a strategic and cooperative relationship between Egypt and China.

In 2002: Mubarak denounced Israel

Mubarak made a televised speech bitterly condemning Israel and accusing it of using state terrorism to crush the Palestinians.

Mubarak said that following their barbaric and systematic aggression, the Israelis were in the process of destroying evidence of the horrendous crimes perpetrated under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

In 2003: Mubarak opposed the Iraq invasion.

In 2003: Israel protested Egypt's use of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, to spy on Israeli military facilities.

Israel reportedly threatened to shoot down the drones whose flights violate the peace treaty and prompted increased concern over Egypt's military buildup (Jerusalem Post, December 21, 2003) (Myth and Fact: Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel)

Egypt has purchased Scud missiles from North Korea and is believed to possess chemical weapons (Center for Strategic and International Studies, United Nations (UN) Institute for Disarmament Research). (Myth and Fact: Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel)

Israel wants the Sinai?

In April 2010, it was reported that a weekly magazine aiming to link Arab bloggers with politicians and the elderly was launched in Egypt at the initiative of a group backed by US billionaire George Soros. (Soros backs Egypt weekly to give Arab bloggers exposure.)

In April 2010, it was reported by the Jerusalem Post that "Egypt has taken an aggressive stance against Israel, with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit calling Israel an 'enemy' state." - (Egypt warns of Israel-Lebanon escalation)

In June 2010, Egypt re-opened the Rafah border with Gaza (Rafah crossing to remain open indefinitely - News)

In August 2010, Egyptian security forces seized a ship loaded with explosives coming from Israel and arrested its owner in Port Said. (Egypt seizes explosives on ship coming from Israel - People's.)

In November 2010: Israel tells its citizens to leave Egypt. (Israel tells its citizens to leave Egypt.)

On 20 December 2010 (ISRAEL DESTABILISING EGYPT) we learnt that Egypt arrested members of an Israeli spy ring within its borders.

On 1 January 2011, we read that a group calling itself Al-Qaeda (the CIA-Mossad) may be responsible for the seven dead and 24 injured in an attack on a church in Egypt

January 2011, we read that Egypt's Irrigation Minister has dismissed the possibility that Egypt would supply Israel with water from the Nile. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

January 2011: Mubarak warned Israel against a new Gaza war Israel News.Net)

We’ve seen enormous demonstrations by the Egyptian people.

(organised by the USA/Israel....using their dogs in Egypt)

We’ve borne witness to the beginning of a new chapter in the history of a great country, and a long-time partner of the United States.

(We want Mubarak gone from power, in recognition of our control of Egypt's affairs since 1952, when we instituted a military coup using our agents in the Egyptian military.......and remember we the USA are the "best friends" of Egypt, and no Egyptian leader should try and develop alternative strategic relations with other countries....like CHINA...Kapish?)

And my administration has been in close contact with our Egyptian counterparts and a broad range of the Egyptian people, as well as others across the region and across the globe.

(We are directing this "Peoples Revolution" in Egypt, as we have done so many around the world. We have agents around the world who will help us achieve this objective.....people from the UK, Europe, Africa who will help us achieve our objectives in Egypt)

And throughout this period, we’ve stood for a set of core principles.

(We have no principles, except to achieve our goals in Egypt)

First, we oppose violence.

(We love violence and worship violence our true and only GOD, state violence is an essential tool of our strategy of destabilization and control of nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan......for are we not the nation that since 1945 has committed to war more often than any other nation......isn't security expenditure at $1.5 trillion our biggest and BEST industry........)

And I want to commend the Egyptian military for the professionalism and patriotism that it has shown thus far in allowing peaceful protests while protecting the Egyptian people. We’ve seen tanks covered with banners, and soldiers and protesters embracing in the streets. And going forward, I urge the military to continue its efforts to help ensure that this time of change is peaceful.

(We thank our agents in the Egyptian military who like the Iraqi military in 2003 followed our orders, and accepted our Jewish shekels, and enabled our PLAN in Iraq......we are very grateful for the Egyptian military for enabling the demonstrations we organized to be carried through)

Second, we stand for universal values, including the rights of the Egyptian people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information.

(Temporary standing for universal values, including the rights of people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information......is fine as long as it serves our purpose, and objectives......thats why we are pursuing Assange, wikileaks, thats why we have created and renewed the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, a Gestapo State........and endless wars against weak Third World vulnerable nations......because we really believe in ...Temporary standing for universal values, including the rights of people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information....in AFGHANISTAN....we really believe in Temporary standing for universal values, including the rights of people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information......IRAQ......we really believe in Temporary standing for universal values, including the rights of people to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the freedom to access information......in PALESTINE....really)

Once more, we’ve seen the incredible potential for technology to empower citizens and the dignity of those who stand up for a better future.

(Using all AVAILABLE technology we will achieve our revolution, and the destabilization of Egypt)

And going forward, the United States will continue to stand up for democracy and the universal rights that all human beings deserve, in Egypt and around the world.

(As in Afghanistan, Iraq with 1.5 million dead so far, and 4.5 million refugees obstructively created by American security in dividing the country.....and Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan........creating universal rights I suppose? which planet is he on?)

Third, we have spoken out on behalf of the need for change. After his speech tonight, I spoke directly to President Mubarak. He recognizes that the status quo is not sustainable and that a change must take place.

( I told Mubarak to hit the road ...he was longer required by the USA)

Indeed, all of us who are privileged to serve in positions of political power do so at the will of our people. Through thousands of years, Egypt has known many moments of transformation. The voices of the Egyptian people tell us that this is one of those moments; this is one of those times.

(Yes ALL agents of the USA in Egypt continue with the "Peoples Revolution" you have my blessing......Mubarak must go. We don't want him any more)

Now, it is not the role of any other country to determine Egypt’s leaders. Only the Egyptian people can do that.

(We are directing this 'Peoples Revolution'...since the early part of the 20th century we changed many regimes in South America. Since 1945 we have changed many regimes around the world....this is bread and butter work to us.)

What is clear — and what I indicated tonight to President Mubarak — is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now.

(Get lost Mubarak....your time is up. We want our next puppet to be installed quickly...ElBaradei, and we WILL create CHAOS to do this)

Furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of Egyptian voices and opposition parties. It should lead to elections that are free and fair. And it should result in a government that’s not only grounded in democratic principles, but is also responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people.

(BROAD COALITION governments don't last too long.....unless in certain Western countries which are safe and stable and not destabilized by Israel...we know that.....so the transition from an interim government should eventually lead to the Muslim Brotherhood winning, through our "Democracy" because through our "Democracy" we can get anyone elected....rigged elections.....Mullahs in Iran in a fake fixed referendum...23 million Iranians allegedly voted for an Islamic Republic in a country of 38 million people i.e actual voters even with 100% voting could only have been about 16 million..and the Islamist parties in Iraq.....Zardari was "elected" President of Pakistan even though nobody in Pakistan likes him for obvious reasons, even a significant section of his own party)

Throughout this process, the United States will continue to extend the hand of partnership and friendship to Egypt. And we stand ready to provide any assistance that is necessary to help the Egyptian people as they manage the aftermath of these protests.

(We will use our funds for Egypt of $1.5 billion annually to bribe and control the country....especially people in its security apparatus who will work like good dogs for us, that is why most of the aid of more than 80% goes to the security of Egypt)

Over the last few days, the passion and the dignity that has been demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration to people around the world, including here in the United States, and to all those who believe in the inevitability of human freedom.

(!!!!!!!?????in Afghanistan, In Palestine in Iraq???)

To the people of Egypt, particularly the young people of Egypt, I want to be clear: We hear your voices. I have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny and seize the promise of a better future for your children and your grandchildren. And I say that as someone who is committed to a partnership between the United States and Egypt.

(Young naive impressionable youths who are into American culture......please help us dudes....cus the USA is cool man. We're the good guys working for you )

There will be difficult days ahead. Many questions about Egypt’s future remain unanswered. But I am confident that the people of Egypt will find those answers. That truth can be seen in the sense of community in the streets. It can be seen in the mothers and fathers embracing soldiers. And it can be seen in the Egyptians who linked arms to protect the national museum — a new generation protecting the treasures of antiquity; a human chain connecting a great and ancient civilization to the promise of a new day.

(The Revolution we have organized is going well.....peachy)

Thank you very much.