The American armed and trained Pakistan military is out of touch with the People of Pak-i-stan

The Pakistan military is at the center of Pakistan's problems.

Pick a national crisis since 1947, and you'll find the Pakistan military at the center of the problem via the ISI (created and run by the British for 10 initial years...1948--58).

The Pakistan military is out of touch with the ordinary Pakistan people, EVEN NOW, in the twilight destruction of the country. The people think one thing, and the Pakistani military think another.

The Pakistan military has killed more of its own people than any other military in the world.

The Pakistan military fights its longest and bloodiest wars against its own people, enthusiastically.

When you are a two star general in the Pakistan military you are guaranteed to become a millionaire businessman in Pakistan. (Aisha Siddiqui...Military.Inc.)

To belong to the Pakistan military means a career in mafia business ventures.

The Pakistan military kills ordinary Pakistanis even now, working with Americans in various terrorist ops in Pakistan----300 incidents since 2001, with 4,000 civilian victims. These are then blamed on Islamist organizations with thousands upon thousands of different names, .......which are of course run by.........the Pakistan military.

The Pakistan military collaborates with the Americans in killing Pakistani unarmed innocent civilians via drone strikes.

The Pakistan military collaborates in the slow occupation of Pakistan by the USA, using bogus stories of fighting "al-Qaeda' and the Taliban, which are of course fictions and organizations the USA created, with the help of the Pakistan military in the first place.

The Pakistan military has disappeared thousands of Pakistanis.

The Pakistan military participates in extra-Judicial killings.

The Pakistan military is no good in fighting conventional wars, and NO GOOD in running Pakistan.........the only thing they are good at is organizing GAY parades down Islamabad roads.

When struggling for Pakistan the people must understand the true role of the Pakistan military.

General Yahya Khan talking about the Makbar (mosquito East Pakistanis)......a Pashtun, Kizilbash Shia.