1500 private XE Blackwater "Tourists" personnel destabilising Pakistan, before the invasion from Afghanistan

Its all too obvious from the baker in Mainwali, the chawalla in Rawalpindi to the farmer in IN Sindh......America intends to attack PAKISTAN, in the future.

Before the attack, America wants to soften up Pakistan.....by:

1) Getting the Pakistan military to fight endless, Sisyphean wars against its own people a few of whom are covertly directed by the Americans with arms and money. TTP etc. The Americans desperately want the Pakistan military to deploy its best units and up to 200,000 men for such an endeavor. This eventually obviously will create a great division between Pakistanis and the military. Baluchis hate the Pakistan military; Pashtuns now for obvious reasons don't love the Pakistan military and ditto Sindhis.

2) Carrying out terrorism inside Pakistan....of which there have been 300 incidents killing 4000 people, since 2001.

3) Creating dependency of the ruling elite of Pakistan on the USA largess and "good will", Psychologically, economically and politically.

4) Conflict with India. Mumbai 2008.

All this is obvious to everyone in the country and the chaiwalla, farmer and the baker with minimal education, except the so called Pakistani generals, and strategists.

Why is this so?

The Americans have bought all of the Pakistani military, as they did ALL the Iraqi generals and Saddam's head of Intelligence prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

And we now know what later happened in Iraq.

The more the Americans give as aid to Pakistan, the more it destroys the country.

The Pakistan military is unhappy that Raymond Davis allegedly killed two of their own....ISI men.

If those two were civilians as is the case daily around Pakistan, the Pakistan military wouldn't give a fuck.

The Pakistan military don't give a fuck that drone attacks have killed close to 1000 innocent Pakistan civilians.

The Pakistan military don't give a fuck that flooding the country with American "tourists" has caused 300 terrorists incidents, and 4000 innocent civilian deaths.

Instead the Pakistan military join hands with the Americans in secret foreign venues and agreeing to continue with the lies that the Taliban, created by the USA in 1994 is a threat to anybody, and that "al-Qaeda", or cynically dubbed "al-CIA duh" still exists in the vicinity.

We address these issues to the Pakistan military as they for now control Pakistani strategic affairs sadly.

The Pakistani miliary are a bunch of Chaudi Coolie chamar chamcha who do not have the ability to grasp the big picture at least for their own country. But they Excel and excellent at fighting innocent unarmed civilians who happen to be Pakistanis, but woefully inadequate at fighting professional foes.


Raymond Davis 'was acting head of CIA in Pakistan'

BY Bob Crilly of the Daily Telegraph, UK.

A US intelligence agent arrested after shooting dead two men was the acting head of the CIA in Pakistan and had been gathering intelligence for drone attacks, according to intelligence sources.

Raymond Davis, a 36-year-old former special forces soldier, had taken command after the CIA station chief's cover was blown, according to reports.

(sounds incredible.....other reports state the head of European affairs for the CIA has been transferred to Islamabad since January this year.

Raymond Davis looks too young, thuggish and pumped up to be station chief....a station chief would be normally in their fifties, far more sophisticated with an air of Harvard or Yale, and NOT IN the field directly doing dangerous risky work of this type where his cover could be compromised)

American officials insist he is entitled to diplomatic immunity and that he be released immediately.

(private contractor........who matters to the Americans only because he has access to LOTS of sensitive information which he might divulge to elements of Pakistani security which is NOT controlled by the Americans)

Davis has been held for almost a month in a Lahore prison while a court decides his status.

The case has provoked a surge in anti-American hostility and spawned a wave of conspiracy theories.

(American soldier in Pakistan, allegedly kills two ISI men in daylight, and in possession of allegedly spying equipment....disguises....Obama makes phone calls to Islamabad.....Hilary makes phone calls to Pakistan....threats are made...foreign secretary of Pakistan is sacked....John Kerry arrives in Pakistan.Drone attacks stop for a month.

Which idiot would think ALL this was anything but normal)

Many Pakistanis have questioned whether Davis was really the victim of an attempted robbery – as he told police – and exactly why he was driving around Lahore with a Glock handgun in a rented car.

This week it emerged that he was employed by the CIA and that he was engaged in an undercover operation.

(allegedly trying to make contacts with JeM members and possibly LeT members as well as the TTP..........sinisterly this has been speculated to be David Headley part II, OR false flag ops within Pakistan........OR a run up to false flag operations in the West to bolster the present flagging narrative that OBL is still about, and that "al-CIA-duh" is a threat to the world, as is the American created Taliban.

Still other stories say that he is directing the drone attacks in Pakistan.......unlikely in my view and more likely Pakistanis, and specifically the Pakistan military are doing that job.)

On Tuesday The Nation newspaper, which has close links to Pakistan's military establishment, claimed one of his main tasks was to keep the CIA network intact in the tribal agencies, where al-Qaeda-linked militants maintain bases, and that he was familiar with their local languages.

Pakistan authorities say they recovered items including a make-up kit, long-range radio, a GPRS system and a camera containing photographs of sensitive locations.

Telephone records suggest he was in contact with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the Pakistan Taliban in South Waziristan.

Even Pakistan's spies say they had no idea what Davis was doing in Lahore.

A senior intelligence source told The Daily Telegraph he was unknown to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence directorate and was operating outside the normal agreements between the two countries.

"We want the US to come clean on what exactly he was up to," he said.

American officials initially said Mr Davis worked for the US consulate in Lahore before claiming he worked for the embassy in Islamabad, and was entitled to full immunity.

However, The New York Times on Monday reported that Davis was part of a CIA operation tracking Islamist extremists in eastern Pakistan, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, the virulently anti-Indian group blamed for the bloody 2008 siege of Mumbai.

Opposition politicians and relatives of Davis's victims said the government should address suspicions that he also worked for Xe, a US security firm formerly known as Blackwater.

"Davis deserves no pardon ... We knew from day one that he was working for the CIA and Blackwater," said Mohammad Waseem, brother of Mohammad Faheem.