Another American Revolution.



Egypt's King Farouk, toppled by the CIA.

We believe that the trouble in Egypt is organized by the CIA and its friends.

"According to one eyewitness ... original protesters are being replaced by ... outsiders ... They all have the same model of cell phones and they all have the same blankets." (Egypt Coup.)

The news, on 10 February 2011, is that Egypt's Mubarak is refusing to quit.
In 1952, the CIA, with some help from the KGB, toppled Egypt's King Farouk, who was a friend of the British.

A. The CIA and KGB spread anti-Farouk propaganda. (Egyptian Revolution of 1952 - Wikipedia)

During the winter of 1951–1952, police officers, backed by the CIA and KGB, began promoting terrorist attacks. (Egyptian Revolution of 1952 - Wikipedia)

B. Thus, Farouk was undermined.

And CIA asset Gamal Abdel Nasser was able to come to power. (NASSER OF THE CIA)

C. However, Nasser found himself undermined by Israel, so he flirted with Russia.

The CIA then began plotting against Nasser.

Now it's Mubarak's turn.

Who is going to run Egypt? US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen is greeted by Egyptian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Sami Enan in Cairo on 14 February 2010. Mullen was on a weeklong tour of the region. (WHO CONTROLS THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY? HISTORY OF MAN...)

D. The CIA put the military into power in Egypt in 1952. They are likely to remain the power in Egypt.

The CIA put the military into power in Indonesia in 1965. The military are still the power in Indonesia.

And you thought Indonesia was a democracy?

Young Prince Farouk, brought up and guided by the Evil British Empire to the point where he became an over weight useless, playboy, cut off from his people, and from reality as an adult.

On 10 february 2011, At Aljazeera, Dani Rodrik (The poverty of dictatorship) tells us:

1. Tunisia is ranked sixth among 135 countries in terms of improvement in its Human Development Index (HDI) over the last 40 years.

2. Egypt is ranked 14th.

The HDI measures health and education and economic growth.

3. At 74, Tunisia's life expectancy is higher than in countries such as Hungary.

The great majority of Egypt’s children are in school.

4. Political scientist Samuel Huntington wrote:

"social and economic change - urbanisation, increases in literacy and education, industrialisation, mass media expansion - extend political consciousness, multiply political demands and broaden political participation".


So, what has been happening in Tunisia and Egypt is about the extension of political consciousness?

Or is something more sinister going on?

Moslem countries are places where you organise fake people power, and false flag ops, and wars. Website for this image

Samuel Huntington got his phrase 'clash of civilisations' from Bernard Lewis.

In 1990, Lewis wrote an essay entitled The Roots of Muslim Rage.

In this essay, Lewis argued that the struggle between the West and Islam was gathering strength.

The phrase "clash of civilizations", was first used by Lewis at a meeting in Washington in 1957. [14]

There has been speculation that Lewis, the intelligence services and people like Brzezinski want to make the Moslem world look bad, so that it can be more easily controlled and exploited.

Much of the world's oil lies in Moslem lands.

How do you make Moslems look bad?

You can finance the extremists and help them into power.

Lewis managed to get people to see Moslems, rather than Jews or Americans, as the problem?

Dick Cheney's friend, Bernard Lewis, was "perhaps the most significant intellectual influence behind the invasion of Iraq."(AEI's Weird Celebration)

Bernard Lewis, a Jew, helped to invent the West's new enemy, known as 'Islam'.

For the British, it was once the Jewish terrorists who were seen as being the enemy.

For the USA, it was once tiny Vietnam that was the enemy.

Professor Bernard Lewis has worked for British intelligence.(Bernard Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

Bernard Lewis argues (
Bernard Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) that the Middle East is backward due to its culture and religion.

The alternative view is that a country like Iraq is backward partly because of constant interference by countries such as Britain and the USA.

In his 1982 book Muslim Discovery of Europe, Lewis claims that "Crusader successes were due in no small part to Muslim weakness."

What Lewis does not make clear is that the Crusaders were barbarians and that they slaughtered innocent people wherever they went.

The Fourth Crusade invaded and conquered and looted the Christian city of Constantinople.

Lewis opposes the idea that Israel is a racist country.

He argues that Moslems behaved badly in the Algerian civil war (1992–98) and in the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88).

Lewis fails to point out that certain security services helped prevent democracy from taking place in Algeria in 1991. (aangirfan: Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil ...)

Lewis fails to point out that many people believe that both Saddam and the Ayatollahs were put into power by the CIA. (aangirfan: Saddam worked for the CIA / aangirfan: The Ayatollahs and the CIA)