Another stupid idea from the Pakistan military (ISI)


Perhaps its for PR consumption because a growing number of ordinary Pakistanis are finally realizing that the Pakistan military are standing quietly with the Americans as they go about killing 1400 innocent Pakistani civilians (actually assisting the USA, logistics, bases and intelligence for drone strikes), or maybe EVEN WORSE, the guys at ISI "Intelligence" are naive enough to think that the American intelligence system is just going to give them a list of ALL its operatives in Pakistan to the ISI, just like that!

What can we surmise?

The Americans have covert operatives in Pakistan, maybe because they are doing things which are illegal and against the interests of the Pakistani state.

False flag terrorist operations;

Creating a network of local Pakistanis who are loyal to America and its requirements (fifth column);

Building a network of Jihadi contacts;

Establishment of covert logistics bases, arms dumps, and communications centers;

Massing of intelligence of sensitive strategic and military installations within Pakistan;

Closer intelligence of Pakistani military formations, preparedness, and equipment.

The things one does if one is contemplating an invasion of an "ally" .

For the defense of and protection of Pakistan you create a distance from the USA/NATO. You cut training programs; arms purchase (go Chinese/Domestic 100%).....and CUT the regular contacts at the lower, middle AND SENIOR LEVEL. By doing otherwise, with silly requests for names, the Pakistan military is the main institution facilitating the slow occupation of Pakistan by the East India Company.

The Pakistan military needs to revisit and revise its military doctrine book comprehensively.

What request did Siraj-Ud Daulah make to the East India Company?.......A very modest one.....Please, very politely, stop fortifying your Trading center into a garrison, without our permission.

But because Siraj-Ud Daulah was weak, extremely young and naive aged just 24, and surrounded by enemies...he made the wrong decision. He paid for his mistakes with his life, as did Greater Bengal, as did South Asia eventually....with the massive de-industrialization of South Asia under British rule 1757--1947; 30 million killed; and massive Capital flight of $1 trillion or more of South Asia's assets to London, turning an otherwise stinking shabby European city into a grand global center and the financial center of the world.

We must thank Mir Jafar.......AND the naivity and inexperience of Siraj-Ud Daulah as the last independent ruler of Bengal for all this.

Kiyani is obviously Mir Jafar (trained in the USA/two dozen covert/open meetings with Mullen, head of the East India Company armed forces).......and Zardari obviously Siraj-Ud Daulah AND Mir Jafar rolled into one.

Incidentally the ISI never tires of blowing its own trumpet, and yet Pakistan is a failed state, and the state including the ISI survives on American beggar money.

Fusion centers around Pakistan defacto means ALL ISI ops are vetted by the American masterji. Or to put it another way, the Americans MUST know everything the ISI does in Pakistan, and this is perfectly OK with the Pakistan military presumably, but the ISI, "best intelligence service in the world" don't know what the Americans are up to in Pakistan and are totally caught off guard.

AND yet since working closely with the Americans since 1954, and CENTO, and very sexually explicit, and even closer since 2001 under GWOT, the ISI say they don't know the where about of 1500 Americans??!!!!

AND they seriously think in light of the Raymond Davis affair, the Americans are just going to hand over the names and locations of their agents in Pakistan....seriously? Isn't that the job of the Pakistan military ISI in the first place? Are these fuckers delusional and confused?


Pakistan’s ISI Demands Full List of CIA Spies in Country

Revelations on Raymond Davis Spark Concerns of Secret Spies

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

The two spy agencies have long worked side by side in the region, and the CIA even funds a major portion of their counterpart’s budget, but Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has signaled a further split today in the wake of the Raymond Davis detention.

Davis, nominally a “consulate technical adviser” who was arrested in Lahore on a double murder, was eventually revealed to be not just a CIA operative, but the de facto leader of CIA operations within the nation, according to confessions from top US officials.

The revelation, which apparently took the ISI by surprised, has sparked major concerns in the organization that there me be “scores” of other CIA spies operating across Pakistan not only outside of the partnership with the ISI, but entirely without their knowledge.

To that end, the ISI is demanding a full accounting from the CIA of all their operatives working in Pakistan at the moment, with one official saying it was important that the CIA “treat us as allies, not as satellites.”