Mubarak's American trained security MUST NOT negotiate with the MB.

The Omer Suleiman and his American trained security must not negotiate with the MB, but negotiation with other protest groups officially/unofficially is acceptable, for example AlBaradei. Negotiations will give the MB legitimacy which otherwise they have not had so far.........and is reminiscent of what happened in Iran in 1979, when the mullahs came to TOTAL power, only 3 years later IN 1982 after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, with the help of Saddam's invasion of Iran, and the civil war against the moderates and leftist Tudeh Party (1981-1982). In 1979---1981, the Iranian regime was largely a broad based coalition government.


Muslim Brotherhood looks to gains in Egypt protest

The Associated Press via Washington Post.

Egypt's wave of protests has brought the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood within sight of a long-sought dream: Not outright power, as some fear, but a recognized and open role in the politics of this top U.S. ally.

(Strategically for the MB that would be the correct approach to power......don't seek power directly, immediately but slowly gain power THROUGH others efforts....Stalin 1918---1928, after which he had absolute power. Saddam 1968--1979, by which time he had absolute power. The Islamic Mullahs of Iran 1979--1982, by which time they had absolute power. Nasser 1952--1956, by which time with American guidance (Miles Copeland) he had absolute power.............accept in Egypt......

The Muslim Brotherhood created by the Imperial British in 1928 to weaken Egyptian Nationalism, WILL NEVER BE GOOD FOR EGYPT WITH THEIR CRAZY PAN-ISLAMIC DREAMS (Caliphate), WHICH ARE a total antithesis of the type of effective NATIONALIST modernist government that focuses purely 100% on Egypt's problems and needs, and the type of government Egypt really needs now and for the future.

So Mr. Omer Suleiman friend of America and the Jews should not waste his time even talking to the Islamic Brotherhood, as their very members lead the protests against the Mubarak government in Tahrir Square and else where.

The leadership and the membership of the MB should be rounded up and put in Concentration camps far far away deep in the deserts of Egypt, NOT negotiated with. If the leadership of the MB are not arrested now that means America through Omer Suleiman, their special friend, means to put them into power eventually, as precisely that which happened in Iran between 1979--1982)

Vice President Omar Suleiman on Thursday said he had invited the Brotherhood into negotiations over Egypt's future and the transition to democracy - a stunning concession to a group that the regime considers its worst enemy and has cracked down on ferociously in the past years.

(Perhaps that is because Mr. Omer Suleiman is an American agent, and not a true Patriotic Egyptian. We know quite clearly, as should he as a Middle East security expert, the close relationship of the MB with British Intelligence and American Intelligence, and the creation of the "Al-Qaeda" myth subsequently for Israel and the USA.

Perhaps, in between ALL the tortures of Egyptians he directed, and nationals of other countries for the USA/Israel he has forgotten the real story, and Egypt's real long term interests.......participation in so many tortures can effect all men including him.

In the normal world it is perfectly legitimate to talk to the MB as an opposition group in Egypt, within the wider Protest Movement itself. All governments should talk and communicate with their people to reach peaceful outcomes, this is rational, logical and civilized. Governments should NOT do what Mr. Omer Suleiman has been doing for 30 years for the USA/Israel killing and torturing Egyptians and others from around the world in a fake imperialist manufacture lie.......with Egypt becoming a black hole for the USA/Israeli victims.......SHAME, SHAME , SHAME.

BUT THE MB is not just another protest movement is it?

It was created by the British Imperialists at the height of their colonial power, to weaken Egyptian nationalism. So the MB is a Imperialist destabilizing tool against Egypt with a 82 year record, and NOT exactly a Cairo women's rights against Mubarak movement, created yesterday.

Taking the queue from the British example of the MB, the Israelis created Hamas in the 1970's, which has all but destroyed the political leadership of the Palestinian cause in the International plain, and in Palestine. If governments around the world, bless them, are recognizing the Palestinian state now, it is only because of individual analysis based on facts, and not because of "diplomatic" efforts by Hamas, the creation of Israel.

The USA/UK/France/Israel installed the mullahs into power in Iran 1979.

The USA with the Pakistani military backed the Islamist Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, and then the Taliban. The country is now occupied by the USA with NATO.

The USA invaded Iraq in 2003, and replaced the Baathist Party with Shia Islamists in power, such as the Dawa Party....and others affiliated to Iran.

There are USA backed Islamists in Somalia, and Yemen.

Given this scenario Mr. Omer Suleiman the American puppet shouldn't be negotiating with the MB, he should be busy rounding up about 100,000 of the MB leadership in military trucks and putting them in Concentration Camps in the desert, away from the public.

This is what is best for Egypt)

The Brotherhood has rushed to take a stronger role in the unprecedented protests that erupted 10 days ago, led by more secular young activists demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. The Brotherhood's strength was on display in the pitched battles in Wednesday and Thursday against government supporters who attacked the protesters' camp in Cairo's central Tahrir Square.

Brothers - distinguishable by their close-cropped beards - dominated the front lines, often lining up to pray for "victory or martyrdom," before throwing themselves into the fray, hurling stones, sticks and firebombs at the attackers while shouting "God is great."

The potential of the Brotherhood gaining greater power has clearly weighed on the United States as it presses Mubarak to bow out. U.S. officials have said they want the transition to democracy to be stable to prevent any group from imposing its ideology.

Israel has been more alarmist in fears of an Islamic militant takeover, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that any government that emerges from Egypt's turmoil must preserve the 1979 peace deal between the two countries.

And Egypt's government has been happy to fuel those worries, long warning the U.S. and Egyptians themselves that the Brotherhood aims to take over the country and lead it into Islamic radicalism. Mubarak, in an interview with ABC News, blamed the Brotherhood for the past two days of clashes.

The Brotherhood, founded in 1928 and outlawed in 1954, renounced violence decades ago and its strain of conservative Islam falls far short of the radicalism of Afghanistan's Taliban or even the ultrapuritanism that reigns in U.S. ally Saudi Arabia. Though some in al-Qaida have Brotherhood roots, the terror group and other jihadists despise the movement for participating in elections.

(Drivel journalism that is actually promoting the MB for American intelligence {MB are OK guys}......the so called "Al-Qaeda"number 2 is from the Islamic Brotherhood......the people that killed Sadat in 1981 were from the Islamic Brotherhood....the Islamic Brotherhood attempted an armed uprising in Syria in 1982....and its affiliates in Libya with British backing against Qaddafi.........."renounced violence decades ago and its strain of conservative Islam falls far short of the radicalism of Afghanistan's Taliban or even the ultrapuritanism""....rubbish propaganda)

But the Brotherhood's professed ultimate goal is to turn Egypt into an Islamic state, likely to pressure women to cover up in public, ban alcohol and undoubtedly strain ties with Israel.

(understatement or what........strain relationship with Israel....hello HAMAS?????.....what about the 8 million Christian Copts who are going to become victims of Israeli false flag ops in the future, under a MB government? What will the state of Egyptian economy be like then??? Tourism? )

Brotherhood leaders insist they are not seeking a leadership role in the protests. That reflects a wariness of breaking its fragile alliance with secular activists and prompting a backlash against it.

"We are very clear: We are out there, but only so far as what fits and meets the requirements of the nation," Mohammed Mursi, a senior Brotherhood leader, told The Associated Press,

"We are not wavering, but we are not being reckless either," he said.

(Written sound bites for the Western audience/media by their Western Intelligence handlers in the American embassy.............sooooooo smooth, you can almost hear the American accents)

The Brotherhood's presence among protesters has visibly grown. Their supporters - men in beards and women in veils cloaking their entire faces except their eyes - were checking the ID of people coming into the square and searching them.

One secular woman protester, Selma Abu al-Dahab, said Thursday that as she and three others like her dressed in chic clothes without Islamic headscarves entered Tahrir, a bearded young man told them the TV was reporting that there are growing numbers of Islamists in the protest "so please congregate to show this is not the case."

Diaa Rashwan, a prominent Egyptian expert on Islamic groups, believes that the Brotherhood may be moving to top gear to take full advantage of the situation created by the protests.

"They are a highly organized group and have been wanting to gain power for a long time," he said. "At this point in time, they have gone on a high alert and are mobilizing all their assets. They would be fools not to."

The disparate young leftists and secularists who launched the protests and still make up a majority on the streets view the Brotherhood with suspicion. But they also insist that its power and the popular support it would have in a democratic system are exaggerated.

(AS with the Iranian Revolution led by Secularists, and Tudeh leftist, organized and backed by American/British/Israeli intelligence..within Iran, against the Shah. I believe not one single mullah was killed in the Iranian Revolution out of 100,000 mullahs during 1977--1979. Think about that......the main revolutionary grunt work was done by the leftists Tudeh Party.......

Revolution creates CHAOS......organized CHAOS creates opportunities for tightly knit groups such as the mullahs be placed in power, or the Bolsheviks in Russia, or Pol Pot in Cambodia.....they don't start out as the most popular but because they are highly organized and have external backing they eventually come into power through a protracted struggle.)

"The Brotherhood looks big in a nation like ours where politics are basically a one-party system," said Fathi Farid, a 23-year-old blogger with a ponytail. "But once we have a nation where everyone is free and the law is above everyone, it will be just one of the players."

(Revolution and CHAOS starts out with idealism and Utopianism.......French Revolution 1789, "Liberty, Fraternity, equality....for all".........Iranian Revolution......and so on.....but for some reason most of them end up in absolutists terror and hell. Experience always triumphs over Hope on this one Fathi Habibi. {code: 23--NY, Ponytails--Israel}

"But once we have a nation where everyone is free and the law is above everyone, it will be just one of the players."----Yes wonderful and beautiful, Fathi Habibi, we can should dream about it now and then, but the reality is Egypt, your country is neighbor to Israel....and Israel guided and funded by global Jews has certain agenda's which includes eventually destroying Egypt....via the USA AID dependency, which makes Egypt weak, and through the MB.)

The Brotherhood maintains a deliberate ambivalence over its intentions.

(Poker game with glass of Scotchs whiskey)

It says, for example, that it opposes Egypt's peace treaty with Israel and endorses the right to armed resistance against the Jewish nation, but says that it will not actively seek to rescind the agreement since it was adopted by the parliament of the time.

"We in the Brotherhood are not living in dreamland," Mursi said when asked whether the group would rescind Egypt's peace treaty with Israel if in power.

It continues to maintain that its objective is to create a purist Islamic state in Egypt, but says it will not force women to wear the Islamic veil in public. Its stand on whether Egypt's Christian minority should have equal rights with Muslims and women's role in society are less clear.

Mursi himself maintained that the Brotherhood was unlikely to win a majority in a free and fair election in Egypt.

(Or in any Muslim country, unless the American backed security of that country helped them out)

But this, critics contend, is a Brotherhood tactic to play down its abilities and conceal its real intentions. The Brotherhood has long been seen as the best organized opposition movement in Egypt, despite the ban against it, with a disciplined political network across the country. Much of the Brotherhood's popular support comes from its network of social services, which in some cases offer the public a more efficient service than the government's.

(As with Hamas and Hezbollah...identical. But rudimentary shoe string Social security run by fundies NEVER TRUMPS good effective secularist, modernist government with a holistic view of the modern nation state and its true needs....and challenges. Islamists governments, backed by the USA covertly, the world over create more problems both domestically and internationally than they actually solve.....IRAN.......is in shambles .......and the regime is in power because of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij, and its thugs. The Talliban backed by the USA. The Islamists in Somalia backed by the USA)

It runs candidates as independents in parliamentary elections, and its best showing came in 2005, when it won 20 percent of the legislature's seats. However, it failed to win a single seat in last year's elections, rigged to ensure that Mubarak's ruling party won all but a small fraction of the 518-member chamber.

Thousands of Brotherhood members have been arrested in crackdowns in recent years. That in part was what made Suleiman's offer of negotiations so startling. The vice president, a former intelligence chief and diehard military man, dangled before the group the seat at the table that it has long sought, calling it a "valuable opportunity."

So far, the Brotherhood and other groups involved in the protests have rejected any talks until Mubarak goes.

The military, Egypt's most powerful institution, is known to oppose the Brotherhood but may be willing to tolerate it as a part of the political spectrum, not a dominant force.

Ammar Ali Hassan, an expert on Islamist groups, said the past 10 day's turmoil has shown the strengths and limits of the Brotherhood's popular support. "In the climate of freedom of the past week, the Brotherhood was seen for what it really is away from the regime's exaggerations of the threat it poses."