Mashallah Abe! Hepinizi ve büyük ülkenizi korusun

Yildirim Abe is a great leader who has made a wise decision to protect the fundamental interests of Turkey, one of the most important countries in Europe, the Middle East and the world.

Great leaders must ALWAYS follow the basic interests of their country, and the will of the masses. Please take the time to see the previous post about FDR, the most popular American President in history and why he was elected 4 times, a record, by the common American electorate.

1. All Turkish troops must withdraw from Syria and Iraq.

2. All Turkish commando's operating covertly in Syria and Iraq must leave these countries.

3. All Turkish MIT officers must withdraw from Syria and Iraq.

4. All Turkish Islamist civilians fighting with the terrorists must withdraw.

5. Turkey should not conduct any military operations in Syria and Iraq in the future without the permission of the respective elected legal governments in Damascus and Baghdad.

6. Turkey should not outdo, and coordinate attacks against sovereign Syrian territory with ISRAEL....as if the two countries have the same objectives and goals in Syria (They do not)

7. Turkey should not make wild threats like ISIS, 'al-CIA-duh' to flood Europe with more Syrian refugees.

8. Turkey should work with the International community to persuade legally and gently the 6 million Syrian refugees to return to Syria eventually, GRADUALLY.

9. Turkey should help rebuild the Syrian state...economy and infrastructure.

10. Turkey should not support any terrorist 'Safe Zones' in Northern Syria, or Southern Syria.


12. Turkey should provide military logistical support to the government in Syria.

13. Turkey should undertake greater diplomatic and security coordination with both Damascus and Baghdad.

14. Acting in coordination with Iran, Syria and Iraq.....ANKARA should actively prevent the creation of GREATER KURDISTAN.

15. From bases in Turkey TURKEY MUST UNDERTAKE MILITARY OPERATIONS AGAINST THE YPG, Syrian Kurdish statelet and Iraqi Kurdish statelet using the Turkish army, Turkish airforce, commando raids and MIT operations. These operations must be forewarned and fully explained to the governments in Damascus and Baghdad.

16. Turkey must immediately close ALL ISIS training camps inside Turkey and Syria run by MIT.

17. Turkey must immediately cease ALL support to ALL terrorists inside Syria and Iraq. The 5000--7000 Russian terrorists must be handed over to the Russian government. The 10,000 Chinese terrorists must be handed over to the Chinese government. Islamist terrorists must be named officially for the benefit of the International community, detained and than handed over to the European governments and the respective governments in the Greater Middle East.....since a high percentage of the foreign terrorists come from Europe and the Greater Middle East (Besides Russia and China).

18. All CIA officers, NATO Intelligence officers, GCC intelligence officers and MOSSAD operatives must be asked to leave the ISIS terrorist training camps and Turkey generally.


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By Presstv.com

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has announced the end of the country's Euphrates Shield operation on Syrian soil.
Yildirim made the announcement during a televised interview on Wednesday, stressing that the operation had been "successful" and that any further military measures in Syria would by conducted under a different name.
He refrained from elaborating on whether Turkish forces would be withdrawn from northern Syria.
"From now on if there is anything that threatens our security, either Daesh or any other (group), and if we take another action, that will be a new operation," he added.

Read More:
His announcement was made following a Turkish National Security Council (NSC) meeting chaired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
"It was noted that Operation 'Euphrates Shield' which was started with the goal of ensuring national security, preventing the threat from Daesh and return of Syrian refugees to their homes has successfully completed," read an NSC statement.

Militants belonging to the Turkey-backed Euphrates Shield alliance advance on February 20, 2017 towards the city of al-Bab, some 30 kilometers from the Syrian city of Aleppo. 
The development comes a day ahead a visit to Turkey by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is set to meet with Erdogan on Thursday.
In August 2016, Turkey began the major military intervention in Syria, sending tanks and warplanes across the border. Ankara claimed that its military campaign was aimed at pushing Daesh from Turkey's border with Syria and stopping the advance of Kurdish forces, but Damascus denounced the operation as a breach of its sovereignty.

FDR and the American revolution

The fundamental problem is that there isn't a credible 'progressive' leader to lead the democrats...and galvanise the pure progressives grass roots masses. 

Bennie Sanders is too old and weak.....He talks the talk but does not walk the walk. 

After prostrating to Hitlery last summer he brought his third 'progressive' home for $600,000...and said thank you very much Israel/AIPAC/Wall Street. 

Susan Sarandon is also too old as is Sally Fields.......The Democrats need a 40 something WASP male with strong integrity and character (No Jew links)...and someone who is not a corporatist front. 

I notice the number of Jews, and ethnics in the DNC.

Then conduct a coup in the DNC.


USA busy creating Greater Kurdistan, and Balkanising Syria


Lavrov Responds to US Decision to Block Advance of Syrian Army in their own country illegally

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on a U.S.-led operation that has blocked the Syrian Army's advance on Raqqa

By Russia Insider

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on Monday about the U.S.-led operation to block the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from marching on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. 
Responding to a journalist's question about the development, Lavrov stated that Russia supports any international efforts to combat Islamic State, but warned the U.S. "to fight terror rather than gain geopolitical advantages in Syria":
[N]umerous uninvited players [are in Syria]: the US-led air force coalition, Turkish servicemen, and commandos from the United States and a number of European countries. All of this creates a rather motley picture, but we are confident (and have advocated this for a long time) that the main criterion should be our common concern in the fight against terrorism. 
So far, coordination leaves much to be desired. We have reason to believe that our partners, including the Americans, are beginning to realise the need for remedying this situation. Let us hope that all of us will be driven by the well-understood priority to fight terror rather than gain geopolitical advantages in Syria.
Lavrov seems to be keeping his cards close to his chest, but it's clear that he's less than thrilled about Washington's posturing around Raqqa. It could be as simple as a "lack of coordination" — but let's be honest: There's very likely a lot more at play here. Any attempt by Washington to prevent Syrian forces from liberating their own country from Islamic State should be seen as extremely worrying. 
According to a trusted Syria expert, preventing the SAA from taking Raqqa signals that Washington is quietly preparing to "Balkanize" Syria — an analysis that we agree with. 

Below is the journalist's full question, with Lavrov's answer:
Question: US commandos and Kurdish forces are involved in an operation to seize important dams and an electric power station on the Euphrates River in Syria’s Raqqa Province. They sustained losses and failed to capture the biggest dam on the Euphrates, but they managed to seize a less important dam at Tabqa. What is Moscow’s attitude to this joint Kurdish-US operation in northern Syria? How does this operation tally with the aims set in Geneva?
Sergey Lavrov: Everything that helps to enhance the efficiency of the fight against terrorists, primarily ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups recognised as such by the UN Security Council, is in full conformity with the UN Security Council resolutions. This meets our common interests, which consist in eradicating the terrorist threat in Syria and Iraq, in the whole of that region, and all over the world.
Numerous participants in combat operations are present on the ground in Syria and in the air over Syria, including Syrians themselves – the army of the Syrian Arab Republic, the opposition, the Syrian militia army cooperating with the Government army, the Kurdish militia that wants to defend its rights in Kurdish-populated areas – Russia’s Aerospace Forces, Russian military police, and Russian experts invited by the Syrian Government to help them to fight terrorism. There are also Syria-invited Iranian forces, Hezbollah, as well as numerous uninvited players: the US-led air force coalition, Turkish servicemen, and commandos from the United States and a number of European countries. All of this creates a rather motley picture, but we are confident (and have advocated this for a long time) that the main criterion should be our common concern in the fight against terrorism. 
Addressing the UN General Assembly in September 2015, President Vladimir Putin suggested forming a united universal international antiterrorist front. Today this principle is as relevant as never before in Syria. To reiterate: We want both those invited by the legitimate Syrian Government and those who are in Syria without its invitation but have declared that their aim is fighting terrorism to start coordinating their actions. This includes coordination with the Syrian Government.
We tried to develop this approach during the Obama administration, with Secretary of State John Kerry; we invited military experts and reconnaissance experts. We came to terms on how to separate in practice the patriotic armed opposition from terrorist forces. Regrettably, the United States was unable to implement the agreement reached with the consent of President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama. And now we have what we have.

Again we have to go back to this principle. We are trying to help to establish this cooperation in Astana; jointly with our Turkish and Iranian partners we are helping to develop practical approaches to separating the normal opposition from terrorists and bandits. We see through this prism the developments involving the Kurdish forces and the American commandos as well as the developments related to the liberation of approaches to the terrorist capital of Syria, Raqqa. So far, coordination leaves much to be desired. We have reason to believe that our partners, including the Americans, are beginning to realise the need for remedying this situation. Let us hope that all of us will be driven by the well-understood priority to fight terror rather than gain geopolitical advantages in Syria. 

Russia and Iran share the main BURDEN of fighting ISIS....

The USA is the main facilitator of terrorism, along with Israel, NATO Turkey and Saudi GCC countries.

The Russians are more effective at fighting ISIS since they have some of the best military systems in the world, along with personnel.....spending about $500 million each year which is a small 1% fraction of their over all annual military budget set to be cut by 30% from next year. The American sanctions have done some harm to the Russian economy in the short term, but in the long term a huge favour because since the sanctions were imposed, Russia has followed a policy of autarky and greater reliance on Eastern trading and security partnership(Eurasian Integration).

As for Iran the sacrifices have been greater, with no less than 4 Iranian Generals being killed in Syria....in the course of fighting ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. The Iranians are also spending more to support both Iraq and Syria militarily and economically.....$2---4 billion annually.....a lot of money for a $1.5 trillion PPP GDP economy which is managed pretty badly....with huge levels of state sanctioned and institutionalised corruption.."Pigs at the trough'.

The USA has sent ground troops illegally into Syria to support ISIS, and divide Syria. In Iraq the USA is destroying the country further, along the process of 'liberating' it. 

Israel is now directly attacking Syria illegally in order to support ISIS.

Israel's ISIS (CIA) have now recently threatened to attack Iran for 'habouring Jews".......bhwaa waa waa! Whilst missing the simple FACT that Israel harbours 5.6 million of them......no doubt when ISIS terrorists being rescued by Israeli commando's and healed and patched up from Syria in Israeli military hospitals makes the love grow by ISIS for Israel ( CODE: the USA and Israel will carry out more terrorist acts against Iran for  having the arrogance of fighting ISIS)

The CIA's ISIS has conducted terrorist acts in Southern Russia.

One thinks Russians recent involvement in Libya is meaningless, and the country should stay focused on the quadrangle of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.....South of the Caucasus. The Russians can support Egypt to take a stronger role in Libya.


By Presstv.com

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic and Russia have been working closely together to fight terrorism and promote stability in the region.
“Relations between Iran and Russia are aimed at promoting regional stability and the two countries’ main objective is to promote regional peace and tranquility,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin, Moscow, on Tuesday.
He added that Tehran-Moscow ties would never be against the interests of any third country.
Rouhani said Iran attached importance to strengthening relations with Russia, adding that the two countries had taken steps to bring about positive developments in mutual ties over the past three and a half years.

The Iranian chief executive emphasized that mutual relations had entered “a new phase,” saying, “In this new phase, we can speak about sustainable and long-term ties.”
Rouhani expressed hope that the two sides would manage to take more steps to further deepen ties.
The Russian president, for his part, said Iran was a good neighbor and a stable and reliable partner for his country.
Putin added that Moscow and Tehran worked very effectively together in all areas, including on global issues and the resolution of major and very grave international problems.
He also commended major achievements made by the two countries in recent years, particularly in the economic sector, saying that trade volume between Iran and Russia increased 70 percent in 2016 in comparison with the year before.
Iran, Russia sign 14 documents for cooperation
Meanwhile, Iran and Russia signed 14 documents for the expansion of cooperation in various political, economic, judicial, legal, scientific and cultural fields.
The documents were signed by senior Iranian and Russian officials in the presence of Rouhani and Putin following their talks.
Meanwhile, Iranian and Russian economic entrepreneurs and businesspeople held several rounds of talks and signed agreements to boost cooperation between the two countries’ private sectors.
Heading a high-ranking politico-economic delegation, the Iranian president arrived in Moscow Monday evening for a two-day official visit at the invitation of his Russian counterpart.
In a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, Rouhani said mutual relations were “growing” and stressed that relations would play an effective role in promoting regional and international stability and security.
Before the current meeting, Rouhani and Putin had held eight meetings over the past four years. Tehran and Moscow enjoy strategic relations with senior delegations from the two countries regularly exchanging visits.
The two presidents have also held several phone conversations and discussed the available avenues for the continuation of bilateral cooperation on the crisis in Syria and the fight against international terrorism.
Read more:
Rouhani, Putin stress expansion of economic ties in joint presser
Following their meeting in Moscow, the presidents of Iran and Russia took part in a joint press conference.
Addressing the reporters, Putin said in his talks with Rouhani, they had discussed further expansion of joint investment and technology transfer between Tehran and Moscow.
He added that special attention was also paid during their negotiations to the continuation of cooperation on peaceful nuclear energy between the two countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attend a joint press conference following their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, March 28, 2017. (Photo by President.ir)

The Russian president said the first unit of Bushehr nuclear power plant, in southern Iran, is now operating at full capacity, noting that his country was also planning to build the second and third units at the facility.
He added that Moscow has extended 4.2 billion dollars in loan to Iran for the construction of a thermal power plant and electrification of a railroad connecting the central Iranian city of Semnan to northeastern city of Incheborun.
Putin expressed his country’s readiness to make investment in Iran’s oil and gas sectors.
Pointing to similar stances taken by Iran and Russia on a variety of regional and international issues, Putin said the two sides had reiterated their determination to continue fighting terrorism and extremism in the region.
He noted that the two countries had agreed to press ahead with the campaign against terrorist groups operating in the region, particularly Daesh and al-Nusra front.
The Russian president also stressed the importance of establishment of a lasting ceasefire in Syria through cooperation of Russia, Iran and Turkey, noting that both Tehran and Moscow attached importance to the restoration of security to the crisis-hit country.
Putin also threw his country’s weight behind Iran’s membership at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
The Iranian president, for his part, said he had discussed the situation in Syria and Yemen with his Russian counterpart.
Rouhani said the two sides had reviewed ways of improving regional peace and security and establishing close relations among nations and countries in the region.
Iran's chief executive added that Tehran and Moscow would continue their campaign against terrorism until terrorism is eradicated across the region.
He further hailed Russia’s role in striking and implementing a landmark nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries and said Tehran and Moscow would further bolster cooperation in this regard.


Comey is a Clinton front.....who never seems to see any Clinton crimes


False misleading statements in a public hearing by a compromised government servant


Lt General McInerney said that Trump was illegally spied on by the CIA/NSA


He is important for another reason...........he also said that ISIS was created and run by the CIA.

Not every general is a paid up member of the Deep State agenda.....war with Russia....war with China....wars forever.

It is apt to remember General Smedley Butler....at this juncture. He is the general who exposed the 'Business Plot' (1933) which was a fascist banker military coup to over throw the populist government of FDR....in favour of a military dictatorship run in the shadows by the Wall Street bankers.

Not unlike Nazi Germany in 1933 which was also managed in the shadows by the International bankers.....with some of the same actors from the USA that were involved in the 'Business coup' in the USA in that same year.

International banker fascism is global and is not restricted to any one nation. Such forces stoke ultra-nationalism, racism, xenophobia (fear of the other) and of course religion to destabilize and bastardize a nation.

Italy under Mussolini

Imperial Japan

Mullah Iran

Likud Israel

Nazi Ukraine

BJP India

Wahabi Saudi Arabia

Taliban Afghanistan

ISIS Libya

Islamic Tunisia

Islamic Egypt (under the Muslim Brotherhood)

ISIS Syria


AKP Turkey

But there in the USA was a pure hero and genuine warrior who deceptively said yes to the coup plotters in order to expose them later to the world, General Smedley Darlington Butler.

Can you imagine what would have happened to the world if the military coup was successful in 1933 in the USA.....then fascist USA would have joined forces with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Franco-Fascist Spain and Imperial Japan to destroy the world. 

The fascist USA is now in a coalition with Israel, the UK and NATO......waging endless war for the WALL STREET BANKERS. For them war is good business.

"Worse than Watergate"...according to former CIA officer


Massacre in Mosul


Pentagon Confirms Hitting Site, Says Iraq Asked Them To

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
While Pentagon statements on them insisted everyone killed was an ISIS fighters, mounting evidence suggests US airstrikes against the city of Mosul have killed nearly 300 civilians, with attacks just last week burying over 150 people under the rubble of residential buildings in the city’s west.
The Pentagon is promising an investigation, but their track record of such inquiries does not favor them ever admitting culpability. Incredibly, however, they have admitted to the airstrikes that leveled those buildings full of civilians late last week, without admitting to the deaths of the civilians.
That narrative is going to be a difficult one to maintain this time, with reporters on the scene verifying civilians being pulled from the wreckage. The Pentagon is clearly already looking for a scapegoat too, reporting that the strikes on the buildings full of civilians came at the request of the Iraqi government.
Of course, as US officials have confirmed in the past, being asked to attack civilians isn’t an excuse for having done so, and while trying to shift the blame to the Iraqi government may be of some use in the near term, the calamitously large death toll in Mosul is something the Pentagon isn’t going to be able to readily brush aside.
Most Pentagon investigations end with them deciding the death toll is “not credible” and dropping the matter entirely. This is the reason that the official US civilian toll in Iraq and Syria during the current war is less than 10% of the toll reported by independent NGOs like Airwars.
So long as the individual incidents were small, the Pentagon was able to mostly sweep them under the rug. That’s going to be much harder to do with hundreds of people, many of them women and children, being killed in such a high-profile incident.


Dangerous gamble


USA war crimes


Hitlery didn't lose because of her many crimes...or Russia or the FBI

She had the backing of the CIA

She had the backing of the Deep State (She would unleash WWIII against Russia and China for them)

She had the backing of the ESTABLISHMENT

She had the backing of Wall Street

She had the backing of the MSM

She had the backing of the print media

She had the backing of Hollywood

She had the backing of Israel

She had the backing of Europe

She had the backing of the Neocons

She had the backing of the 65 million Americans

She had the backing of the big MNC's

Her party rigged the system illegally to elect her as their candidate.

She spent unofficially $2 billion on her election campaign

BUT she lost........................????

Because God and the American people had chosen Donald Trump???

Time to look at the REAL reasons rather than groping around for outlandish excuses......Russia, something else, Susan Sarandon.


Eurasia Integration taking shape.

Yet another step towards greater global civilisational advancement, as the USA slowly falters through its deeply flawed misguided Deep State and the USA propensity to masterbate over all matters Israel, the illegal little racist Aparthied entity, in its REAL foreign policy. 

This artificial process creates imbalance in the USA, the 'Sole hyper-power' in the world.

On the other hand we have China (the largest economy on earth at $19 trillion PPP GDP 2016), and Russia (the 5th largest economy at $3.8 trillion PPP GDP 2017)......creating an alternative peaceful universe to that of the USA with its $1.5 trillion SECURITY EMPIRE, constant war and a police state at home which must necessitate the dilution of innovative ideas that naturally advances society, nations and civilisation.

2.3 million of its people are in its gulags working as slave labour, like Nazi Germany.

In the near future 25% of the USA GDP will be consumed by the Medical service Industry, from the present 18%!!!!!! The Free Market working at its best.

AND yet 50,000 or more people die in the USA due to not being able to afford basic medical care just like failed state Somalia, a sorry African state which the USA Empire attacks with no real reason, save for reports from Rothschild LONDON in its "strategic reports" that the country may contain 'great minerals' under the ground just like the $25 trillion in the DRC.

20 million FOREIGN people live illegally in the USA.....entering the country without the necessary papers and permission.

So this is the GREAT USA Empire.

Of the 200 nations on earth many seek new leadership, direction, hope, support, courage and development from an alternative to the USA.

This void can be filled by China and Russia.

On the other hand the Eurasian Integration is meaningless unless it has a clear SECURITY DIMENSION.

(i) Intelligence cooperation.

(ii) Conventional military cooperation.(standardisation of equipment, training and even organisation)

(iii) Nuclear Weapons strategic cooperation.

(iv) Space warefare cooperation.

(v) Cyber-warefare cooperation.

As a barrister who is familiar with International Law I am happy to draft documents for such developments in the future. In addition to expertise, I can bring sincere passion to such work.........it is historically too important.

Every society is complicated, and there are various forces attempting to promote their percieved best policies but basic contradictions in policy can never be rectified harmoniously, whatever the country:

1. The USA cannot at one be a great nation, and at the same time exist as an annex enforcer of the Israeli dreams for Empire, called Eretz Israel....since the realisation of such a dream must mean the end of the USA, and the transfer of the 7--9 million Jews from there to Greater Israel (Just like the 'Collapse' of the Soviet Union in 1991 which led to 3,000,000 Jews fleeing the country, and the so called un--'Islamic Revolution' in Iran in 1979 by the CIA which led to 300,000 Jews leaving the country...200,000 to Israel)


Yuan Clearing Bank Opens in Moscow as Russia, China Dump Dollar in Bilateral Trade

Russia and China accelerate local currency cooperation
goodbye dollar, hello renminbi
Russia Insider

Moscow and Beijing took another step towards de-dollarization with the announcement of the opening of a renminbi clearing bank in Russia on Wednesday. 
Local currency transactions were first used in both countries' border regions. Today, more and more Chinese and Russian financial institutes and enterprises are using local currencies to invest and settle accounts, as the yuan-ruble trade platform is becoming more established and the transaction network is expanding amid deepening China-Russia economic and financial cooperation.
The yuan clearing bank in Moscow will greatly accelerate trade in local currencies:
 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) officially started operating as a Chinese renminbi (CNY) clearing bank in Russia Wednesday, a move set to facilitate the use of the currency and cooperation in various fields between the two countries.
"Under the guidance of the governments and central banks of both countries, ICBC's Moscow branch will effectively fulfill its responsibility and obligation as a renminbi clearing bank by taking further advantage of its leading edge in renminbi businesses, providing customers with safe, high quality and convenient clearing services," said Hu Hao, ICBC's deputy governor, at the opening ceremony.
"Financial regulatory authorities of China and Russia have signed a series of major agreements, which marks a new level of financial cooperation," said Dmitry Skobelkin, deputy governor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
"The launching of renminbi clearing services in Russia will further expand local settlement business and promote financial cooperation between the two countries," the official added.
With the continuous deepening of the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in recent years, the two countries are now starting to enhance local currency cooperation.
At the end of 2015, the Russian central bank announced the inclusion of the renminbi in its national foreign exchange reserves, making it Russia's officially recognized reserve currency.
During Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to China in June last year, the central banks of the two countries signed a memorandum of cooperation in starting renminbi clearing services in Russia, just three months before ICBC's Moscow branch was appointed by China's central bank as the clearing house for settling renminbi transactions there.
It's no secret that Russia and China have employed a number of methods to slowly wean themselves off dollar dependency.
Russia became China's largest energy exporter in February of last year after it agreed to accept payment in yuan
The dollar is slowly losing its privileged place in international transactions. 
We're sure Washington is less than thrilled. 


CIA COUP with the Mockingbirds for more WAR.

The Conspiracy Against President Trump

By Paul Craig Roberts at Information Clearing House.

Listening today to the broadcast of testimony by FBI Director Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron) made it clear that the Democrats, Comey, and Rogers intend conflict with Russia.
The Republicans, for the most part, were interested to know how security leaks targeted at Trump Republicans came from meetings at which only the CIA Director, NSA Director, and FBI director were present. Of course, they did not get an answer, which shows how powerless congressional oversight committees are. Comey repeatedly said that he could not tell the committee anything, because it would confirm that a press leak was true. But, he said, speaking generally and of no specific leak, most leaks come from “someone who heard something” and passes it on to the media, which also explains the inaccuracy of some leaks. In other words, don’t blame us.
The Democrats were out in force to demonize Russia, Putin, and everyone, especially Trump Republicans, who speaks to a Russian even if the person is still a private citizen, as was Gen. Flynn when he recommended to the Russian ambassador that Russia not respond in kind to President Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats over Christmas. The Democrats bestowed yet another demonic title on Putin. In addition to being “the new Hitler,” a “thug,” and a “Mafia don,” today Putin became a “tarantula in the center of the spy web.”
The Democrats’ position was that Flynn, by discouraging a Russian tit for tat, had interfered with the Obama regime’s policy of worsening relations between the US and Russia. Some Democrats saw this as treason. Others saw it as proof that Flynn and Trump are in Putin’s pocket, and still others see it as even worse.
The Democrats were also very concerned about lobbyists, if they be Republican, working for Russian interests, including Tillerson, the Secretary of State. The fact that every country employs lobbyists and that the lobbyists don’t always register as foreign agents, such as Israel’s lobbyists, or if news reports at the time were correct, neocon Richard Perle who represented Turkey in Washington.
Democrats were also after Gen. Flynn for saying that he had not received money from the Russian government. Flynn received a fee for attending the 10th Anniversary celebration of RT in Moscow. Is RT, a news organization, the Russian government? Its budget is supported by the Russian government, but how does this differ from the US government’s support of the budgets of National Public Radio, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America? Does this mean that everyone who gives an interview to NPR, Radio Liberty, and VOA is an American agent in the pocket of the US president? If you attend a function of one of these organizations, does it make you an “American agent/dupe”? Will there be a list of these people?
What the Democrats tried to do today was to criminalize everyone who works for better relations between the US and Russia. To be for peace between the nuclear powers is to be a Russian agent and to be put on a list. The Democrats insisted that Russia was an enemy out to get us, and the Democrats had no difficulty getting Comey and Rogers, both Obama appointees, to agree.
Comey and Rogers said that Russia was the main threat to the US, was working against our interests, and intends to harm us. Harming us includes opposing US hegemony and unilateralism. In other words, if the Russian government acts in the interests of Russia, the Russian government is harming the US. From the testimony it clearly emerged that any kind of opposition to anything Washington does is against American interests.
Both Comey and Rogers declared, falsely, that Russia had invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea by force. If Comey and Rogers are so poorly informed that they believe this, they are unfit for office. Crimea has been a part of Russia for 300 years. The population is almost entirely Russian. When the Soviet Union collapsed and Washington broke it apart, the Ukraine became independent for the first time in history. Crimea, which had been transferred by Khrushchev in 1954 from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, was included in the transfer on the condition that Russia had a long term lease on the naval base in Crimea.
When Washington’s coup overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine, the Russian populations in Crimea, and in the new republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, were attacked and threatened by the neo-nazi elements in eastern Ukraine that had fought for Hitler against the Soviet Union. The populations of these areas voted overwhelmingly to reunite with Russia, from whence they had come. The votes were fair and open. As Crimea is the Russian Navy’s Black Sea base, Crimea was already occupied by Russian forces. For Comey and Rogers to call this an “invasion” displays either ignorance or a lack of integrity.
Indeed, the lack of integrity of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Obama regime is evidenced by the sustained campaign of lies, distortions, and targeted “news leaks,” that is, stories planted on the presstitutes by the intelligence services about Russian interference in the presidential election. It is all about protecting the massive military/security budget and powers. Trump threatened both the budget and the power when he declared that his policy would be to normalize relations with Russia. If relations are normalized, the carefully orchestrated “Russian threat” disappears. The intelligence services are not willing for this to happen. The US intelligence services prefer the risk of nuclear Armageddon to a budget cut.

The Democrats are probably not sufficiently intelligent to understand that they are fanning the flames of war between nuclear powers. The Democrats are desperate to find someone on whom to pin their loss of the election. Moreover, by pinning it on a conspiracy between Trump and Putin, they hope to remove Trump from office.
Although Pence, who is a Russophobe, is acceptable to the military/security complex, the Democrats have hopes of clearing out Pence as well, as his election resulted from the alleged conspiracy, and reinstalling themselves in the White House.
Americans need to understand that the political competition between the Democrats and Republicans is over which party gets to collect the money for being the whore for the One Percent. Traditionally, the party in the White House gets most of the money, so that is where both parties want to be.
Michael Morell, a supporter of Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s last CIA director in an acting capacity, who was slated to become CIA director under Hillary, said, “On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians, there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all. There’s no little campfire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark. And there’s a lot of people looking for it.”
Morell does believe that it was the Russians who hacked Hillary’s incriminating emails but not in collusion with Trump, although the evidence is that they were a leak from inside the Democratic National Committee by disaffected supporters of Bernie Sanders.
Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said on Meet the Press on March 5 that he had seen no evidence of a Putin-Trump conspiracy when he left office on January 20.
Listening to Comey and Rogers today, if they are not working against President Trump, what would classify as working against Trump? Trump supporters ask why Trump doesn’t fire these two men who are working to block a reduction in the dangerous tensions between Washington and Russia. Are the Democrats, Comey, Rogers, the CIA and their media whores so stupid that they don’t understand what it means when the President of Russia says, “the Americans have destroyed our trust in them?”
Trump doesn’t fire Comey and Rogers, because he cannot fire them. If he fires them, the Democrats and presstitutes will explain the firings as proof that Trump is a Russian agent and is covering up his treason by removing those investigating it.
Trump is trying to use Twitter to respond to the orchestrated media assault against him and to achieve some organization among his supporters, the working class that elected him. However, Trump cannot even count on the Republican Party. Most Republicans are also dependent on political contributions from the military/security complex, and Republicans know that the intelligence agencies have all the dirt on them. To fight for Trump is to expose themselves.
It is undeniable that the CIA controls the media, both in Europe and in the US. Udo Ulfkotte’s book, Gekauftge Journalisten, exposed the CIA’s hold on European journalists when it was published in Germany in 2014. An English language edition, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News, is due out in May. In the meantime Joel Whitney’s book, Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World’s Best Writers, suffices to establish that America’s most respected journalists drank the CIA’s Kool-Aid “and thought they were saving freedom” by serving as propagandists.
People in the West need to understand that if the news they receive bears on the interests of the US military/security complex, the news is scripted by the CIA. The CIA serves its interests, not the interests of the American people or the interests of peace.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the WestHow America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

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The Spooks are above the law, and Gods gift to man kind.....and they LIE.


Above the Law: What Did James Comey’s House Intelligence Committee Hearing Really Tell Us?

by Scott Creighton and American Everyman

This morning all the corporatist talking heads in the MSM are screeching about how FBI Director James Comey said there was no evidence anyone in the Obama administration “wiretapped” the Trump campaign before the election and that the big news from yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing was that there is in fact an ongoing investigation into the possible collusion between the Russians and Trump’s campaign during the election.
The complicit media therefore demands an apology from “lying” Donald Trump about the Obama accusation while coming to an even more breathless and premature conclusion from them that our new president is actually a Manchurian puppet of Vlad the Impaler himself.
Of course, all of the media outlets jumping to these false conclusions were heavily embedded with the Clinton campaign back then, heavily invested in her victory and duly devastated when she lost the election.
The level of avarice unleashed at Trump by these same institutions during the election was so spectacular and unprecedented in modern U.S. history it left much of the country with a profound distrust of the corporate media in general.
This is a trend that we have been seeing develop for nearly a year. So much so they had to start the “fake news” campaign to try to discredit the other news sources viewers are investigating and gravitating to as they flock out of the MSM propaganda bubble en mass.
It never occurs to anyone that the real attempt to influence our elections are homegrown projects cooked up in the various instruments of power on behalf of the real leaders of our country and then sold as “news” via dissemination agents like the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, Fox, CNN and others. These are the folks who hated the results of the election and thus, hate our form of “democracy” because the people of this country, the deplorables, “voted the wrong way”
As much as some would have you believe Vladamir Putin hates Hillary Clinton and wanted to see her lose, can any of them say the complicit MSM didn’t hate Donald Trump and want to see him lose? It was NBC after all who held the “grab her by the p–y” video and held it til right before the election in order to maximize it’s destabilizing October Surprise effect.
And ultimately, what is the charge here? That real information about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the COLLUSION between her campaign and the DNC against a populist candidate, Bernie Sanders, was “hacked” and leaked to various sources where it was released to the public so they could make a more informed decision about their choice on election day?
If you take a breath, step back and look at it with nonpartisan eyes, what you see is that this is what they call “undermining our democracy” these days. How is exposing the real nature of a candidate, taking off her mask and showing her for what she really is, how is that possibly considered “undermining democracy” in a constitutional republic?
Yet that is ultimately what is at the core of this topic. The establishment’s deeply flawed candidate of choice failed to be allowed to attend her scheduled coronation so they must fabricate an after action report that white washes the history of that historic failure (and Clinton’s criminality and corruption that were exposed)
So we have that going on coupled with a destabilization campaign being run by the media targeting the new administration just like all the destabilization campaigns run by media in countries the CIA and State Department selected for regime change over the past couple of decades.
In spite of the breathless and baseless conclusions being parroted by the complicit talking heads this morning, let’s keep five things in mind as we talk about the Comey/Rogers hearing yesterday:
  1. The war-mongering republicans promote disinformation/propaganda about Russia just like the New McCarthyite Dems do these days
  2. Just because Clinton DID try to influence Russia’s election, that does not mean Russia tried to influence ours
  3. James Comey did not say there was no evidence that someone in the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign
  4. An investigation is not proof of guilt
  5. James Comey refused to promise an investigation into who those “high ranking” intelligence agency professionals were who committed felonies by leaking anti-Trump intel to the complicit media.
1. The war-mongering republicans promote disinformation/propaganda about Russia just like the New McCarthyite Dems do these days
The hearing started off yesterday with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (republican neoliberal) spouting numberous lies about recent Russian “aggression” throughout the world.
“The Putin regime has a long history of aggressive actions against other countries, including the outright invasion of two of its neighbors in recent years, as well as its brutal military action in Syria to defend the Assad regime. But it’s hostile acts take many forms, aside from direct military assaults” Nunes
Putin did not “invade” Georgia or Crimea. These are flat out lies and distortions of historical fact.
Russia responded when our puppet in Georgia tried to invade and take over South Ossetia since they kicked off their aggression by attacking UN Peace Keepers who were stationed there and who just happened to be Russian.
“Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili had long planned a military strike to seize back the breakaway region of South Ossetia but executed it poorly, making it easy for Russia to retaliate, Saakashvili’s former defense minister said” Reuters
The resulting reaction by the Russians was to retake and hold South Ossetia. Many of the so-called “Russian war-crimes” that were reported at the time had been staged by institutions dedicated to helping the military win the hearts and minds of U.S. citizens regarding the conflict.
Similarly, the prevailing propaganda surrounding the “Russia invaded Crimea” disinformation follows yet another U.S.-backed act of aggression and that was our color revolution we stated and ran in Ukraine.
The people of Crimea voted in a referendum to return to the Russian state in the wake of the brutal neo-Nazi color revolution in Ukraine. It’s understandable considering how many Crimeans are of Russian decent. There was no “invasion”. The Russian base on the island had been there for many decades and the photographs shown to the American public were misleading… much like the “Russian war-crimes” images we saw from South Ossetia.
Throughout the entire hearing yesterday, there was one outright lie about Russia told after another. Most came from Democratic Party members trying their best to convict Trump in absentia via circumstantial evidence but the Republicans did inject some McCarthyism of their own. This kind of barrage of disinformation continued all day long. It was one lie after another inference after another absurd 6-degrees-of-seperation conclusion.
Honestly speaking, to watch the whole thing takes one back to the fall of 2002 and early spring of 2003 when the congress was doing much the same thing with regard to Iraq, WMDs and their supposed collusion with al-Qaeda. When that realization hits you, it’s a chilling moment to be sure especially when Nunes said this: “In recent years, committee members have issued repeated and forceful pleas for stronger action against Russian belligerents.”
Let’s be clear, the claim that Russia “hacked” our election is entirely baseless. All of it. On several occasions during the hearing, they referred back to the DNI/FBI report they released in early January of this year, the one that they claim 17 intelligence agencies agree with regarding their conclusions about Russian hacking in order to influence our election process. What no one mentioned about that declassified report was this little disclaimer:
“this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”
No warranties of ANY kind regarding ANY information contained in the report. Is that unclear to ANYone?
Also, they mention the specifics on HOW many of the conclusions were agreed upon:
“When Intelligence Community analysts use words such as “we assess” or “we judge,” they are conveying an analytic assessment or judgment. Some analytic judgments are based directly on collected information; others rest on previous judgments, which serve as building blocks in rigorous analysis“
What they are saying, they take previous baseless conclusions and start from there with those in order to “assess” or “judge” the relative validity of their new conclusions. Not on evidence sometimes, but on previous building blocks of propaganda.
New lies based on old lies. That’s what they call “rigorous analysis” in the intel communities that produced this report and this report is part of the basis of yesterday’s testimony which is being used this morning as the foundation for baseless claims being made by the complicit media.
Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies. Not just from the Dems though. Our Republican war-mongers are just as complicit in the current transition to the New McCarthyism in America.
2. Just because Clinton DID try to influence Russia’s election, that does not mean Russia tried to influence ours
James Comey said yesterday that Russia wanted to influence our election because Putin hated Hillary because she tried to influence theirs years ago and though this might seem like some nice water cooler “deep state” talking point you could parrot today and feel like your co-workers will be impressed by your knowledge of such things, you need to be careful.
James Comey also did not offer one shred of evidence to support that claim. Not one. Nor has a single official briefed on the classified version of any of these reports. Sans evidence, what Comey is suggesting is a POTENTIAL MOTIVE… not a proven one.
Though it makes sense that Putin would not be particularly happy with Clinton after she attempted to incite violence and revolution in Russia, the fact is, the Clintons were very good for Russia and that ladies and gentlemen is not just a “conspiracy theory” but rather, it’s a fact.
“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.
And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” New York Times
Putin is smart and the Clintons are pragmatic, greedy and their slush fund, the Clinton Foundation, was always open for business even if that meant selling a strategic nuclear asset to “our greatest enemy” the Russians.
And let’s be honest… even though he promised to “lock her up”, President Trump just sent a lawyer last week to keep some of those missing emails from Hillary’s illegal server from falling into the hands of Judicial Watch, a group who would definitely publish them in an effort to see Trump’s promise fulfilled.
The mistake Comey makes is one of convenience. He needed a plausible motive for this baseless accusation to remain a destabilizing story in the media and he landed on the only thing they have, OUR REAL ATTEMPT TO DESTABILIZE RUSSIAN DEMOCRACY
But history does not lie and the history of the Clintons speaks for itself. They are corrupt, they are vulnerable and they are soulless. So for Comey to conclude Vladamir Putin is motivated by something as petty and selfish as revenge is a nearly cartoonish oversimplification of the real deep state of Geo-politics which, upon further review, doesn’t hold up to the smell test.
3. James Comey did not say there was no evidence that someone in the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign
This is a big one and probably the easiest of the MSM propaganda to debunk.
What Comey said was:
“With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI. The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the Department of Justice and all its components. The department has no information that supports those tweets.” James Comey
This is legalese. It is not a definitive statement that absolves the previous president by any stretch of the imagination.
First of all he says “he” has no information that ‘supports the tweets”. He doesn’t say it doesn’t exist. He doesn’t say the CIA didn’t do it or anyone else didn’t do it for that matter (Verizon? Google? AT&T perhaps?). What he says is “he” doesn’t have any information and that is a far cry from saying nothing happened.
For instance, I don’t have any information that there aren’t other life forms on other planets in the universe. But for anyone to conclude that means we are God’s chosen species and the universe revolves around us based on my statement is not only foolish, it’s ridiculous.
Just because Comey doesn’t have information about wiretapping doesn’t mean someone else didn’t do it. Did Comey have information when the CIA wiretapped congress a couple years ago when they were investigating the CIA? No, he did not. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We all know for a fact it did. We also know the head of the CIA lied to congress about it just as James Clapper lied about them spying on millions of American citizens.
The other legalese aspect of his answer lies in his statement as it is entirely based on “those tweets”
The Trump tweets refer to Obama “wiretapping” his phones. It could have been done by an Obama administration official, it could have been done by someone on behalf of the Obama administration or it could have been done by an agency acting on behalf of an off-the-record request by Obama… none of that would have produced information that supported those tweets.
Specifically, the need for plausible deniability would mandate anyone thinking of tapping Trump Tower prior to the election would do so while putting as much distance as they could between the act and the office of the president. There is the whole Watergate thing to consider.
Under those circumstances, would they follow the prescribed FISA court request process leaving a paper trail in their wake? Of course not.
So of course, if you don’t dig too deeply you aren’t going to find what was intentionally hidden to start with. And since we all know Comey did everything he could to shield a former Obama administration official from prosecution and exposure for her criminal activity while serving him, my guess is, Comey could simply also be up to his old tricks, so to speak.
So no. James Comey coming out yesterday with that carefully worded statement DOES NOT MEAN Trump’s campaign wasn’t spied on during the election when it was getting way to close for comfort and Hillary was being exposed everyday for being a corrupt, criminal candidate who should be in jail, not running for office.
Plus lets keep in mind, Obama himself said “if you value my legacy, vote for Hillary” so we know he had motive… Putin didn’t. But Obama sure did.
To sum this up, the talking heads saying the FBI and the NSA just said the president is a “liar” are lying to you. Either that or they’re just plain stupid.
4. An investigation is not proof of guilt
What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
The talking heads in the other room are currently screeching about the “revelation” that Comey is conducting an investigation about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians who had nothing to do with the leaks that were sent to various online sources prior to the election.
They say this is proof that Trump is guilty and that kind of false narrative will hold up for a day or so before more rational thinkers have time to write in major publications that this kind of breathless conclusion is irresponsible and counter-productive to everything we say we stand for in this country. Once that happens, the narrative will change slightly, but the damage will be done. The damage to Trump’s credibility and to theirs as well.
But the truth is, an investigation into a candidate does not imply guilt. Not at all. Many times investigations are used to a political purpose and again, we all know Comey did his best to protect an Obama administration secretary, so we already know he politicized the process long before any investigation was supposed to have started.
What’s more… the investigation has been ongoing since July 2016 according to Comey. Don’t you think if there were anything concrete to merit concern, Mr. Comey would have let us know like he did with the Clinton investigation?
Or do you think he would have kept his mouth shut and let a Russian puppet assume the office of the president?
Here’s a quick thought… let’s marry the last two points… did Comey say he saw no evidence of ANYONE spying on Trump Tower or did he say he saw nothing to confirm the tweets about Obama doing it illegally?
And he was running an investigation on Trump and his administration since July?
Did Comey say whether or not the FBI wiretapped the Trump campaign as part of their investigation? Was he even asked?
Either way, an investigation does not imply guilt. In spite of the efforts by those who hate our president, our democracy and our “voting the wrong way”… we are still presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country. At least for now we are.
5. James Comey refused to promise an investigation into who those “high ranking” intelligence agency professionals were who committed felonies by leaking anti-Trump intel to the complicit media.
Both James Comey and NSA Director Rogers spent a lot of time explaining just how criminal all of these leaks that exposed Flynn and all these others actually are.
They both said the act of leaking classified information about the identity of Flynn was a major felony and it undermined our nation security in a major way.
But when asked about an investigation into this crime, Comey said there was none. And then he went even further which speaks VOLUMES about all of this:
GOWDY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Director Comey, you and I were discussing the felonious dissemination of classified material during the last round. Is there an exception in the law for current or former U.S. officials who request anonymity?
COMEY: To release classified information?
GOWDY: Yes sir.
GOWDY: How would a reporter know about the existence of intercepted phone calls?
COMEY: Same thing. In a — in a legitimate way, through a appropriate proceeding where there’s been declassification. In any other way, in an illegitimate way.
GOWDY: How would reporters know if a transcript existed of an intercepted communication?
COMEY: Same answer. It — it — the only legitimate way would be through a proceeding — appropriate proceeding, the illegitimate way would be somebody told him who shouldn’t have told them…
GOWDY: Did you brief President Obama on — well, I’ll just ask you. Did you brief President Obama on any calls involving Michael Flynn?
COMEY: I’m not gonna get into either that particular case that matter, or any conversations I had with the president. So I can’t answer that…
GOWDY: … Is the investigation into the leak of classified information — has it begun yet?
COMEY: I can’t say because I don’t want to confirm that that was classified information…
GOWDY: … So I’m just simply asking you to assure the American people, you’ve already assured them you take it really seriously. Can you assure them that it is going to be investigated?
COMEY: I can’t..
(full transcript of hearing can be found here)
In one simple exchange we have a perfect understanding of this entire situation.
A major crime has been committed against the people of this country. A violation perpetrated on behalf of those who seek to undermine our democracy. Sound familiar? And the Director of the FBI REFUSES to promise there will be an investigation into it.
The reason is simple: because the perpetrators are seen by James Comey as being above the law. Just like he thought Hillary Clinton was.
This is a remarkable exchange between Gowdy and Comey. By all rights it should be on the front page of every paper and webzine out there. But it isn’t. Lies are.
Back when Hillary Clinton was under fire for using an illegal email server so she could keep records of her corruption from the State Department and the American people and she was lying about it and deleting emails and busting up cell phones and laptops outside on the sidewalk, James Comey came out and said anyone else doing something like this would be prosecuted by Hillary wouldn’t. She was in effect… above the law. And many journalists out there, even some on the left, thought his submission to the Clinton machine was deplorable.
Yesterday James Comey and Mike Rogers went on and on about how dangerous it was for someone to leak that classified information for political purposes and how it was a major felony punishable by up to ten years in prison… and yet Comey eventually refuses to promise the American people these perps will be punished or even investigated for doing what they did to destabilize our country.
That’s because who ever did it is well above the law like Hillary Clinton. They had to have been to have had access to the information in the first place.
Some might say that these hacks/leaks had little to do with our election. I beg to differ.
In spite of the fact that part of this Russian hacking narrative is to detour the election post mortem for the unDemocratic Party, many people still do remember what happened. They remember her criminality. They remember her Goldman Sachs speaking fees. They remember her refusal to release the transcripts of the speeches.
They remember how the MSM lied endlessly and breathlessly exaggerated anything Trump said that they could twist into a misogynistic or racist slur on her behalf.
They remember how they were ceaselessly demoralized by stories of there being no path to 271 every day all day.
And they remember James Comey bending the rules to give Hillary Clinton a pass so she could steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and assume the throne as the masters of the universe intended for to do.
Hillary Clinton was above the law. The media said so. The DNC said so. And James Comey said so.
And yesterday James Comey said the very same thing about the people doing their weasel work from within the establishment’s broken system trying to undermine the credibility and the administration of the seated president of the United States of America.
Russia didn’t do that. Roger Stone didn’t do that. Gen. Flynn didn’t do that. But someone did and James Comey has every intention of letting them get away with it which only ENSURES that it will continue to happen, probably with greater regularity, as the Trump administration moves forward.
My disclaimer is as it always has been. I do not, did not, support Trump. Nor Hillary. Nor Obama. Nor Bush. I support the rule of law and the constitution and I am dead set against anyone who says someone is above it. And that is exactly what James Comey said yesterday which says a lot about this ‘democracy” we pretend to be defending.
That should be your water-cooler talking points today. I hope you use them.