Mashallah...eyvallah, Deonme Erdogan has destroyed the Turkish military through his fake coup

Deonme Erdogan has destroyed the Turkish military through his fake coup last year, in order to stay in power, consolidate his power and prevent an alleged REAL coup by Secular Kemalist officers.
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Another problem for Deonme Erdogan was that the Secular Kemalists in the Turkish 3rd army were blocking the desire of Deonme Erdogan to invade Syria since the CIA destabilization program began in that country in 2011.
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The fake coup last year organised by the CIA and Erdogan has removed that problem, and hence a few days after the coup Turkish military units backed by Leopard II tanks started moving into ISIS held areas in Northern Syria, ILLEGALLY.

Prima facie evidence of the fake coup.

Normally in a real military coup, you first consolidate your power in the country, rather than launch a risky foreign illegal adventure.
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August 2016, a few days after the CIA organised fake coup

The mission objective is that NATO Turkey with Israeli and CIA guidance will carve up a mini-statelet in Northern Syria AND help ISIS bolster and establish an ISIS emirate covering Syria and Iraq. 

As with Stalin's destruction of the Soviet military high command in 1937, Erdogan has basically destroyed the Turkish military and has turned it into a rabble force that can barely fight ISIS (its secret fifth column ally of the CIA).....and Erdogan has to give ISIS plane loads of dollars to bribe them so that they don't fight the Turkish army in Northern Syria....who have come to their rescue.

The average simple ISIS foot soldier do not know that the Turkish army in Northern Syria illegally is a relief force for ISIS, so that ISIS is free to concentrate on fighting the Iraq government in Mosul, the Syrian government and the Kurdish forces advancing against them in Raqqa.

The Kurds backed by the USA are very successful against ISIS. Embedded with them are USA special forces. This fact upsets the Turkish government, as a mini-Kurdish statelet in Syria and Iraq is a problem for Turkey with large parts of its own Eastern area populated by ethnic Kurds...20 million.

The Syrian government in Damascus backed by Russia, Iran and China is also proving successful in defeating ISIS, finally.

Ah allah, karmaşık bir dünya budur 

Oh neden ah, oh neden, Oh neden ah, oh neden 

As my MIT brother use to taunt me every day with this psy-ops whisper in Istanbul for the CIA 

But Deonme Erdogan, allah has simple solutions.

1. Turkey does not need a President for life, with his daughter, son and son-in-law committing high ICC crimes with ISIS in order to make money. Turkey does not need an Islamic dictatorship, like Iran. 

2. Deonme Erdogan should not destroy the Turkish state in the course of consolidating his power in the country. 

3. Deonme Erdogan should not destroy the Turkish state in the course of being an obedient dog of Israeli and CIA objectives in the region. 

4. Deonme Erdogan should not come into military conflict with Sovereign Syria, Russia AND neighbor mullah Iran in the course of being an obedient dog of Israeli and CIA objectives in the region. ITS NOT WORTH WHILE for the AKP....and his Presidency. 

5. American and Israeli objectives in the region which are articulated through ISIS and the Kurds (for Greater Kurdistan), are diametrically against the FUNDAMENTAL interests of the Turkish STATE. Deonme Erdogan should fight for the interests of Turkey rather than the interests of Israel and the CIA. 

6. Deonme Erdogan should cooperate sincerely, honestly and comprehensively with the legitimate governments of Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus to PREVENT GREATER KURDISTAN emerging and consolidating in the region. 

7. Deonme Erdogan should cooperate sincerely, honestly and comprehensively with the legitimate governments of Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus to PREVENT AN ISIS STATE FROM EMERGING IN THE AREA, WHICH ALSO ALLOWS GREATER KURDISTAN emerging and consolidating in the region......since the cover of fighting ISIS allows the USA and Israel to help the Kurds establish their state. 

8. The Turkish armed forces should not be used in Syria at this highly sensitive juncture as it stumbles recklessly in further war and conflict. In 1939-1940 the Soviets sent the red armed forces into Finland, where their weakness was exposed. The Soviet military was humiliated. This humiliation of the Red military encouraged Hitler to invade the Soviet Union in June 1941, resulting in the death of 30 million Soviet citizens and the destruction of 50% of its GDP. 



By Selahattin Yuzbashi at bellum in expertis blog
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Images flooding the social media depicts a very gloomy picture of the Turkish Military. Unfiltered pictures remind not of the Army of Ataturk, the modernizing force and the guardian of the Republic, but that of Ottoman Era bandit-militia, the Bashibozouk.
Apparently, without an efficient leadership in the forced absence of the Officer Corps, uncontrolled soldiers started to behave as they wish and with no code of ethics. What makes the matter worse is the complete lack of a STRATCOM policy or oversight on the dissemination of information in the public domain. As Generals seem to be busy with building their political connections, the prospect for theTurkish Military  looks very grim, to say the least.
No need for long sentences and fancy intros: Alarm bells are ringing for Turkish Military. Images flooding the social media show a Military in disarray; replete with indiscipline, insubordination showing signs of severe lack of oversight and as a result, demonstrating unacceptable forms of conduct. Apparently they also lack even a basic STRATCOM capacity to manage the image of the Turkish Military. This is a very slippery slope, the end of which leads to nothing short of military disaster on a biblical scale and/or accusations in the ICC. I hope this piece serves as a way belated wake up call for military authorities and they get their act together.

Soldiers Unleashed

Take a look at this video for example:Who are these guys? Who is the leader of these bandits? What kind of a commander lets his subordinates to shoot aimlessly in a combat zone on this scale? And more worryingly, how can troops be allowed to salute with ultra-nationalist greywolf sign and shout slogans? This is not the only video. Political and/or xenophobic messages, salutes are all over the social media.(Herehere) One wonders, whether they have started allowing-or even promoting- neo-fascist tendencies as well? Have they not learned their lessons from all this FETO debacle? On top of debates about the politicization of the military, clashing cliques (pro-Russian vs. pro-Erdogan Islamists), this addition of ultra-nationalist flavor is very bad. Last thing we need is proxies of a ultra-nationalist (at times racist) political party in uniform, swinging their weapons, chanting racist slogans, drawing racist graffiti in operational areas.

Soldiers posing with the Greywolf sign.
Another enlisted posing with the same racist sign, in front of a graffiti that says “Salute from Al Bab to Adana”. It is amazing how poses like these are even allowed let alone published on the internet. It is definitely more politically incorrect than a confederate flag, more akin to the pointed hat.

Lack of oversight and lawlessness seems rampant. Subordinates seem unleashed, behaving as they see fit, releasing pictures or videos from wherever they want with total impunity. (Hereherehere and herec5wjyltwyamq30Apparently mostly NCO’s (and enlisted) release images of captured terrorists and videosfrom makeshift interrogations, full of signs of mistreatment. Disturbingimages of enemy losses are not even news anymore. These are not even the worse: Social media is full of videos showing Turkish Soldiers mistreating people (herehere), beating civillians (here).

Another image from social media. Soldiers force captured YPG fighters to give the greywolf salute. This is also on the internet, freely -and proudly- roaming.

Allegations of Civillian Casualties

Let me put this into context, adding another dimension: Allegations of civillian casualties against Turkish Operations in Syria are ever increasing. There are more and more reports about civillian casualties resulting from Turkish activities in Syria. These are not mere anonymous reports, they come from the most serious sources available, like the UN. For example based on the data from December 2016 through February 17th 2017, Matthias Behnke, head of OHCHR’s Syria Team said the team “received reports that about 300 civilians have been killed so far as a result of the offensive to retake al-Bab, primarily due to airstrikes but also from improvised explosive devises (IEDs).” There are also a lot of media showing massive destruction in Al Bab.
Now, consider all of the above together: Unleashed members of Turkish Military shouting racist slogans, mistreating people, releasing media from devastated combat zones and on top of all that, grave allegations of civilian casualties. This is a seriously dangerous combination. Like International Criminal Court (ICC) serious. And if Turkish Military hopes that their dull press releases with no meat will quiet things down (and replace the overwhelming media released by renegade soldiers) they have another thing coming.

Al Bab city center, allegedly devastated by Turkish bombardment and shelling. Put this picture on allegations off mass civillian casualties.

On top of all this s..tstorm, we are now watching this insubordinate Turkish pilot’s selfie in the cockpit, as he bombs Al Bab, on the very same day a scathing news report and social media allegations about civilian casualties! Now, this guy’s affection for cheap pop culture is his problem, as long as he keeps his low taste out of flight missions and his cell phone1 out of the cockpit. But Turkish Military would better be preparing its response when (not if) people start putting pictures of dead children and this slick pilot side by side, claiming the joy he is taking while he is killing civilians! It doesn’t matter if that is the case, it is all about perception and Turkish Air Force by allowing such outlandish irresponsible actions playing into the hands of their opponents.

Do the Generals Even Care?

The alarming thing is that, Turkish military authorities do not seem to be bothered by any of these disturbing images. Not only they apparently have a total collapse of discipline within the service but also a lack of even a basic STRATCOM strategy. Sensitive information is being disseminated unchecked. No control over how the once mighty Turkish Military is portrayed in the media whatsoever, nor is there any check or policy on members of the Military’s social media releases. Even though sharing pictures in uniform on the social media is illegal and punishable by up to 2 years of jail sentence, no Commander seems to care. It is very remarkable to see going from a very strict control on media policy (even though it was still very ineffective) just several months ago to a complete hands off approach.
Turkish Generals either think that, irresponsible chauvinist displays of military hardware or pictures from occasional visits of Gen. Akar with service chiefs is good enough as media policy. Let me tell you, it is not! What people see as the Turkish Military is what I show above, the preposterous display of the Turkish Military by several social media accounts. Nothing more. (I should also mention that, the anachronistic military doesn’t even have official Twitter or Facebook accounts, at this day and age.)

This image from the very important unit, the Silopi Armored Brigade, taken on 24 Feb 2017. While Turkish cavalry have been suffering massive casualties right across from the border and allegations of lack of leadership and training are mounting, this Tank Batallion’s  (which is located on the Syria-Iraq border!) leadership chose to spend their time posing for cameras instead of training. Even worse, everybody seems to be happy with this. In a Trumpian fashion, So Wrong!

 Where are the Officers?

Two final observations: First, all over the social media I see NCO’s even enlisted men running a wild show in uniform. I showed many examples above. Then, I have to ask, where are the Officers? Who is leading this Army? Do they even hold any of the subordinates accountable? Let me tell you what I think; in my opinion officers are scared to lead and they lost control. Their wings are clipped, after being constantly portrayed as villains and traitors.2  Turkish Officers are rumored to hesitate to discipline their subordinates for fear of being snitched out as “anti government” which would result in immediate dismissal and maybe prison.
They have to put officers back in charge, yesterday!

A civillian allegedly tortured -which was implicitly accepted by the MoI- by Turkish Troops

My second point is that, it looks like the overall climate of lawlessness and violence in Turkey affected the Military. The Minister of Interior proudly defends torture of civilians by the Military, for God’s sake! Well, that is still not an excuse for an organization claiming to trace back its origins to times before history. They should know better. At the end of the day, while the correlation between the unlawful conduct of politicians and that of the military is obvious, the results will unproportionately be different for men in suits and men in uniform. At the end of the day, it will be the perpetrators, especially the officers on the bench, not the politicians.And thanks to the very effective (!) control on the dissemination of battlefield imagery, future prosecutors will have little difficulty building a case.