CIA Habibi al-Baghdadi is alive and well in Iraq, near Syria

Russia is of course too polite to do anything about him even though Russia has killed 50,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and they come and go between the two countries, and Russia will never go into Iraqi airspace without the permission of the Iraqi government in Baghdad.

The Iraqi government is a problem in that it is a puppet of the USA, and they rely on the USA and NATO to protect the government from ISIS......a creation of the CIA in 2014.

Most of the dangerous foreign Jihadis outside of ISIS in Iraq are Saudis trained by the CIA. Saudi Arabia is a neighbor of Iraq. Saidi Arabia and Iraq have traditionally fought for the 'leadership' title of the Arab world. So while the Saudis pose as champions of the Sunni minority in Iraq, they are probably more than happy to see IRAQ divided into 3 separate ethnic statelets with the aid of the USA, and ISRAEL.

For Saudi Arabia the suffereing of Sunnis and Shia Iraqis means nothing.

For Saudi Arabia, the destruction of the Iraq state means nothing.

The worst terrorist atrocities committed in Iraq are thus by Jihadis who are trained by the CIA.

And yet there it is.. .......the weak puppet Iraqi government looking for support, protection and comfort from the USA.


When the USA invaded Iraq illegally again in 2003, after false claims of WMD's and 9/11 links and CIA "Saddam wanted to kill my dad" the Americans subverted traditional Iraqi society by giving the Shi'ites power in Baghdad, whereas Sunnis had run the country for the better part of 1300 years...since the arrival of Islam from the Saudi Desert.

The Shia of Iraq were grateful, as was puppet mullah Iran with the USA, and the Americans even allowed the elite al-Quds forces of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran into Iraq.

But the USA decided to 'balance' the situation in Iraq (divide the country into 3 parts) and soon started arming the Sunnis, and encouraged the Saudis and GCC to send in their retired 'al-CIA-duh' fighters into Iraq......result civil war in Iraq 2005--present.

1,500,000 dead......many by the American forces, engrossed by 'thems Iraqis did 9/11' simple fucks. ICC War crimes.

The Shia government in Baghdad in 2011 then asked the Americans to leave.

In 2014 ISIS appeared in Iraq from NATO Turkey, and threatened to invade Baghdad and other Shia areas in Iraq.

The Iraqi government in Baghdad in DESPERATION then asked the Americans to come back, along with NATO.

The Americans deliberately trained the Iraqi Shia government security forces to a low standard, equiped with sub-standard USA equipment (ditto Afghanistan).....so that the regime would fail, and would turn to the USA for help. 

Since 2014 in Iraq it has been a long agonizing war against ISIS.

The puppet Iraqis of America have not asked the Russians to help them, even though Russia has had spectacular success against ISIS in Syria. Russia has offered full help to the Iraqi government to fight ISIS and has EVEN gifted them FREE jet fighters to fight ISIS.

The puppet Iraqis of America have not asked the Iranians to help them, even though Iranians have had spectacular success against ISIS in Syria. This is to do with the regional history.....and psychological insecurity of the Shia, new in power in Baghdad.

They have not utilized China. The richest nation on earth, hungry for oil and gas and embarking on a massive ambitious Eurasian integration plan.

They have not utilized Egypt. Egypt needs subsidised Arab oil, since Saudi Arabia stopped supplying it, and Egypt is also fighting the CIA's ISIS.

ISIS is losing in Iraq, very slowly, but this is taking place along with great destruction of the country and according to the timeline of the USA.


ISIS Caliph al-Baghdadi Magically Evades US Bombs — Again

Al-Baghdadi has more lives than a feral cat. And he also has a magical ability to sense incoming U.S. airstrikes
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By Rudy Panko at Russia Insider.

"U.S. and Iraqi officials believe the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has left operational commanders behind with diehard followers to fight the battle of Mosul, and is now hiding out in the desert," according to Reuters.
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The report adds that it's "impossible to confirm the whereabouts" of al-Baghdadi but "intelligence sources point to a sharp drop in Islamic State postings on social media as evidence that Baghdadi and his circle have become increasingly isolated."
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In other words: The CIA has a global covert surveillance and hacking program, but the best intel they have on al-Baghdadi comes from Tumblr. That's reassuring.
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However, we must admit that we are having a hard time keeping this story straight.
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We thought al-Baghdadi was a non-entity at this point? Sort of like when Americans got bored of reading about the hunt for Osama — he just sort of vanished into obscurity and non-importance:
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You have to admire al-Baghdadi. He has more lives than a feral cat. And he also has a magical ability to sense incoming U.S. airstrikes.
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Russian provincial leader claims ISIS is CIA

He was briefly declared dead in October, 2015.

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Suspicion among the common Iraqi people, if not the puppet government of the USA.

And who could forget al-Baghdadi's most recent triumph, when he miraculously escaped a U.S. airstrike "at the last moment"?
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Or the fact that Mohammad al-Adnani, ISIS’ main propaganda officer, was killed — and then replaced by Tajik Special Forces colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who had been trained by American advisors, and had even visited the United States several times specifically for counter-terrorism training by the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program?
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Or the old classic, "Al Qaeda No. 3 Killed For Ten-Millionth Time"?
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Of course, it's important to remember that Abu Bakr's predecessor, "Abu Omar al-Baghdadi", never actually existed, according to the New York Times. So who knows? Maybe billions of dollars are being stolen from the American people — so that the Pentagon can chase a hologram.
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It wouldn't be the first time.
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