In the REAL world of the 21st century....and not the 5th century BC.

The illegal little racist Apartheid entity in the Levant is on a quest for EMPIRE. Its called Eretz Israel, or Greater Israel. Of course to create it many many many wars will have to be fought, and many nations will have be destroyed.

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Ideally the wars should be fought by Israel's friends....the USA and NATO.

Israel is quite not Sparta yet.

Many many many nations must be destroyed in the Greater Middle East, and where Jews live in the West (USA, Europe)

Eretz Israel must be populated by displaced Jews from the USA, and Europe.

Therefore for Eretz Israel to be realized, the USA must fail economically and militarily (Vietnam war), which encourages the 7--9 million Jews  in the USA to migrate en-masse to Israel, and populate Eretz Israel.

Only about 33 % of Jews live in Israel.

Hence the reason WHY many in the USA Deep State keep talking about fighting a 100 year war against Islamic fascism in the Greater Middle East....euphemism cover for creating Eretz Israel using the fifth column filth of the Jihadis/al-CIA-duh/ISIS created and run by the CIA and Mossad.

The Jews destroyed the SOVIET UNION.....through the KGB which at its core had an inner echelon made of Jews since 1918, along with 'Pizza' Gorbachev, a Jew and an utterly corrupt agent of the UK. The destruction of the Soviet Union by the Jews yielded 3,000,000 Jews of whom 1,500,000 went to Israel and the others to North America and Europe.

Jews still have a lot of power in Moscow, and they have their own parallel government. Medvedev is Jew.

AND now the USA must be destroyed to 'encourage' the 7-9 million Jews there to go to Eretz Israel, simultaneously as the hapless clueless USA grunts for Israel in the Greater Middle East.

Of course the quest for Greater Israel cannot be created by realpolitik--Crisis management alone. There must be moral, historical and social under pinning for Eretz Israel.

Ancient maps, charts, artifacts and bones must be dusted off and rediscovered to support the Yinon Master Plan of 1982.

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East | Global Research ...

Who inside the USA will destroy the USA for Eretz Israel?

1. The Federal Reserve, with its head anointed with Jews one after the other since its inception in 1913 on Jekyll Island. It has been used to fund International Jew policy since 1913, including WWI and WWII....and of course the Cold War....Korean War and partition, Vietnam War and more.

2. Wall Street, run by the Jew.

3. The CIA, run by Jews and taking its policy points and talking points from Israel. We must Thank James Jesus Angleton (Mongrel Mexican-WASP) for this state of affairs, a devout crackpot Zionist-Christian who deliberately drew the CIA closer to MOSSAD Israel in the 1950's and institutionalized and in some cases sanctioned Israeli crimes in the USA(Not a good idea....and objectively for a super power with extensive Middle Eastern ties not that necessary).......just like the KGB in the Soviet Union, especially in the 1980's. (If you are wondering why Putin hosts Netanyahu so often)

Bye Bye USA. The USA theoretically will become so unlivable that nobody will want to live there, especially Jews with the aid of the rise of extreme anti-Semitism. Which of course will all be directed by MOSSAD.

Another historical 'excuse' for the creation of Israel is the Jewish holiday of Purim. The argument goes something like this......its not publicly stated by Israeli officials too often, let alone put down on official diplomatic correspondence because it sounds so crass ( Like I am suppose to be the next King Cyrus):
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Its bat shit funny, unless you live in the Greater Middle East.....

Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits ...

1. Long long Long ago, in a far far away land there lived a great kind king, who ruled over a mighty empire and a huge army... who was also married to a beautiful plucky clever Jewish Yenta named Ishtar (named after a Babylonian fertility goddess). All is well and gay, except there also existed in the kingdom an evil Persian by the name of Hamam who in the process of palace/court intrigue, his drive for power over the good king, and jealous of Ishtar wanted to KILL ALL THE JEWS that lived in the Persian Empire, but clever Ishtar working with the good king prevented this ancient Holocaust.

Hamam the HITLER of ancient Persia, and just for good measure the Euro-production has the 'Das Boot' star acting as Hamam......and Persepolis looks like a dirty Arab souk, near Jerusalem filled with Semites and Hemmites.

2. Modern Iran could be the old Persia with its reach in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Yemen, so goes this paranoid biblical idea. Its bellicose undiplomatic language certainly in the 1980's and 1990's. Modern Iran could produce another Hamam, which would want to 'Wipe Israel off the map'...please don't get excited, several Western linguistics professors have correctly translated what Ahmedinejad actually said, 'Israel will disappear from the page of history'....ie in Persian literally means Israel will undo itself, through its behavior in the neighborhood, and eventually become irrelevant. IRNA.....the  official Iranian government English language news agency run by Ayatollah Rafsanjani, and a rival of Ahmedinejad for the PRESIDENCY, deliberately mis-translated it so as to niggle Israel and the West.
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3. Since Iran can produce another Hamam who will destroy Israel, then this 'existential threat' can only be dealt with by attacking Iran. Israeli is not strong enough to attack Iran, but that privilege should fall on the USA with the aid of bible thumpers in the Deep State like General Mike Flynn et al.....who are willing to be agents of foreign countries in addition.
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Hamam's Ear.....and delicious!

There are some problems with the Israeli Existential Fear of Iran through Purim and Hamam:

1. There is no accurate historical record of the story of Esther. As with most of the stories from the bible, Jewish religious stories and even Islamic ones which incorporates biblical stories....all of it is 'Desert camp fire hokum'. There is very little archaeological confirmation of ALL of the biblical stories....even when the Israelis do their best to prove otherwise. In frustration the Israelis settle for destruction of historical sites in the neighborhood in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia...through Wahabis..Salafi...Shia fundies.....ISIS from the CIA. The best thing you can say about these stories is that they were probably borrowed from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and hybridized, and embellished with local flavors.....Chinese whispers if you will, because unlike the age of cinema, internet, TV, radio and mass media...story telling was a major form of entertainment in the ancient world, and sometimes the story telling became incorporated as actual religious beliefs. For the Jews Purim would be a good vehicle to keep a tight leash and fear of the other gentile (fear mongering as a celebrated religious festival.)

2. Persia was good to the Jews historically. Cyrus upon entering Babylon freed the Jews in 540 BC, and allowed them to return to their homeland, and Persian money to rebuild their city and temples. Jews served in the Persian empire as the 'other' outsider minority ....though a Persian king marrying a very ordinary Jewess would be bit of a stretch. 

The Shah of Iran( 1941--1979) was good to Israel, buying $500 million of arms from the country annually towards the end; giving Israel subsidized Iranian oil and conducting joint ops against Iraq from Iranian bases. There is a rumor that the Shah were crypto-Jews from the Caucasus originally, welcoming Jews from Holocaust Europe during WWII. But this generosity did not prevent the Shah being toppled by the CIA/UK with Israel's cooperation in 1979. 

And in this so called story the Persian king, most of his officials and ordinary Persians didn't have a Jewish problem. ...it was the purported activity of one person. 

Iran had 300,000 Jews in the country up until 1979, when the CIA installed the Mullahs......more than any other country in the Greater Middle East....and currently hosts 20,000 Jews. As with the Soviet Union, half went to Israel...some becoming Presidents and defense ministers in Israel, whilst the rest headed to California, which has weather patterns similar to Northern Iran along the Caspian sea.

3. Hamam the mythical character in Purim hated Jews purportedly because of Esther and her 'uncle' Mordecai........but what relationship in any sense does modern Israel have in Iran's existence save for routine threats by Israel against Iran?

4. What is the military capability of Iran? Very limited....20th in the world. Israel by contrast is the 11th most powerful nation on earth due to the largess of the USA, and WMD's including nuclear bombs of around 200. Israel is protected by the USA...which also in addition fights its wars in the Greater Middle East. The mullahs by contrast don't trust their own military...and in foreign adventures they send the Revolutionary Guard (hint the conventional forces of Iran..the army, airforce and navy or 90% of its military force will never be used outside of Iran for political reasons) Iran does not have any WMD's....as they are considered unholy by the mullahs.


Putin Bored by Netanyahu’s Bible Stories, Invites Israeli PM to Join Real World

Netanyahu's Sore Loser Summit with Putin in Moscow did not go quite as planned

By Paul Kaiser at Russia Insider.

It seems that we missed a crucial exchange from yesterday's Sore Loser Summit in Moscow
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Moscow on Thursday to complain to Putin about big, bad Iran and how tragic it is that Tehran destroyed legions of "moderate" rebels and ISIS fanatics in Syria.
Here's Netanyahu, tissue in hand, telling Putin some Bible stories:
Thank you for your congratulations on the upcoming Purim holiday. In ancient Persia, an attempt was made to destroy the Jewish people 2,500 years ago, and it failed. This is what this holiday celebrates. Today, ancient Persia’s successor, Iran, continues attempts to destroy the Jewish state.
Putin noted that those events had taken place “in the fifth century BC,” added that “we now live in a different world” and suggested discussing the actual up-to-date problems in the region.
Can you imagine how tedious and petty international relations would become if each and every country on earth cited events from 2,500 years ago in order to rationalize their geopolitical worldviews?
Yes, we live in a different world. The "real" world.