Lt General McInerney said that Trump was illegally spied on by the CIA/NSA


He is important for another reason...........he also said that ISIS was created and run by the CIA.

Not every general is a paid up member of the Deep State agenda.....war with Russia....war with China....wars forever.

It is apt to remember General Smedley Butler....at this juncture. He is the general who exposed the 'Business Plot' (1933) which was a fascist banker military coup to over throw the populist government of FDR....in favour of a military dictatorship run in the shadows by the Wall Street bankers.

Not unlike Nazi Germany in 1933 which was also managed in the shadows by the International bankers.....with some of the same actors from the USA that were involved in the 'Business coup' in the USA in that same year.

International banker fascism is global and is not restricted to any one nation. Such forces stoke ultra-nationalism, racism, xenophobia (fear of the other) and of course religion to destabilize and bastardize a nation.

Italy under Mussolini

Imperial Japan

Mullah Iran

Likud Israel

Nazi Ukraine

BJP India

Wahabi Saudi Arabia

Taliban Afghanistan

ISIS Libya

Islamic Tunisia

Islamic Egypt (under the Muslim Brotherhood)

ISIS Syria


AKP Turkey

But there in the USA was a pure hero and genuine warrior who deceptively said yes to the coup plotters in order to expose them later to the world, General Smedley Darlington Butler.

Can you imagine what would have happened to the world if the military coup was successful in 1933 in the USA.....then fascist USA would have joined forces with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Franco-Fascist Spain and Imperial Japan to destroy the world. 

The fascist USA is now in a coalition with Israel, the UK and NATO......waging endless war for the WALL STREET BANKERS. For them war is good business.