Thank you, from the Syrian people

It would be a welcome development if the PLA stood shoulder to shoulder with Russia in fighting ISIS in Syria with the commitment of at least a Brigade to train and arm the Syrian Arab Army.

It would also be great if China sent part of its airforce with 33 jet fighters to stand with Russia in Syria and help the Assad regime....which is also a SOCIALIST regime like China.

China is now the richest nation on earth; the largest industrial power; the greatest exporter; the nation with the biggest FCR at $4 trillion.......and the 2nd biggest defense budget measured by PPP at around $400 billion.....with this greatness comes the burden and responsibility of stabilising the world....which includes amongst many things, seriously bolstering the Syrian government in Damascus.

There are 1,000 Chinese Muslims fighting with ISIS in Syria, and another 9,000 in NATO Turkey being trained by the CIA for eventual operations in Xinjiang.....after gaining battle experience in Syria with ISIS.

ISIS with the aid of the CIA is in Afghanistan, and now Pakistan. It will then be launched by the CIA master into Central Asia and Xinjiang......as destabilisation tools.

China has a responsibility to China and the World to deal with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, before they are EXPORTED by the CIA into other parts of the world....including China.

This will make the CIA, State Department and some American politicians unhappy...and the friends of the CIA, State Department and American politicians in China unhappy also. But China must protect its security before prioritising the misguided will and feelings of the USA.

USA journalist Seymour Hersh in his piece Military to Military which notes the following:
[Syria’s ambassador to China Imad Moustapha explained that] ‘China regards the Syrian crisis from three perspectives,’ he said: international law and legitimacy; global strategic positioning; and the activities of jihadist Uighurs, from Xinjiang province in China’s far west. Xinjiang borders eight nations…and, in China’s view, serves as a funnel for terrorism around the world and within China. Many Uighur fighters now in Syria are known to be members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement – an often violent separatist organisation that seeks to establish an Islamist Uighur state in Xinjiang. ‘The fact that they have been aided by Turkish intelligence to move from China into Syria through Turkey has caused a tremendous amount of tension between the Chinese and Turkish intelligence,’ Moustapha said. ‘China is concerned that the Turkish role of supporting the Uighur fighters in Syria may be extended in the future to support Turkey’s agenda in Xinjiang. We are already providing the Chinese intelligence service with information regarding these terrorists and the routes they crossed from on travelling into Syria’ [emphasis added].
"Anthony Davis of IHS-Jane’s Defence Weekly estimated in October that as many as 5,000 Uighur would-be fighters have arrived in Turkey since 2013, with perhaps 2,000 moving on to Syria. Moustapha said he has information that ‘up to 860 Uighur fighters are currently in Syria.’ From Military to Military in the London Review of books, and Seymour Hersh.

Of course it is preferable if the Chinese government through the PLA, and airforce do the fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, rather than patriotic Chinese citizens....going over there.

Assad Thanks Russia and China For Fighting against the West’s ‘Agenda of Instability’ (VIDEO)

Assad added that "if [the West] had the chance, they would try to change every government in the world"

By Rudo Panko at Russia Insider
As we reported this morning, Assad gave an amazing interview to Chinese media in which he stated very clearly that U.S. troops in Syria are "invaders" who have lost "nearly every war". 
We found the full interview, and it's a gem. 
Our favorite moment (aside from Assad pointing out that U.S. soldiers in Syria are invaders who can't fight their way out of a paper bag) comes when the Chinese reporter asks Assad about the recent U.N. Security Council resolution to impose new sanctions on Syria, which both Russia and China vetoed (and in our opinion, solidified the Moscow-Beijing strategic alliance against Washington). 
Here's Assad commenting on the joint Russian/Chinese veto, and what it means:
China is a member of the Security Council, and it’s committed to the Charter of the United Nations. In that veto, China has defended that Charter, because the United Nations was created in order to restore stability around the world.
Actually, the western countries — the permanent members of the Security Council — they are trying to use the United Nations and the Security Council as a tool in order to change regimes or governments. [They use the U.N.] to implement their own agenda, not to restore stability. Actually, they create more instability around the world.
China restored stability around the world, by creating political balance in the United Nations, of course in cooperation with Russia, which is very important for the whole world. This is good for Syria, and good for the rest of the world.
Assad added that "if [the West] had the chance, they would try to change every government in the world."
Watch the full interview. Assad's comments about China and Russia begin around the 12:50 mark (the video is in English, by the way):