Both the FBI and CIA illegally spied on Trump, and probably not just in the Trump Tower


Of Course Trump Tower was Watergated – They Spied on Congress, They Spied on Everyone and they Still Do

by Scott Creighton and American Everyman
It’s funny isn’t it? Watching all the complicit talking heads and op-ed writers for the propaganda rags screech about how Trump “lied” when he said that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the run-up to the general election, hearing them say the CIA and the FBI doesn’t spy on US civilians… doesn’t intercept their calls… doesn’t read their emails… and that the president simply can’t order surveillance on a US citizen even if he wanted to.
It’s funny like watching Steven Colbert USED to be funny back in the good old Cheney White House days. Before he became a shill for Shillery.
The Obama administration was all in during the campaign. The First Couple gave more campaign speeches than Hillary did toward the end… about the same time Trump says they were simultaneously spying on his campaign… kinda like Watergate.
And what would they fear doing so? They knew they had the “election” in the bag and Killary would take over after Obama to continue his foreign policy agenda and guard over the evidence that Obama broke the law on her behalf. Hell, the DNC cheated for her.The California state attorney general cheated for her. The press cheated for her. Everyone cheated for Hillary’s coronation.
And we’re supposed to think the establishment of the intelligence community didn’t? The same intel community who collects everything from everyone and has been doing so for a decade or so? The same intel community that backed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy (see thisthis and this)? The same intel community that are steadily doing their best to de-legitimize the presidency of Donald Trump (see thisthis and this)? Really?
Of course Trump Tower was Watergated. We all are. It was called ‘total information awareness’ but now it’s just the world we live in. Here, have a look:
At about the same time as Trump says they were spying on them, the FBI gave her a seal of approval regarding that Weiner laptop that you and I both know was his ticket to freedom and her backup from her days in the State Department. He had her unedited collection of emails (including all the ones she illegally deleted so the American people would never know the level of her criminality) and what did Comey do with it? He buried it then he gave her a clean bill of health right before the election. So who knows how far Comey would have gone back then to help her out. And now Comey says the wiretapping never happened? Oh no wait, an anonymous spokesperson for Comey says Comey says it never happened. Hmmm…
“It is not clear why Comey, who is the senior-most law enforcement officer who has been overseeing the FBI investigation from its inception in the Obama administration, did not himself issue a statement to refute Trump’s claims. Nor is it clear to whom he made his request” Washington Post
It’s not “clear” why Comey wouldn’t come out and make that statement himself? Who is it not clear to? That person shouldn’t have a job as a journalist, that’s for sure.
And what about the statement from James Clapper everyone is touting as “proof positive” this never happened?
First of all… James Clapper LIED ABOUT SPYING ON US CITIZENS…. !… doesn’t anyone remember that?
(anyone else notice a pattern developing here?)
Secondly, Clapper didn’t ever say “it didn’t happen” across the board. What he said was:
I can’t speak for other authorised entities in the government or a state or local entity.” BBC
So what we have here is this:
  • a history of the intel communities using surviellence systems within the borders of the United States targeting civilians and senators alike
  • a history of the heads of those intelligence communities lying about spying on us and the senate
  • James Clapper saying he cant speak for other agencies potentially spying on Trump Tower during the run-up to the election
  • James Comey essentially pleading the 5th by sending out an anonymous source to deny for him
  • and everyone cheated for Hillary back then. It was just the thing to do for people in the know.
We know at the time the intel community was in the bag for Hillary Clinton. That they all thought she would be coronated as scheduled. And we also know the service providers are now collecting and peddling your info, emails and phone calls like they were hot-cakes.
My conclusion is pretty simple and I will repeat myself for effect:
Of course Trump was Watergated. We all are. Congress is. The French are. We all are. Everyone is Watergated. It’s total informational awareness.
Here is a REAL whistleblower, William Binney, talking about this very subject on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Pay attention to what he says. It’ll probably sound a little similar to what I just wrote.
But of course Scott you fully understand that the future President of the USA, or as President is not just another citizen, politician and target of their surveillance.....but that the surveillance was an attempt to ensure that Hillary's election was certified against Trump, and therefore this has certain major implications....and this illegal act should have major implications.