Russians destroying ISIS faster than the CIA can marshal and manufacture them from the Greater Middle East.

The CIA is angry with Russia for a number of reasons.

This results in the MOCKINGBIRD PRESS, Democratic Party and the Deep State taking an unusually hostile position against Russia for fake reasons.

1. Russia is a good excuse to bolster the budget of the USA Deep State. They say that Russia is a Global menace to the world, and therefore to protect the world from this global menace, the USA as policeman of the world must confront Russia, the alleged aggressor. The activity of the American security state must increase around the world, and so must their budget....which will be increased by $84 billion just for the military of the USA.

2. Russia in a very few small theaters has finally challenged the unfettered might of the USA. Whereas, according to American strategists, post 1989, Russia should instead be a passive power which is OBEDIENT to the dictates of Washington.

3. Russia under Putin has pioneered the Eurasian integration program, with China. This builds an alternative world to that dominated by the USA/UK/NATO.

4. Russia has killed 50,000 ISIS fighters since September 2015.....in Syria. ISIS which emerged from the dark recesses of the CIA in 2014 is very important for the CIA. 'al-CIA-duh' as a meme was wearing thin, both as a propaganda tool of the CIA, and as a destabilization tool of the CIA around the world. ISIS would take over the important role of 'al-CIA-duh' re-branded as something new, re-tooled, financed, trained and promoted as something more deadly than 'al-CIA-duh'.....many of whose operatives had died in Afghanistan, or retired to live regular lives in their native countries.......the 'al-CIA-duh' fighters of the 1980's single, and in their twenties and thirties would now mostly be in their fifties...and married with children living out their lives in the GCC.  

ISIS for the CIA has an important mission.

Its purpose is to carve out an Islamic Emirate made of parts of Syria and Iraq. From this base of an Islamic Emirate, ISIS will carry out further destabilization of states in the world, whether in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, China or the Greater Middle East.

Then, when this is done the USA will present itself as the savior and policeman of the world, helping the world fight ISIS.........just as it did with 'al-CIA-duh'.

But the 'Evil' Russians did not have any faith, and trust, and patience with the USA policeman.

Instead the Russians unilaterally from September 2015 starting attacking ISIS in Syria only, killing up to 50,000 ISIS fighters.

Worse to come from the American point of view is the Russian direct military ground support to the Syrian government to recapture Aleppo......mission accomplished cleanly, without it looking like Stalingrad in February 1943. By contrast the Iraqi/USA effort to capture Mosul will probably take us into 2050...2,000--3000 ISIS verses 100,000 Iraqis and their USA support troops. Mosul will be a Moonscape when the USA is done with ISIS. People in the neighborhood will go hmmmmmmmm! Why this difference?

Worse still the Russians asked for FULL COOPERATION with the USA to fight ISIS (Share Intelligence etc--airstrikes, which groups are where?? who is a moderate terrorist and who is ISIS)....The USA sabotaged this Russian request by directly attacking Syrian government positions in Deir Azor, killing 100+ Syrian government soldiers, which enabled ISIS to capture a strategic hill over looking the city's airport.


For Russia, the Syrian theater is a good war:

(i) Better to fight 5,000--7,000 Russian Muslims in Syria then to PASSIVELY wait for them to gain their battle experience with ISIS, and then return to Russia causing a lot of bother.

(ii) The establishment of an ISIS Emirate carved up from Syria/Iraq represents a real threat to Russia....and its Southern flank.

(iii) For Russia the Syrian war is cheap representing less than 1% of the defense budget.

(iv) Russia is finding out which of its weapons systems actually work, and which don't. There is feedback and analysis from Russian military personnel, and additional feedback from Syrians given new Russian weapons systems to try out in a live battle field. 

(v) The Russians are also experimenting with new military tactics with themselves, and with the Syrian army formations.

(vi) The Russians are rotating professional soldiers who are gaining real live battle experience. There are no conscripts aged 19 being used in Syria.

(vii) Russia is showing to the world what its military is capable of in Syria .......and that the International Jewish bankers and globalists should think twice before marshaling a NATO coalition to make a conventional attack on Western Russia. ......the more success Russia has in Syria, the less likely that NATO will attack Russia directly or through Ukraine. 

(viii) Russia is gaining RESPECT and TRUST in the world, at the expense of the USA. The Russian arms industry is not doing to badly as a result of the Syrian promotion. FINALLY, the Eurasian Integration plan is a significant step in human history, and Russia is a major stake holder. However this important development in human history covering economic factors, infrastructure factors, financial factors, political factors and social factors does not amount to a hill of beans if it does not have a SECURITY FACTOR, protecting its nascent slow development (EU--NATO......COMECON--Warsaw Pact)

Russia in Syria is forging tentatively with China and Iran an eventual Eurasian Integrated Security force. 


Russian Air Force Liquidates 20 Foreign Commanders of CIA-Armed Terrorist Group

They're staying in Syria. As ash piles.
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By Paul Kaiser at Russia Insider

One of the motivating factors behind Russia's decision to intervene in Syria — aside from the obvious one, "the adults need to stop this" — is that Moscow could not allow extremists from Central Asia and the Caucasus to return home and start their own "moderate" uprising. 
Besides, the Russians have a moral obligation to turn CIA/Saudi weapons and training into ash.
The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed al-Nusra HQ near Aleppo killing at least 67 terrorists, including 19 field commanders.
On February 28, the headquarters of the al-Nusra terrorist group near Rasm al-Eis village, 28 kilometers south-west of Aleppo, was destroyed by a KAB-500 guided bomb launched by an Su-24 fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace forces, Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate, said on Friday.
"As a result, 67 terrorists, including 19 field commanders — natives of the North Caucasus and Central Asia, were eliminated. 104 militants were injured," Rudskoi said.
Okay, we rounded up from nineteen. (We included the CIA contractor-trainer that Moscow was too polite to mention in its tally.)
Despite several "rebrandings", al-Nusra has never been able to hide the fact that it has received direct and indirect support from the CIA.
Keep at it, Russia. A job well done.
Here's a video for those who enjoy watching "moderate" rebel whack-a-mole: