The problem of the American Deep State...and the CIA

In 2009 I was teaching International Law at an university.

The various illegalities of the Obama regime became ALL TO APPARENT....in the course of teaching the subject. 

But I rationed back then that Obama was an inexperienced ex-constitutional law professor from Harvard university, and was naive in the ways of the deep state.......but at least he was black and had a nice affable smile.....who talked the talk.

So I wrote to him, one teacher to another in 2009, explaining in very simple terms that states that have over arching security systems, and Intelligence Services invariably collapse from the misdeeds of the Intelligence services. 
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Intelligence Services are staffed by people who are not normal---paraniod, insecure.....and a few other adjectives I could add to that. Save for in times of war, the best people in society, don't join 'Intelligence'.
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Stazi East Germany had one of the best Intelligence services in the world, where 1 in 5 citizens worked for the Agency including Angela Merkel, the Globalist 'Mama' Chancellor of FRG.......But the country collapsed and the absurdity of the Stazi run state was fully exposed, after 1989.
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The Soviet Union had the best Intelligence Service in the world, the KGB with its staff of 800,000 in 1989. It controlled the Stazi as its lieutant. By the 1980's the KGB basically took over the STAGNANT failing Soviet economy and country---often leading it like Andropov, or appointing its leaders.......the country eventually collapsed because of the KGB and the corrupt British agent 'Pizza' Gorbachov.
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I gave this simple analogy, and stated that war, conflict obviously energises the Deep State.

The USA has 17 Intelligence Agencies, and 865,000 working for these Agencies and a total security budget of $1.5 trillion, unofficially. It is a monster that is out of control, and rationed with Obama this did not bode well for America's future.

Obama responded to my letter by ordering the Afghan Surge a few months later (no direct correlation of course) Afghanistan is a country I worry and write about quite a lot.

The CIA has a lot of influence over Obama I learned, later.

Many more American troops, and American private contractors poured into Afganistan....250,000 total??

Many more Afghan civilians died from the hightened activity of the occuppiers.

10's of billions of taxpayer dollars disappeared into the black hole.

Afghan ghost soliders appeared on the roster.

American taxpayer money went to the Taliban to go easy in certain terrain.

Afghan Opium increased in production, ready to be shipped into the USA and else where.

A few more American servicemen died either by the Taliban or by their own people.

The American ARMY in particular was run down so that the new new normal allowed for obiese and gang members to join the military to make up numbers.

What I did not know of course back then, 8 years ago was that Obama like many Soviet leaders was a CIA groomed puppet, with his mother and possibly his father being field officers of the CIA. Naturally he would follow the advice of his parents former employer who helped and guided him into the American Presidency. That his radical, almost revolutionary agitating background counted for naught with this familial fact.

The USA is the Soviet Union in the 1980's, ready for collpase with the aid of the CIA and its Globalist masters. For those with Israeli connections that is OK. Greater Israel needs more Jews, and since the USA has the greatest concentration of Jews.....there are some in Israel who want to see the USA fail, and for Jews to run to Israel (death threats, synagogue attacks and swastikka's on graves of course help)

To save America Trump has to get rid of the CIA.

This is what I have already said before Trump became President in January, in the Whitehouse.

Its either Trump or the CIA.........BOTH CANNOT RUN AMERICA.

Since we have seen what the CIA has done in the USA, and the world since the Globalist Clintons came to power (Maybe even from 1963)....then Trump should have his agenda FULLY imposed, un-adulterated by CIA destabilisation programs against his administration.

Trump should not passively retreat into eventual impeachment because of the CIA.


It's Now or Never: 

Trump Declares Open War on the Deep State

Don't let the medium distract from the message: Trump just declared war on America's intelligence agencies
By Richard Brandt at Russia Insider
Trump is going all-in.
He realizes that he can't last four years against a system that is determined to maintain the current trajectory of U.S. foreign and domestic policy — endless war coupled with slow national suicide.
We imagine he attempted to "work" with the system — or at least make the system work for him. In other words: Fewer wars, better relations with Russia, "America first" — and everyone gets to keep their jobs.
That's not how it panned out.
Trump is now going public: The Deep State is after him. Obama tapped his phones before the election. And by "Obama", we of course mean the NSA.
It's clear that Trump always knew what had to be done — he just didn't follow through fast enough.
Earlier this month he purged the infamous 7th floor "shadow government" at the State Department.
It wasn't enough.
It's open warfare from here on out. If Trump doesn't act quickly, he's looking at a very, very short term.
As the always even-handed Dr. Doctorow wrote just the other day:
Those with a conspiratorial turn of mind have long spoken of The Deep State, which ensures continuity of policy whatever the results of our elections.  Let us be specific:  the problem, such as it is, resides in the intelligence services, namely the CIA and FBI, in the Pentagon and in the State Department.  The first two functional bureaucracies are very aptly called the “power ministries” in Russia.
State is said to have been purged at its policy-making “seventh floor” during the week of Secretary Tillerson’s European travels.  However, the text that was placed before the totally inexperienced Ambassador Haley for delivery in the Security Council shows that not all the “bad hombres” have been sent packing.  The purge of the CIA and Pentagon has not even begun.
The ability and willingness of the CIA and Pentagon to sabotage presidential policy was clearly proven last September when a promising collaboration between Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov over a cease-fire in Syria was torn to shreds by an “accidental” attack by US and Allied fighter jets on a government outpost at Deir ez-Zor that killed nearly 100 Syrian soldiers, very likely including embedded Russian military advisors.
If these recalcitrant Cold Warriors in America’s “power ministries” remain untouched, they will be in a position to create provocations at any time of their choosing to override Trump’s planned détente policies. And that would be child’s play, given the close proximity of US and Russian forces in Ukraine, in Syria, in the Baltic States, on the Baltic Sea and on the Black Sea.  Given the poor state of relations and the minimal trust between Russia and the US-led West, any accident in these areas could quickly escalate. 
Remember: Trump's first move after being inaugurated was a visit to Langley, where he offered to remove the "columns" from the CIA.
It's no longer an offer: He'll have to do it by force.
There's probably no going back at this point.
Unsettling. Even frightening. But finally, a glimmer of real hope.