Vive Le France !

The Jewish establishment have flooded the country with 8 million mostly illiterate, poor, unskilled African immigrants, AND then used them to foster Zionist policy in the country, acting as battering rams and destabilization tools against the majority. But despite this, apparently it is still the best country in the world.

French work fewer hours than the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Quality of life is far better.....for the average person, in terms of leisure.

But sadly for me, harassment tactics by the Jews in February 2002 meant, my short visit to the country looking for work was wasted.

Jewish number 5 will not apply to the country as pure truth emerges.

South of France. The French tend not to be as fat as the Americans and Brits.

We adore France.

In France: "High incomes are heavily taxed, the rich are routinely abused and people are instinctively hostile to capitalism." (The Economist)

Très bon! 

Une Fillette.

Currently, France is under attack by the Anglo-American-Israelis.

France - Moody's downgrade

(Bravo France!.....not that I think that the Jewish banks in France were making any money from the Afghan Heroin business, in an Afghan show dominated by the USA/UK)

South of France. French culture is 100% superior to American culture.
France is the world’s fifth-biggest economy and sixth-biggest exporter. 

It is the fourth-biggest recipient of foreign direct investment. 

It has more companies in the global Fortune 500 than Britain. 

French infrastructure, such as transport, is second to none. 

French people.

Much of the French education system is world class. 

The French health system is much admired. 

Most French people enjoy high living standards. 

Over the past year French stock markets have performed well.

Les Fillettes

France is the world's leading tourist destination.(number 1, with 80 million visitors)

Unlike Britain, the USA and Israel, France is still famous for "the taming of uncontrolled markets, the promotion of culture, literature and intellectual debate, even the very notion of civilisation."

In other words, France is not like Detroit.


French politicians, of course, are merde.

Think of Nicolas Sarkozy, reportedly the agent of a foreign power. (Mossad agent of Israel--Le Figero)

François Hollande may be doing the work of the Anglo-American-Israelis in his foreign policy.

UK joins France in supporting al Qaeda in Syria


But, Hollande has increased taxes on the rich.

This has meant that many rich Jews have left the country.

Imagine if Obama had a 75% tax on the millionaires and consequently got rid of people like Kissinger.

Deux Garcons.

If Hollande was a good guy, he would leave NATO.

In 1966 President Charles de Gaulle denounces the secret terrorist warfare carried out by the Pentagon and expelled the European headquarters of NATO.
(If only Pakistan could do the same, through its civil society....and ALL other Third World nations beset by Zionist global warefare and terrorism)

NATO commander General Lyman Lemnitzer then ordered various terrorist attacks on de Gaulle.

In 1992, Admiral Pierre Lacoste, in a 1992 interview with The Nation, reported that certain elements from the CIA's 'Gladio' network were involved in the terrorist activities on de Gaulle.

Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia